Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Use This Blog

"Just the facts, ma'am...just the facts" so states Sgt. Joe Friday from the TV series Dragnet 1951 - 1959.
Having just started my genealogy adventures in 1959, this statement would echo in my memory.

This blog contains an outline of just the facts.   It is a topical listing of the readings, research, analysis, documentation, and results of more than 50 years of JONES surname tree climbing.  It list the collection of this work containing the subjects grouped by notebooks.  They are presented as "research notebooks" (RN).  They are numbered from RN #1 through, RN #247.  They cover a multitude of subjects that have been important in my own tree climbing experience.  With the surname JONES, you can imagine what a number of topics this might include.

To use this blog, just put in a topic/subject in the "search this blog" option to the upper right.  The subject/topic that it contains will appear along the top of the page.  You can then go to the notebook by clicking on the title of the RN # that comes to the list you have searched.  The notebook will outline the documents/topics that have been researched for this subject.  A broad general subject list is as follows:

Welsh history, language, culture...etc. type in Wales.
English history, language, culture, society, etc...would contain Anglo-Saxon, Norman, etc...
Colonial Virginia history and settlement...
Early Virginia counties and settlement...
Revolutionary War...
Associated surnames that are linked...(have to type in a surname)
Early Kentucky settlement and migration
Early religious groups, and settlements
The Jones surname in Wales, England, Ireland, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina...etc.
My Jones family research by individual generations, groups, topics, chronology, etc.
My Jones family DNA
Cultural and social factors that are important.
Military records and documents
Census records
British archive records
Special collections researched and many other topics you might consider when researching the surname JONES. might say...just the facts.  Give it a try.

Monday, October 21, 2013

RN #247 Retrospective Analysis Jones Surname 1656 - 1692

Detailed chronology seems to be a basic method used during my many Jones surname tree climbing adventures.  This notebook contains my research into the Jones surname from (Old) Rappahannock County 1656 - 1692.  It was some of my early work, so it is called "retrospective" analysis as compared to "regression" analysis [notebooks 245, 246 ], but it is basically the same process.  Using dates on one side, squares and circles in the middle, and associated surnames, it shows a method which has over the years been very helpful.

The following three pages show the method, and represents the dates 1692 - 1689.  Color coding was also used to keep the folks identified and separated.

 Edward Jones, John Jones, Roderick Jones, and Richard Jones all come into play in the first pages shown.

Connecting points to associated surnames and certain topics are included.

A method which may help connect the dots is contained within the pages of this notebook.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

RN #246 Regression Analysis - Related Surnames (Vol. II)

This notebook continues my work on the associated family names which followed the family tree along the many, many branches.  The following shows a page from this notebook for the name Smyth (Smith)...

Regression meaning looking backward in time from a fixed point.  In this case it is 1691 in Old Rappahanock County, VA.  The associated surnames included in this notebook are: 1) Blomfield, 2) Rowzey, 3) Smyth, 4) Sallis, 5) Thatcher , 6) Munro, 7) Fantleroy, 8) Butler, 9) Allen, 10) Washington, 11) Savage, 12) Lawson, 13) Mott, 14) Corbin, 15) Baldwin, 16) Prosser, 17) Paine/Payne, 18) Wilson, and 19) Fleming.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RN #245 Regression Analysis - Related Surnames (Vol. I)

(Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia deed/will abstracts, and the order book abstracts from 1656 to 1692 give a record of my early JONES family in Virginia.  The associated brick walls are numerous trying to climb the many branches.  This notebook contains my attempts by a method I call "Regression Analysis".   That is, starting with a date, and going in "regression" (backward in time) in a detailed account, placing associated family surnames in order of their occurrence.  An example is given below:

The Catlett family had a large role in connecting my JONES family to the county of Kent.  The figure above shows one page from the analysis for this surname.  William Catlett, John Smyth, and Ralph Rowzee are connected in a record of 18 Sept. 1690.  Going back in time (regression) each record that contains the surname "Catlett" is placed in order.  Associated surnames are then analyzed.

This notebook (Vol. I) contains the following surnames:

1. Jones, 2. Slaughter, 3. Lightfoot, 4. Taliaferro, 5. Catlett, 6. Thornton, 7. Lee, 8, Townsend, 9. Underwood, 10. Mosley, 11. Booth, 12. Hawkins, 13. Lucas, 14. Upton, 15. Williamson, 16. Nicholas/Nicholls, 17. Whitman, 18. Battaile, 19. Williams, and 20. Jefferys.

Monday, August 19, 2013

RN #244 Virginia Colonial Militia From 1656

Military organizations played an important role in early American history.  For the genealogist this history plays an important role in many family tree exploits.   This notebook contains my research into the early military organization of Virginia.  In 1651, seven military districts were formed.  Muster list can be an important record of individuals living in these areas.  The following content is contained:

Northampton Co. 1651 [formed 1642/43]
Charles City Co. 1655
Rappahannock Co. 1656
Lancaster Co. 1656
Middlesex Co. 1676
Northumberland Co. 1676
Surry Co. 1687

Virginia Officers in 1680
Virginia Militia Officers 1699

Various notes on county militia 1656 - 1754

An important reference is: "Virginia Colonial Militia 1651 - 1776", edited by William Armstrong Crozier, Southern Book Co., 1954.

Monday, July 22, 2013

RN #243 The Jones Surname : A Genealogical Classification System

This notebook contains reprints from The Jones Genealogist that group a number of articles that deal with my research into the Jones surname.  A Jones Classification System is what it attempts to develop based upon the historical use of the coat of arms associated with the various family groups.

The original research is contained in RN # 89 and RN #90.  Beginning Vol VI, No. 5, Jan/Feb 1995, this research was published in a series of articles.   They are grouped in this notebook.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

RN #242 The Jones Surname In Early Kentucky 1773 - 1850

My genealogy research days began some 53 years ago with stories of my family in Kentucky.  This notebook contains much of the account of that research organized from articles published in my family newsletter called  The Jones Genealogist.

Kentucky's early development 1772 - 1779 is from Vol. 1, No. 2 [July/Aug] p. 4, 1989.  A series of reprints follow that deal with Early Kentucky Surveys and Grants, Military Warrants, early individual Jones names, and the various census tracts.   This includes a listing of the Jones head of household for the census of 1790 [the first census of KY], a listing by counties in KY [1790], the census of 1800, and 1850, KY marriages records [1780 - 1850], and whole group of articles that deal other topics about the Jones surname in KY during this early period. [Such as an index analysis of Kentucky Federal Court Records, Order Books, 1789 - 1804 ] 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

RN #241 The Jones Surname In Early VA 1609 - 1800

This notebook contains reprints from The Jones Genealogist pertaining to the Jones surname in early Virginia.

The reprints begin :

  Article I : The Origin of The Jones Surname. Vol. I, No. 1 [May/June], p. 3-5, 1989.

followed by:

  Article II : The Joneses of Jamestown Before 1634, Vol. I, No. 2 [July/Aug], p. 1-2, 1989.
                   Elizabeth Joones, Ancient Planter, Vol. I, No. 5, [Jan/Feb], p. 5, 1990.
                                                                       Vol. I, No. 6, [March/Apr], p.3-4, 1990.
then followed by:

then followed by:

  Article IV:  Rent Roll of Virginia 1704 - 1705, Vol. III, No. 1, [May/June] p. 1-6, 1991.
  Article V: Virginia Colonial Militia : 1651 - 1776. Vol. III, No. 3 [Sept/Oct], p.3-6, 1991.
                  Land Bounty Certificates : For Service in The French and Indian Wars. Vol. III, No.2, 
                                                                                                    [July/Aug], p. 6, 1991.
  Article VI: Jones Marriages in Virginia.
                      Halifax Co. VA: 1772 - 1852. Vol. II, No.1 [May/June] p. 2-4, 1990.
                      Culpeper Co., : 1781 - 1815 Vol. III, No. 2 [July/Aug], p. 7, 1991.
                                                                    Vol. III, No. 3 [Sept/Oct], p.1-2, 1991.
                      Charlotte Co., 1764 - 1815.  Vol. III, No. 3, [Sept/Oct], p 7, 1991.
                                                                    Vol. III, No. 4, [Nov/Dec ], p.6, 1991.
  Article VII: Orange County Virginia History, Vol. II, No. 4, [Nov/Dec], p. 6-7, 1990.
                    Jones Surname in Lee Co., Virginia 1795 - 1820, Vol. I, No. 6, [March/Apr] p.5-6, 1990.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

RN #240 Legal Records England and Wales 1485 - 1700 AD

Reprints from The Jones Genealogist continues in this notebook.  The legal records of England and Wales are presented for the surname JONES.

