Friday, February 1, 2013

RN #205 Alphabetical Listing JONES VA from 1607

This notebook is really part 2 of my JONES surname research into Virginia.  It is the alphabetical arrangement of the first names of those with the surname JONES. [1607 - 1666 in Virginia]  It uses my coding system in order to try and separate the many who share a common first name.  Key tags are given to:

David (first in 1622)
Elizabeth (first in 1609)
Henry (first in 1622)
James (first in 1641)
John (first in 1622)
Mary (first in 1624)
Rice (first in 1628)
Richard (first in 1623)
Robert (first in 1637)
Thomas (first in 1623)
William (first in 1622)

There were 651 coded. [Elizabeth (JO-1) to Evan (JO - 651)]  This research also gives a rough