From 1485 AD to 1700 AD these records were abstracted for those cases involving the surname JONES.
The content was published in my newsletter from 1996 to 2003.  The titles and references are shown below.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

RN #239 The Ancient Origin of The Surname Jones 1485 AD - 1663 AD

This notebook continues the story of the surname JONES.  It contains copies of reprints from my early research into this surname. [Which happens to be my surname.]  It continues from 1485 AD to 1663 AD.

It continues the dating from RN #238 which begins the story from 300 AD.  This time I will given the topics discussed in this post.  The research was completed and written between 1994 and 2001 as outlined below.

This outline gives the topic and sources researched for the surname JONES. What a deal!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RN #238 Table of Contents

It would certainly be difficult for any reader to grasp the content of the notebook entitled "The Ancient Origin of The Surname Jones 300 AD - 1485 AD" [RN #238]  Yeah right, what's this fellow talking about?

I thought it might be helpful to list the table of contents of this notebook.  In this way, one can judge the content and the concept involved in researching a surname like JONES.  Here is a copy.

 What a deal!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

RN #238 The Ancient Origin of The Surname Jones 300 AD - 1485 AD

This notebook contains some of my earliest writings on the JONES surname.  From 1989 to 1994 a series of articles were published in The Jones Genealogist [my first family newsletter ] which put together the research completed during the prior 40 years.

This collection begins around 300 AD telling the story from early Celtic origins.  Individual reprints are placed in sequence and organized in some type of chronological order.  Just the beginning it is.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

RN #237 Work Sheets - Materials

This notebook contains the original drafts of my drawings, charts, tables, figures, etc...which I have used to understand certain aspects of my JONES surname tree climbing.  They may be charts, tracings, maps, tables, and the like that have been put together during certain research activities.  They also contain copies of items that have provide documentation of certain aspects of the JONES surname.  They also may be tables and charts such as "The Linguistic Geography of Wales", "Indo-European Languages", conversion tables for weights and measures, and a whole bunch of other stuff that has seemed important during the years of tree climbing.

An example is the drawing of the area in Wales where my JONES family had its early days.

This gives some idea of the charts, maps, and drawings which have helped me along the way.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

RN #236 Historic Notes : A Chronology

Accumulating notes and records of family leaves and branches will leave a great deal of information. [ This is especially true after 53 years of tree climbing.]  This notebook contains many of these notes, drawings, figures, copies of documents, family trees, etc., etc... but placed in a chronological order so that they might serve a purpose.  The purpose is to provide a reference for the research produced, but in an order that follows my family tree. 

The notebook is chronologically arranged from 440 AD to 1700 AD.  The family leaves are placed within this context alphabetically, with A [Gadforch = JA-1] to Q [Richard Jones = JQ-95].  Family trees are given for many associated family groups as they became involved in my tree climbing experience.  Needless to say, the notebook is a large one, and requires strong arms to lift from the shelf.  An example is shown below of the " de Pyvelsdon" [Puleston] family beginning around 1150 AD.

 The leaf of my family tree was Jeuaf (JH-1) [Ieva(n), Ieva)] who was alive 1146 AD.  Thus, the context of the major family connectors would surround this leaf.  Notes from various sources and historic documents are included.  [Mostly from "Calendar of Patent Rolls".]

Monday, April 1, 2013

RN #235 Family Tree Documentation

This notebook contains the documentation of my family tree.  It contains the references to the documents that record and verify the family branches.  It begins with Manogan (Jx-1) generation 1, and ends with me...generation 54! (JAD-1)  The sources for the references are given in order from The Mabinogion to Virginia county court records.  It gives the major source for each generation in the family tree.  Documentation, documentation, and documentation is the foundation of genealogy.

Friday, March 29, 2013

RN #234 Our JONES Family Coding System

This notebook contains the complete family tree beginning with Gadforch (JA-1) through myself (JAD-1).  It uses my coding system established many years prior, with this data set last being revised 6/15/2011.  New information and changes can be made as discovered.  The following is a copy of the first page giving the names, coding, and example of the content of this notebook.

   An example of the notes include the fact that Ednowain Bendew, the husband of Gweyryl (JE-7) is listed as the founder of the 13th Noble Tribe of Wales in Burke, but the 12th Noble Tribe in Nicholas. [Not sure why the difference.]  This data set represents more than 53 years of family tree climbing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

RN #233 Heraldic Collections Wales

This notebook contains an outline of the titles to the "Heraldic Collections" of Wales.  It is taken from "Sims's Manual For The Genealogist, Topographer, and Antiquary", which was first published in 1856.  This text was one of the earliest books about the topic of genealogy.  It contains a world of information for those with a interest in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.  This subject was of course Wales.

The content can be found in my discussion of Welsh records :  beginning

                                                  Welsh Documents (Part I) Thursday, May 19, 2011
                                                  Welsh Documents (Part VI) Thursday, June 16, 2011.

This notebook contains the pages that outline these Welsh records.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RN #232 Records of The Principality of Wales

From the Guide To The Contents of The Public Record Office, Vol. I [England] are pages which present information regarding the early records of Wales.  This gives a good summary of the title, content, and dates of these documents.

Summary/overview p. 168 - 176
     Equity Records
     Common Law Records
     Plea Rolls
Records of The Palatinate of Chester
     Judicial Records
        (A) Exchequer
     Decrees and Orders
     Judicial Records
        (B) Common Law
     Plea Rolls
     Administrative and General   

Friday, March 15, 2013

RN #231 English Historical Documents

This is a copy of "English Historical Documents 1485 - 1558, edited by C.H. Williams.  Published 1967, by Oxford University Press, it is my research copy of an outline giving the volumes of publication for documents from 500 AD to 1914.

My chief interest were:
  The Council in the Marches of Wales (Vol. V., pp. 66- )
  England and Wales. Towards the Act of Union (government and administration)
  An act for making of Justices of Peace in Wales, 1535
  The Common Law

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RN #230 Anglo-Saxon and Early English

This is actually two notebooks holding copies of "Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon and Early English", by Hiram Corson.  It was published first in 1871 by Holt & Williams, New, York.  It is in two parts, I and II.  It is a way to trace the growth of the English language from Anglo-Saxon time to the end of the fourteenth century.  The Gospel according to St. John is given in its entirety.  It is here that the name "John" can be analyzed  as used in the Anglo-Saxon language.

Included are:

1) "Homilies of Aelfric",
2) "Selections from King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of the History of Paulus Orosius",
3) "Selections of King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of Boethius De Consolatione Philosophiae",
4) "Selections from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle",
5) "Selections from Layamon's Brut, or Chronicle of Britain",
6) "Selections from The Ancren Riwle"
7) "Selections from The Ormulum",
8) "Proclamation of King Henry III, 18 October, A.D., 1258"
9) "Selections from Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle",
10) "Selections from Dan Michel's Avenbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Conscience",
11) "Selections from The Voiage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile, Kt."
12) "Selections from The Vision of William Concerning Piers Plowman"
13) "Selections from Pierce The Ploughman's Crede"
14) "Selections from Wycliffite Versions of the Bible"
15) "Chaucer's Prologue To The Canterbury Tales",
16) "Selections from Gower's Confessio Amantis"

are included in notebook (I).

Notebook (II) is the "Glossaries".

1) Glossary.
2) The Works Represented, and The Editions Used
3) Outlines of Anglo-Saxon Grammar
4) The General Grammatical Forms Occurring In Layamon
5) The Grammatical Forms of Southern English Occurring In the Ancren Riwle (about A.D. 1220-30)

Monday, March 11, 2013

RN #229 Written Records (Languages)

This notebook contains work on the written record from Celtic times.  It is a focus on understanding "sound" to "pictures" to "symbols".  Understanding the process is important in getting some sense for the documents of the time and the language written. (In some cases only spoken.)

Celtic Sound System
     Place names
     Personal names
Greek - Latin - Gothic - Sanskrit - Celtic
Earliest Inscription In Welsh
     The Cingen Stone (St. Cadfan's Church) Tywyn
Proto-Indo-European (phonology = at least 11 stop consonants)
The Celtic Languages
Ogam ( ca. 300 inscriptions known)
     notes, distribution, alphabet
Aneirin-Gododdin (Welsh poem)
Book of Taliesin
Angelcynn (1st used 449 AD)
Norman and Angevin
Domesday Book
Pipe Rolls
Knight's Fees
Placita Rolls
Hundred Rolls
Welsh Records

Thursday, March 7, 2013

RN #228 Thomas/Richard Llanfair

This notebook contains examination and analysis of Thomas Jones and Richard Jones of Llanfair.  It is work to identify and separate the JONES family groups that occupied this geographic area during the Act of Union 1536.  This was another bridge period for my own JONES family tree.

John ap Robert (JP-1)
Richard ap John (JQ-95)
Robert ap John (JQ-1)
Thomas Jones (JR-180) St. Asaph
Richard Jones (JS-165)
Dating charts from 1530 - 1650
John Hanmer, Bishop of St.Asaph
Gray's Inn Admission (chart analysis)
Dudley Papers (Cat.Ref. DU)
Marrington Collection (Cat.Ref. 448 631)
Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)
Records presented by Richard Sandford (Cat.Ref. 170)
Venables Collection (Cat.Ref.484)
Anstey and Thompson of Exeter (Cat.Ref. 1926 B)
Roborough Estate (Cat.Ref. 70)
Drake of Buckland Abbey (Cat.Ref.346M)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St.Asaph (Cat.Ref. SA)
Variety of charts/family tress/connectors

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RN #227 Bridge Periods Working Sheets

This notebook contains a study of the individuals involved during the bridge periods of my own JONES family history.  Notes and names you might call it. 

Edward ap Howel (JN-1) of Bersham
Robert ap Edward (JO-1) of Rhuabon
John ap Robert (JP-1)
Richard ap John (JQ-95) of Llanfair
Thomas Jones (JR-180) St. Asaph
Richard Jones (JS-165) Gray's Inn
Cadwallader Jones (JT-143) of Virginia
John Jones (JU-145) of Virginia

Charts/graphs/tables/family tree groups/connectors

The numbers above are my coding system used to establish each JONES by name and separate the generations.

Monday, March 4, 2013

RN #226 Bridge Peroids Family Studies

There are times in the family tree that represent periods that bridge one generation to the next.  For my JONES family these were several.   From north Wales to the county of Kent,  the county of Kent to London, from London to the shores of Virginia, and from Virginia to Kentucky are the major transition periods.  They "bridge" the geographic locations which initially would seemed unrelated.  This notebook contains my family research into these "bridge periods". 

From 1200 AD (North Wales)
     The Line of Powys
          Gruffydd ap Madoc
          David ap Bleddyn (Canon of St. Asaph 1314 AD)
     Rylands Charters (Cat.Ref. RYCH)
     Calendar of Patent Rolls
     Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
Tudur ap Jevan
Line of Owen Tudor
The Mortimers
Berkeley Castle Muniments (Cat.Ref. BCM)
Group charts/references

Saturday, March 2, 2013

RN #225 (D) Civilizations

This notebook contains a collection of information regarding the early civilizations of man.  Beginning 10,000 BC, it puts in a chronological order  from pre-pottery neolithic (hunter - gathers) to pre - Roman times 232 - 147 BC.

      10,000 BC
        8,000 BC
        6,000 BC
        4,000 BC
Western Civilization

Friday, March 1, 2013

RN #225(C) DNA Drama

Coming from a medical background, the genetics of the human race and their health problems have been an interest of mine.  This notebook contains my work on the genetics of DNA and the human race.  It is my attempt to conceptualize the DNA (genetics) from the view of a genealogist.

     Models of time
     Models of change

Middle Awash Valley (Ethiopia)
Olduvai gorge (Tanzania)
Separation of species
Time lines (charts/graphs)
Homo erectus (essentially a modern pelvis)
Genetic migration(s)
    peopling the globe
    archaeological sites
Old Stone Age (Ice Ages)
Middle Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Haplogroup/haplotype distribution/migration (A - T)
     haplogroups by geography
Celtic DNA (Y-DNA)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

RN #225 (B) Gene Tree Haplogroups

This notebook contains my work on the JONES surname haplogroups.  Over time I put together a "big picture" of all gene tree haplogroups known to date.  The figure is shown below.

For the JONES surname [ n=235]:
     haplogroup R = 78%
          R1b = 76%
          R1a =   2%
     haplogroup I = 11%
     haplogroup E=   6%
     haplogroup G=   3%
     haplogroup J=    2%

Charts/tables/graphs/figures drawn regarding various aspects.

* figure above copyright Jerry E. Jones, MD, MS  The Jones Genealogist

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RN #225 (A) My DNA

This notebook contains information regarding my JONES surname DNA.  It took a number of years to decide to see if my DNA matched my 50+ years of genealogy.  Yes it did, and what a relief it is...:-).

Haplogroup R - Caucasus Mountains (Black Sea)
                      R1 - Central Europe [m173]
                          R1b - Central Europe ca. 25,000 BC [m 343]
                                R1b1 - Spain [p 25]
                                       R1b1a2 - The Island (Wales) [m269 ]

12-marker, panel 1-12
25-marker, panel 13-25
37-marker, panel 26-37
47-marker, panel 38-47
60-marker, panel 48 - 60
67-marker, panel 61 - 67

Matches by markers

Family tree by genetic distance (Most Recent Common Ancestor) MRCA

Data sheets on MRCA (likelihood for generation past

For a detailed discussion see my blog:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RN #224 Jones Family Coding Groups JH-4 : JH-8

Family trees can get very crowed as the branches extend into history.  This notebook contains part of the family tree that became extensive.  Charts are contained of each generation that expands outward, starting with the eighth generation (JH).  The following charts show how this was done for the earlier generations.  You will have to scroll down the page to get the big picture.

And on it goes...:-)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

RN #223 The Domesday Book Study

The historic background to many geographic areas can become important in understanding the roots to your family tree.  This notebook contains my research into The Domesday Book for several counties from which my JONES family seem to originate.

The Welsh Marches/ maps
Anglo-Welsh frontier 1086
Wales in the Norman period
     Hugh Lupus - nephew William I (Hugh d'Avranches)
Chester City
     Roger de Montgomery
    William Fitz Osbern

Saturday, February 23, 2013

RN #222 LEE Family of Shropshire

Shropshire was the center of much of my JONES family tree.  The Lee (sp. Lea, Legh, Leia, Lega, Le) was involved in the branches.  This notebook contains my research into the Lee family which settled in the Shropshire area.

Hugo de Lega (de al Lee) 1100 AD
Reginald de la Lee [High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1210 AD]
     received grant of land from William, son of William Fitzalan
Sir Thomas de la Le
    3 sons of
continued family in Shropshire area (chronology) 1000 AD - 1680 AD
     Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)
     Calendar of Patent Rolls
coat of arms
Lee of Cotton (Hundred of Stottesded)
     Messrs. Marcy Hemingway, Solicitors (Cat.Ref. 3950)
     Haslewood Collection (Cat.Ref. XD3614)
     Wolryche family of Bridgnorth (Cat.Ref. 2922)
     Archdeaconry of Rochester (Cat.Ref. DRa)
     Corfield Collection (Cat.Ref. 5001)
Lee index analysis (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent)
Lee of Langley
Lee of Donington (Donington Lordship)
Lee of Acton Burnell
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
Jones family of Donington, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1781)
     Manor of Donington
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
     Brooke family of Haughton Hall, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 5735)
     Corfield Collection (Cat.Ref. 5001)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     The Halston Collections (Cat.Ref.2127)
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
     Brooke Papers (Cat.Ref. 5735)
     Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Hill family of Hawkstone, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 731)
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 103)

Friday, February 22, 2013

RN #221 Lee Family Chronology

My JONES and LEE family intertwine their branches in Shropshire.  This notebook contains my research into the LEE family from Shropshire starting 1066 and moving forward to 1700 AD.

History/colonization Shropshire by Normans
Lee surname spelled Legh, Leye, Lee
Henry de Lee
Reginald de Lee
Robert de Lee
William de Warenne (Priory of Wenlock)
Roger of Montgomery "Earl of Shewsbury"
Robert Fitz Corbet
Manors of the Lee and the More
Calendar of Patent Rolls (for Lee)
Roger de la Lee (King's Clerk) 1251 AD
Detailed chronology contained/charts/maps/graphs
Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Hugh de la Lee of Bobyton
     Thomas de la Lee
Smythe famiy of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
     Thomas Lee
     Richard Lee
Sir Richard Lee of Langley

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RN #220 Jones and Lee Family Studies

This notebook contains my research into the connections between my JONES family and the LEE family.  These connections were found in the earliest days of settlement in Virginia (1650s).  Tracing this family connection helped establish more clearly the family tree branches as they extended across the great pond.  Starting with Reiner de Lee, of the manor of Linley, Parish of More, 1200-1210 AD, they begin a long, long number of branches.

Sandford family of Sandford, Shropshire, Whitchurch (Cat.Ref. 465)
     The Lea, Lea Hall, and Ash Parva
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Edge section, township of Edge
Captain P.R.R. Dunne's Collection (Cat.Ref.165)
     Lee of Pymenhull
The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
          Larden and Brockton
The Scott Collection (Cat.Ref. 49)
     Scott family of Betton Strange, Shropshire
Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
         Buildwas, Buildwas Abbey, Sheinton and Leighton
Boycott family of Rudge Hall, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 330, 2028, 2029, 2161, 1008, 1190, 2369)
      Lenmere and The Lowe
Haslewood Collection (Cat.Ref. XD3614)
     Bromwich, Shropshire
The Glynde Place Archives (Cat.Ref. GLY)
     Morley family of Glynde, Sussex
     Trevor Family of Glynde Place, East Sussex
Dean and Chapter Archive (Cat.Ref. CCA-DCc-ChAnt)
     Chartae Antiquae A (ref. CCA-DCd-ChAnt/A)
         Abingdon priory Roger de la Lee as prior 1241
Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RN #219 Family Tree Through The Sons

This notebook contains a large number of pages which graph the family tree through the sons of Tudor Trevor (JC-1).  Each is coded by number and color, to represent a way to identify and separate each lineage.  The following is from the first page showing how the information was organized and documented.

Each son, Gronwy (JD-1), Llydocks (JD-2), and Dingad (JD-3) is grouped as a family tree.  To show one page out of this group is the line of  Tudor (JH-6) "Walenesis" who was recorded in the Domesday book, 1086 AD.  I give this example to show how the family groups are documented.

This is colored "orange" which is the code for the lineage of the second son Llydocka (JD-2).  A section for each son is contained.  This work has been completed over many years of documentation, correction, and verification.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RN #218 Jones of Shropshire

Sorting through a group of folks with same surname can be daunting.  This is especially true if there are a lot of these folks who share the same surname.  This notebook contains my work on the Jones surname in Shropshire from the time that my own JONES family became connected to this part of the world.  The key areas of connection were:

Lybottwood (Leebotwood)

It begins when Thomas Myddelton told the folks in "Llanvaer" [Llan-Fairdyffryn-Clwyd] not to pay their tithes to the vicar of Llanvaer who happened to be Robert Johnes. [1553-1555]  There are all sorts of JONES families and associated families involved. Including:

More family of Linley, Shropshire - The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
Wolryche family of Bridnorth (Cat.Ref. 2922)
Pope family - property Leebotwood

Monday, February 18, 2013

RN #217 Generational Analysis

Looking at things from various angles often helps with the "big picture" analysis.  This notebook contains my family tree analysis using three individuals as a generation.  This would be roughly 60 years per generation. [20 years reproductive life cycle]  There would often be 20 years between the "oldest" and "youngest" in the same family.  Thus the 1st cousins would be at wide age intervals seeming very different in ages, yet living during the same generation.  A cause for many brick walls in my own JONES tree climbing.

The following is an example of the charts of generation (III) for my particular JONES line of descent. Cynrig (JF-1) who had four sons; Ednyfed (JG-15), David (JG-13), Ninnian (JG-1), and Hwfa (JG-17).  Each of these sons produced a distinct surname [Brouhgton, Lloid, and Jones ] which after several generations would appear unrelated.

This notebook contains my charts for each branch from generations 1 to generation 8.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

RN #216 Working Chronologies

This notebook contains the chronology, year by year, of the early family members.  This technique allowed me to list each family member identified upon the pages of history.  Using the family coding system and color coding, a year by year account was outlined.  Beginning with known dates, it provided a way to estimate time lines for each individual.  An example is shown:

Starting with accepted dates, such as the death of Hywel Dda 950 AD, the known family members were placed in birth order.  They were then placed by drawing distinct lines representing their life among the pages.  Using known estimates such as life expectancy, age of military service, etc., one could being to place dates and a time frame in which to work.

The next page in sequence is shown above.  The time line is continued for each individual.  Thus a way to help establish time lines, associated dates, and to see if there is any conflict between individuals and their place among the family tree.

Friday, February 15, 2013

RN #215 Our Family's Genealogy by Welsh Counties

Genealogy by geography is the real title of the content contained in this notebook.  From the beginning of the family tree (at first pass) was Tudor Trevor [Tydyr Trefor] (JC-1).  The origin and descent of this tree concentrated in several Welsh counties.   The family surnames and major Welsh county was studied and grouped.  The results were placed in this notebook.  They are as follows:

     Plas Kadwgan
     Eton (Eyton)

     Eytyn (Eton)
     Tydyr Trefor
     Thomas Pennat - Abbot of Basingwerk Abbey

Salop (Shropshire)


......and many other surnames connected to geographic locations.  A sample page from the county Salop is shown below.

 This analysis helped group and separate several surnames and their relationship among the branches of my JONES family tree.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RN #214 Our Family's Genealogy by Surname

Associated surnames that are directly related by Y-DNA are very common among those from Welsh descent.  After 50 some years of tree climbing, I have come to recognize that my JONES surname is more related to those of other particular surnames of Welsh descent, rather than the many, many others of the JONES surname.  The following notebook contains the associated surnames (family groups) that are shared by the same common descent.  An example is shown for the surname Lloid (Lloyd) which come through the same family tree Tudor Trevor (JC-1) - Dingd (JD-3) and on down the branches.
This line is to David Lloyd (JV-95) to Jenkin Lloyd (JW-39) to Edward Lloyd (JX-22) who married Ursula Salesbury(JX-23) of Lleweny.  The documentation from Dwnn is shown in the next figure from Dwnn [Vol.II, p.23 ]

The associated surnames (family trees):

     Ednyred Fychan (JI-25)
     Salsbri (Salusbury)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RN #213 A Family Tree by Generations

A big picture of the family tree is great to see in living color.  This notebook contains my own JONES family tree from its roots back to Wales.  Color coding as well as my family coding system is used.  Documentation is shown with (1) being Dwnn, (2) being Nicholas, and (3) being Burke.  The alphabetical coding is used being A=1st generation, B=2nd generation, C=3rd shown:

The children of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) begins the color coding with "pink" being the eldest son Gronwy(JD-1), "yellow" being Llydocka (JD-2), and "blue" being the baby boy Dingad (JD-3).  It is through the eldest son that the line of Elystan Glodrydd (JF-6) is established.

My JONES family is through the baby Dingad (JD-3).  Placing all the pages together on the kitchen table is a wonderful sight!  This notebook contains all those pages A through X.

Monday, February 11, 2013

RN #212 Alphabetical Listing - Family Names

This notebook contains the alphabetical listing of the first names used in my family tree.  This became necessary since there were a large number of very unusual names (Welsh spellings) that were repeated among the branches.  It became very, very confusing when trying to find or separate certain individuals that shared the same name (often various spellings.)  The following is an example of this arrangement and coding.  It is the name "Edward" [In the English] which is my middle name occurred  18 times.

In the earliest documents it was spelled "Ierwerth", "Iorweth", and "Idnerth"  and gave me some difficulty until this spelling variation was figured out.  The name was used with various Welsh adjectives. [fychan, Hen, voel, goch, vawr, and ddu ]  The coding method is shown to the right. [ J for JONES, F for the generation number, and 8 for the individuals number in this generation.]  Generation one was "A", thus "JF-8" stands for the eighth individual in the sixth generation from the start of  my family tree.  The names begin with "Adda" {Adam} and go through "Ynyr" {Inigo}.  The most used name was "Margaret" occurring 61 times.

This notebook also allowed me to examine when, and where a name occurs, and if this individual had already been coding. A great help when those tree branches became so thick and difficult to climb!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RN #211 Geographic Chronology

Understanding the geography of the land that was occupied by your ancestors can be a help in time of  tree climbing road blocks. [Called "brick walls" by some.]  This notebook contains my research into the geography of the homeland of my own ancestors.  It contains a series of maps/tables/charts/and names of towns that have been involved along my own tree climbing experiences.  It starts with what I call "the skeleton". 
This is basically an outline of the geographic area (map) my ancestors were located.  It has a mileage marker placed (to give scale), and a compass to give direction.  The major rivers are identified and named, thus giving the earliest roadways and natural barriers to the land. This become the foundation for my exploration.
The mountains were to play a major roll in the settlement and land use.  The figure above shows the addition to  "the skeleton" map giving new insight into the natural barriers which forced settlement among these hills.  Map after map can be drawn is sequence using the skeleton map.  This notebook contains my maps which have been drawn over the years of tree climbing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

RN #210 John Trevor Chronology

Detail chronologies are part of tree climbing.  The large number of individuals that shared the name "John Trevor" were shorted through.   This notebook contains chronologies of the various family groups that share this name. [1300 - 1700]  It was necessary to utilize a coding system which gave each individual their own identity.   The follow is an example of the research contained within this notebook.

It shows the major branches of the group from John Trevor Hen (JQ-29).  He had five sons not named John, but each of these branches hand a son name John.  John Trevor (JS-40), John Trevor (JS-8), John Trevor (JS-35) and John Trevor (JT-24). Color coding also helps to keep the branches straight.
Well, John Trevor(s) here we come.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RN #209 John Trevor(s) from 1357

Those folks that share the same name, during the same historic period, within the same general geographic area, can be a real problem for the genealogist.  Keeping all these folks separated and identified can be tricky, especially if they are the window to your own family tree.  For my own JONES family tree, the name "John Trevor" is an example.

This notebook contains my research and organization into the name "John Trevor".  This name appears in many historic documents, along the branches of my JONES family tree.  The identity of these folks becomes confusing very quickly, and very often.  My research came to show that there were at least 26 different individuals that were given this name! 

[I was in my "Roman Numeral" phase of coding during this research.  Therefore, the names are coded using this numbering system.]

John Trevor (I) of Trevor Hall, Bishop of St. Asaph 1352-1357 d. 1357
John Trevor (II)  became Bishop of St. Asaph 1394 d. ca. 1410
John Trevor Hen (III) 1st of Brynkynallt
John Trevor (IV) of Brynkynallt
.... other John Trevor in sequence to
John Morely Trevor (XVI)

There were basically three separate family branches that shared this name.  These were the branches at Brynkynallt, Trevallyn, and Hope.

Monday, February 4, 2013

RN #208 Henry Jones(es) from 1443

This notebook contains the research into those who shared the first name Henry.   These folks lived on the other side of the great pond, starting 1443.

Henry Jones alias Shirbourne (land in Fulham) 1443
Henry Jones (City of Chester) 1453
Henry Jones (Co. Radnor) 1662
Henry Jones (Lincolnshire) 1567
Henry Jones (at Holt) 1613
Henry Jones (sadler) City of Chester 1575
Henry Jones, servant to the Earl of Derby 1635
Henry Jones, joiner (Chester) 1601
Henry Jones of Oswestry, yeoman 1642
Henry Jones of London 1608
Henry Jones (Portsmouth) 1621
Henry Jones (Walgrave) 1611
Henry Jones (Pembrokeshire) 1584
Henry Jones husbandman, Worcestershire 1627
Henry Jones Gentleman of Hanbury 1615
Henry Jones of Cotheridge Yeoman 1598
Henry Jones (Hanley Castle) 1541
Henry Jones of Peterchurch, tanner 1594
Henry Jones of Putley, gent. 1545
Henry Jones of Berkeley 1598
Henry Jones, gent. of Harleford 1642
Sir Henry Jones, Carmarthenshire, Wales 1676

This notebook also contains files on the name Roger Jones.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

RN #207 John Jones(es) VA Study

Having identified and coded all those who shared the surname JONES for the years 1609 - 1700 coming to Virginia, it was then time to take the first name and try to distinguish these individuals.  Of course, the name "John" was the most difficult.  This notebook contains my analysis of the name "John Jones".  There were quite a few who shared this distinction.   They were classified by the alphabet, giving them the titles "John-A", "John-B", "John-C" in my case "John-K".  This was necessary because I had a John Jones that needed to be placed in my family tree.

John-A who married widow of Rowland Thornton ca. 1700
John-B the only son and  heir Neb. Jones
John-C  who married Sarah Mountjoy
John-D who married Eliz. Molynch
John-E who had land next to James Samford
John-F son of Rotherwick Jones
John-G son of Edward Jones
John-H son of William Jones
John-I who married Ann Jones
John-J son of Rice Jones, Jr.
John-K son of Ambrose Jones

notes/charts/family trees

Saturday, February 2, 2013

RN #206 JONES - LEE Chronology from 1635

On the 2nd of June 1636, Anthony Jones transported Nicholas Lee to Pagan Point Creek.  Since this date [and much before as my research would show]  that my Jones, and the Lee family would be closely connected during the early years of Virginia.   This notebook contains a chronology of the two surnames as they were related.

2 June 1636 - Anthony Jones and Nicholas Lee
26 Nov. 1636 - Anthony Jones and Richard Lee
.....yearly chronology of Lee and Jones connection...
20 March 1653 - Col. Richard Lee, Gloster Co., abutting land of Richard Jones, dec'd 1671...this Richard Jones was my direct JONES line.

Files on:
     Sir Richard Lee, of Langley
     Richard Lee, Attorney General, VA 1643
     Richard Lee, b. 1647
     family trees and charts/maps

Friday, February 1, 2013

RN #205 Alphabetical Listing JONES VA from 1607

This notebook is really part 2 of my JONES surname research into Virginia.  It is the alphabetical arrangement of the first names of those with the surname JONES. [1607 - 1666 in Virginia]  It uses my coding system in order to try and separate the many who share a common first name.  Key tags are given to:

David (first in 1622)
Elizabeth (first in 1609)
Henry (first in 1622)
James (first in 1641)
John (first in 1622)
Mary (first in 1624)
Rice (first in 1628)
Richard (first in 1623)
Robert (first in 1637)
Thomas (first in 1623)
William (first in 1622)

There were 651 coded. [Elizabeth (JO-1) to Evan (JO - 651)]  This research also gives a rough outline of the chronology of the JONES surname for early Virginia.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

RN #204 JONES Surname Virginia 1609 - 1660

This notebook contains my research into the surname JONES in Virginia from 1609.  It follows the appearance of the surname recorded in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623 - 66, by Nugent.  The following shows the first page from this research, beginning with "Elizabeth Joones", servant of Thomas Dunthorne.  The coding system is shown, and the page of reference is recorded.  There were 651 with the JONES surname recorded during this period.

Color coding was also used to try and group the folks from the same general green for "within precincts of Eliz. City".

Also, a study into the reference for "Jones' Creek(s)" was done.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RN #203 Writers of History

This notebook contains a record of the early writers of history.  It begins with Eusebius and goes through Historia Brittonum ca. 324 AD to 829 AD.  It is my collection of notes and research.

Eusebius - The History of The Church From Christ to Constantine
      Greek Bishop ca.263 - 339 AD
St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo) The City of God
      Bishop 354 AD - 430 AD
Germanus (Bishop) ca 429 AD
Gildas (British Cleric) ca. 500 - 570 AD
    De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae
        narrative of the post-Roman history of Britain
Bede  ca 672 - 735 AD
    Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum
    (The Ecclesiastical History of the English People)
Alcuin ca 735 - 804 AD
Nennius (Celtic monk) ca. 829 AD
    Historica Brittonum (History of the Britons)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RN #202 Virginia Indians and Jamestown

A study into the relationship between Jamestown and the early ethic groups (Indians) that occupied the land, is an important undertaking.  This effort provides a context to one of the many factors that affected the earliest years of struggle of my ancestors.  This notebook contains a copy of "Chapter 77: A Seventeenth Century Chronology Drawn from Colonial Records with Contemporary Native Perspectives", by Danielle Moretti-Langholtz and Angela L. Daniel. [ ]  The native and local writers provide a source of information [names] in my own JONES family tree climbing.

The above is taken from the cover of of the book named:

"The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Ifles: with the names of the Adventures, Planters, and Governors from their firft beginning, An: 1584. to this prefent 1624. "
 Written by none other than Captain John Smith.

Monday, January 28, 2013

RN #201 Welsh Name Analysis

Welsh names as recorded in history represent a window into the culture and language of this Celtic people.  A particular clan system (family) and  tribal organization is represented  among the names recorded.  This notebook contains my research into this Welsh naming process recorded upon the pages of history.   The alphabet and naming method was analyzed from the names 470's to 790's.  The Welsh language was being formed during this period.  How the name was used and recorded was grouped by its organization. (Spelling and word order.)

There were 355 historic Welsh  names recorded during this period.  Word (name) order was:

"name" ap "name" recorded 161 times = 45%
     eg. Griffith ap Res

"name" "qualifier" recorded 68 times = 19%
     eg, Yevan Gogh

"name" ap "name" ap "name" recorded 63 times = 18%
     eg. Yevan ap Howel ap Kenn

"name" ap "name" "qualifer" recorded 20 times = 6%
     eg. William ap Yevan Lippa

"qualifer" "name" ap "name" "qualifier" recorded 16 times = 5%

There were additional forms and name order.  A detailed chronology of these names, their alphabet, and word order is contained.  My research over many years.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

RN #200 Ancient Chronologies

This notebook contains a copy of the work by Bill Cooper called Ancient Chronologies.  It contains a number of listings including the following:

The Chronicles of the early Britons
The Descent of the Anglo-Saxon Kings
The Descent of the Danish and Norwegian Kings
The Descent of the Irish Celtic Kings
The Genealogy of the early British Kings

Saturday, January 26, 2013

RN #199 Underwood Surname

The surname Underwood was a bridge to my JONES family beyond the great pond.  This notebook contains my research into this surname in England.

Underwood 1st listing 1441 - Stone mason
Northumberland Co. 1466, 1472
Hertfordshire 1539
Norfolk 1539
Bedfordshire 1547, 1678
Cheshire 1524/1526
London 1651 - 1653

Thomas Underwood of Weston (family tree) 1540
     Pryor family of Weston Park, Weston, Hertfordshire (Cat.Ref. DE/Pr)
     Balderston and Warren, solicitors of Baldock, Hertforshire (Cat. Ref. DE/Bw)
Kent Co., England
     Kent Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. Q/A)
     Weller family of Tonbridge, Kent (Cat.Ref. HA 519)
     Bridge House Estates, London (Cat. Ref. CLA/007)
     Wood family (Cat.Ref. ACC/0928/022)
     Moulton family (Cat.Ref. DE/Z120)
The Iveagh (Phillipps) Suffolk Manuscripts (Cat. Ref. HD 1538)
House of Lords (Cat.Ref. HL)
Nelthorpe family of Scawby Hall, Lincolnshire (Cat.Ref. Nel )

Friday, January 25, 2013

RN #198(A) A Family Analysis Year by Year

Starting on the "other" side of the great pond is my family analysis starting 1500 - 1650 AD.  Year by year, the names most associated with my own JONES family are analyzed, grouping those who share the geography (space) and the time (chronology).

Robert Jones (I) [ Jonys] 1500
Henry Jones (I) [Joonys] 1507
Thomas Jones (I) 1508
Thomas Jones (II) [Jonys, Johens, Jhonys ] 1513
Thomas Jones (III) [Jonys, Johens] 1518
Thomas Jones (IV) [Jonis, Joonys] 1528
David Jones [Jonys] 1530
Thomas Jones (V) 1535
Robert Jones (II) 1541
Robert Jones (III) 1544
Roger Jones (I) [Jonys] 1546
Henry Jones (II) 1549
Richard Jones (I) 1558
Thomas Jones (VI) 1561
Henry Jones (III) 1562
Henry Jones (IV) 1562
Owen Jones (I) 1568
Roger Jones (II) 1571
Edward Jones (I) 1576
Robert Jones (IV) 1585
Thomas Jones (VIII) 1607
Richard Jones (II) 1608
John Jones (I) 1615
Francis Jones (I) 1619
Richard Jones (III) 1619
Roger Jones (III) 1620
Martha Jones (I) 1625
William Jones (I) 1625
Priscilla Jones (I) 1625
John Jones (II) 1634
David Jones (II) 1634
Anthony Jones (I) 1635

Thursday, January 24, 2013

RN #198 Land Grant Analysis - Family Clusters

This notebook contains the research into land grant analysis for family related surnames.  It is arranged in chronological sequence by year, and then by monthly intervals.  Individuals that were recorded during the same land grant (time period) where placed in the tables.  The figure below shows such a table taken from the notebook for the year 1662/63.  Those who were recorded being at the same geographic location at the same (or near the same) date would be grouped together.

The notebook begins 1600 and ends 1707.  This allows one to follow individuals along their path of land grants and related family names.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

RN #197 Prehistoric Britain

This notebook contains research into the history of ancient Britain.  It contains maps/charts/summary tables/ and some references to prehistoric Britain.

Paviland Cave
     The "Red Lady"
Mesolithic 10,000 - 4000 BC
Windmill Hill
Passage grave builders
Stonehenge I
Beaker Invasions
Stonehenge II
Wessex Culture
Stonehenge Completed
Belgae (Brythonic)
Bronze Age ca. 2300 BC
Iron Age 750 BC
Celtic Culture
Iron age tribes southern Britain
maps/charts/Celtic and Roman Britain
     contour intervals/ Wales

Sunday, January 20, 2013

RN #196 Calendar of Patent Rolls 1301

Homage and fealty was to be payed to the King. [In this case Edward I]   This notebook contains a copy of : "Exemplicfication of a certificate by the treasurer and barons of the exchequer of the names of those who in the time of Edward I did homage and fealty to Edward his son, then prince of Wales and earl of Chester...". [ 18 Edward III. - Part 1, p. 227-234.]  It is in effect a census of those felt to be given the English in Wales.  Dated 18 April 29 Edward I it is for:

Chester: Barons, Knights, Clerks, Foresters
Ruthyn (Ruthin)
Flynt (Flint)
West Wales
South Wales
North Wales

It is a list of names recorded over a several month period 1301 in Wales.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

RN #195 Old Rappahannock Co. 1650

This notebook contains working groups of individuals who had settlements/patents/transportation/ to Old Rappahannock Co., VA. [1656 - 1692]  Early settlements and plantations were established as early as 1642 along Rappahannock River.  This is my research into the various individuals involved with this area.

Cavaliers of the King in VA 1644
Titled Cavalier Emigrants
Royalist Families VA
Nicholas Dale 1649
Sir Thomas Luntsford 1650
Settlers of Rappahannock 1650
Capt. Samuel Mathews 1 Aug 1643
Thomas Evan 31 Aug 1643
Sir Francis Wyatt 29 Sept 1643
John Carter 15 Aug 1642
John Benton 13 Oct 1642
Associated names
     Toby Smith 22 May 1637
     Margarit Upton 1 Oct 1656
     Clement Herbert 8 Oct 1657
     John Catlett 23 May 1650
     Ralph Rousey 23 May 1650
     Thomas Lucas 7 June 1652
     Thomas Hawkins 4 May 1659
     Alexander Fleming 29 Apr 1658
     William Underwood 13 Sept 1636
     John Slaughter 1620
     Francis Slaughter 1652
     Humphrey Booth 1650
     Samuel Nichous 1659
     John Prosser 4 Nov 1673
     Henry Berry 26 Oct 1658
     Leonard Jones (Totoskey Creek 19 July 1662)
     Rice Jones 10 Oct 1658
     Thomas Savadge (Savage) 12 Oct 1627
     Symon Miller 1664
     Antho. Jackman 18 Apr 1650

Friday, January 18, 2013

RN #194 Rappahannock River Study

Rappahannock River (VA) was the major roadway to my early JONES family in their settlement days of Virginia.  This notebook contains maps, charts, drawings, and land surveys along this river.  Settlement along this river began as early as 1638.   Settlement in earnest began fall of 1642. 

Chart of county formations beginning 1634 to Rappahannock County 3 March 1656.
Maps/charts the rivers of Virginia
Units of measurements : hector, rod, pole, acre
Indian ethic groups along rivers
Tidal station, locations and ranges
South side/ north side from mouth to 50 miles analysis
10 mile interval study/maps
Pneumendsend Creek/ Golden Vale study
Mott's Run study
Rappahannock River above the falls

A sample map at the mouth of the Rappahannock is shown below.

The mouth of the Rappahannock is shown as drawn in 1 mile survey sections.  Thus one can identify any survey that is given as "6 mile" [or mile marker]  up Rappahannock River.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

RN #193 House of Lords

This notebook contains references from the House of Lords, Volume 8, 2 June 1646.  This period was analyzed for the surname JONES.  It contains the acts recorded for Inigo Jones, and Richard Jones, who were two of my family members.  It records the English Commissioners first paper to the Scots committee, concerning their powers and instructions from the Parliament of England.  It contains the "Ordinance to clear Inigo Jones of his Delinquency".  It also contains the "Names of Englishmen in the Scotish Army, who have served the Enemy, delivered to the Scots Commissioners 27 April, 1646.  In this file is listed: "Richard Jones, late in Service with the Enemy, and now in Lieutenant Colonel Urrye's Troop."  My JONES family, always getting into trouble!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RN #192 Inns of Court

This notebook contains summary tables/chronology for the JONES surname admitted to the Inns of Court 1544 - 1655.   The figure below demonstrates the content beginning 1544.   Other related surnames were added which appeared in documents surrounding my own JONES family.  This provided another method to make connections between the surname groups.

A single "square" represented one individual.  The file number (folio #) was placed in the square with the date and name of the individual given.  Family connections, if given from the documents, were also included.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RN #191 Devon Co. England

This notebook contains information regarding the English county of Devon.  The Devon County Council (Devon Record Office) has some resources to aid genealogical research.

Devon Record Office
Bere Ferres
Devon surnames

My JONES family is connected to a "Manor of Ley" in Bere Ferres.  See my blog :

Monday, January 14, 2013

RN #190A Patent Rolls

Patent Rolls are documents that give one aspect of English history.  Henry III reigned 56 years beginning 1216 AD.  This notebook contains an index to the first of this series, Vol. I, years 1216 - 1225 AD.  I have used it many times to determine the used of certain surnames in English documents.  The name JONES does not appear.  Wales (the Welsh, Wallis) begins with "march of, 109" and "homage of, done at Worcester, 142".  The numbers are the pages where this information has been recorded.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

RN #190 Mortality Dates - Working Sheets

Mortality dates become an outline of time when placed in a chronological order. They identify the death of individuals along a course of time which may be used to help place family members in a context.  This note book contains my research into dates of death for historic figures that are involved in my own JONES tree climbing.   The figure below is the first page of this notebook, beginning 800 AD.  The dates are placed to the right at 10 year intervals.  Know "death" dates of historic figures are shown forming a picture of individuals along this time line.

This notebook also contains maps and figures of Wales during the time frames documented.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

RN #189 Family Towns (II)

This notebook continues the collection of research into family towns (parish/hundred/lordships/etc.) that were involved with my JONES family.

     Collection Deposited By Mrs D.g. Mead (Cat.Ref. 1623)
          John Jones of Ludlow 1621
     Temporary Marching Camp Bromfield, Shropshire (Roman)
      House of Benedictine monks, Priory of Bromfield
     Calendar of Patent Rolls 1241 AD
     The Halston Estate (lower ridge Ellesmere (1536) (Cat.Ref. 2171)
     Township of Trugge issa
          Robert ap John
     Township of Ruge within Lordship of Ellyseme 1546 AD
     Township of Ruge and Lower Ruge within Hundred of Ellyseme 1568 AD
          Roabert ap John ap Richard
          Lloyd of Leaton Knolls (Cat.Ref. 103)
               Deeds and  related papers (Ellesmere)
     John ap Richard 1555AD
     David ap John 1563 AD
     Richard Jones 1578 AD
     Robert ap John ap Edward 1584 AD
     John ap Edward 1584 AD
     charts/family lines/
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
           Muniments of title, Shropshire, Selattyn - Porkington
     National Gazetteer (1868) Selattyn
Castell Brogyntyn (ringwork castle)
Brogyntyn MS ii.1
     Aston and Mellington - Thomas Jones 1568 AD
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls - deeds and related papers (Montgomeryshire)
     Willis Collection (Cat.Ref. 2589)
           Jones of Aston Hall, Montgomery
     Deeds and papers relating to The Dudmaston Estate of the Wolryche family (Cat.Ref. 2922)
          Pope family property in Montgomeryshire [ the "Welsh estate"]
     Ludford Park Collection (Cat.Ref..11)
     Leigh of West Hall, High Legh (Cat.Ref. DLL)
     Leigh family of High Legh, Chesshire
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
     Mostyn-Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
           Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
     Sudeley Manuscripts (Cat.Ref. D2153)
      Arderne Collection (Cat.Ref. DAR)
      Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
      Park Hall Estate (Cat.Ref. 2216)
      Chew's Foundation, Dunstable (Cat.Ref. X277)
      Cotton of Combermer (Cat.Ref. CR72)
      Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. Q)
      Tunstall Old Court (Cat.Ref. 5194)
      Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
      Massey of Whitepool (Cat.Ref. DMW)
      Alyn Arthur Guest Willams Collection (Cat.Ref. DGW)
      Vernon Collection (Vernon of Kinderton, Warren of Poynton)
      Records of The Boycott Family of Rudge Hall (Cat. Ref. 330, 2028, 2029, 2161, 1008, 1190)
      House of Lords (Cat.Ref. HL)
      Wilbraham of Nantwich Collection (Cat.Ref. DWN)

Friday, January 11, 2013

RN #188 Family Towns

This notebook continues the study of towns (settlements/manors/parishes/etc.)  that were related to my JONES family.  The associated surnames were applied to the geographic areas that connected my family tree.  This provided a means to separate and establish certain family groups.

    Young/Lloyd of Halghton/ Eyton/ Lloyd of Pengwern
    Mostyn of Mostyn/Trevor-Roper of Plas Teg/Jones-Parry
Feilding of Newnham Paddox (The Pennant Papers) (Cat.Ref. CR 2017)
     Papers of The Kay Shuttleworth Family of Gawthorpe (Cat.Ref.DDKS)
     Valelntine Broughton (Cat.Ref. CHC/3)
     Shackerley Collection (Cat.Ref. 1781)
           Jones family of Donington, Shropshire
     Land in Bersham, Co. Denbigh
     John Almer
     Hanmer of Hanmer, Co. Flint
     Sir John Hanmer
     Puleston (family)
The River Dee at Glyndyfrdwy
A Collection of deeds and papers relating to the Hanmer family of Pentrepant (Cat.Ref. 894 & 1144)
Documents presented by Mr. L.C. Lloyd (Cat.Ref. 7)
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Capital Messuages in Salop (Shrewsbury)
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
          Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
          Mostyn - Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
                 Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
Miscellaneou Deeds (Cat. Ref. 1375)
William Jones, High Street, Shrewsbury 1595
Edward Jones of Shrewsbury 1588
     Powys and the Marches
     Roman order (Gildas)
     The Bright Collection (Cat.Ref. 807)
     Sandford of the Isle (Cat. Ref. 465)
     Eyton family (Cat.Ref. 665)
           Eyton family of Eyton, Shropshire
     Documents Relating to the Thornes Family (Cat.Ref. 867, 1488)
          Thornes family of Shropshire
Selattyn (Estate leases and administration papers) Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire
The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
Marrington Collection (Cat.Ref. 448, 631)
     Price-Davies family of Marrington Hall, Chirbury, Shropshire)
Documents relating to the Wakeman and Penbury Families (Cat.Ref. 936)
Shropshire Archives - Venables Collection (Cat.Ref. 484)
     Mostyn Owen family of Rednal
     Owen, Mostyn family of Woodhouse, Shropshire (Title Deeds) (Cat.Ref. 3890)
     Edward Jones 1619
Acton Burnell
     Catalogue of the Shropshire deeds and papers of the Smythe Family of Acton Burnell (Cat.Ref. 
           1514)  Acton Burnell Parish/ Acton Burnell & Acton Pigott
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
          Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
     Buildwas, Abbey, Shropshire
     Shackerley Collection (Cat.Ref. 1781)
         Jones family of Donington, Shropshire
     Cressett Deeds (Cat.Ref. 5460, 563, 4152)
Bishop's Castle
     More family of Linley
     The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     Ludford Park Collection (Cat.Ref. 11)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

RN #187 House of Trevor Geography

This notebook contains much early work on the lineage of Tudor Trevor.  It is a collection of items pertaining to the history and geographic areas that were part of the family's history.  Several items are summary papers written for the family newsletter The Jones Genealogist, first published in 1989.

Record of the House of Trevor (summary paper)
Chronological chart(s) 350 AD -1980 AD
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
Gretton (Sherard) Manuscripts (Cat.Ref. DE1431)
House of Trefor (Trevor) flow chart 900 AD -1680 AD
     Leighton (Sweeney) Leighton family of Sweeney, Oswestry, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 177)
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
     The Halston Collection (Cat.Ref. 2171)
     The Henlle Hall Collection (Cat.Ref. SRO 2847)
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls (Cat.Ref. 103)
     Fitz-Alan family, Earls of Arundel
     Venables Collection (Cat.Ref. 484)
     Parish in hundred of Oswestry, Co. Salop
     A Topographical Dictionary of England, by Lewis
     Whittington Castle
     Halston Estate, Muniments of title, Whittington, land in Hindford
     Whittington, Common Rights in Babbinswood
     The Henlle Hall Collection (Cat.Ref. SRO 2847)
     Halston Estate, Muniments of title, Lower Ridge, Ellesmere
Valle Crucis
Dinas Bran
Simcoe family of Devon (Cat.Ref. 1038 M)
Shropshire or Salop
Llwyn - Onn (Llwynynn)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat.Ref. ZA)
     Mostyn-Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
Pengwerne (Pengwern)
     Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. Q)
     The Cobden Papers (Cat.Ref. COBDEN)
     City of Chester Town Clerk (Cat.Ref. ZTC)
historic maps/charts/figures

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RN #186 Chronological Work Sheets Family Names

Detailed chronology becomes very helpful in complex genealogy tree climbing.  This notebook combines a detailed chronology for a group of surnames (families) that needed to be understood in the context of the historic time period.  It begins 1050 AD and proceeds over ten year periods to 1800 AD.  Multiple sources were combined to form a unified system of names and dates.

Beginning of Crusades 1096 AD
Cadwallon d. 1132 AD
Gruffudd ap Cynan d. 1137 AD
Rulers of England : The Norman Line 1027-1160 AD
Owain Gwynedd d. 1170 AD
Cadwalader d. 1172 AD
Cynan d. 1173 AD
Rhodri d. 1195 AD
The Rulers of England : The Angevin Line 1154 - 1327 AD
The Dynasty of Gwynedd
The Dynasty of Deheubarth
The Dynasty of Powys
Treaty of Worcester 1218 AD
The Rulers of Scotland
maps/charts/graphs of historic time period
Hanmer (of Saxon origin) 1250 AD
Treaty of Montgomery 1267 AD
Shropshire 1267 AD
     John Fitzalan (Earl of Arundell) d. 18 March 1272 AD
     Peter de Eyton 1279 AD
The marcher lordships
Lord John de Lee 1323 - 1327 AD
The Third Part of The Hundred of Oswestry 1388 - 1389 AD
Admissions to Lincoln's Inn 1422 AD (Jones, Eyton, Townsend, )
Robert Townsend 1525 AD
Manors of the Lee and The More 1580 AD
Lordship of Whitinton 1462 AD
John Lighfoot of Shrewsbury 1463 AD
John Thornton of London (Middle Temple) 1494 AD
Middle Temple Admission 1501 AD (for Jones)
Oxford Admission 1507 AD (for Jones)
Cambridge Admissions 1531 AD (for Jones)
John Jeffreys (Middle Temple 1554 AD)
John Lightfoot (Lincoln's Inn 1505 AD)
Edward Rowsse (Lincoln's Inn 1530 AD)
John Trevor (Upton field 1531)
Geoffrey Upton (Middle Temple 1572 AD)
Jones: St. Asaph 1552 AD
charts/tables/graphs/ from 1550 AD of various surnames to 1850 AD

The following graph is an example of one page dealing with the JONES surname and chronology surrounding St. Asaph 1550 AD - 1599 AD given as an example of the research contained in this notebook. (#186)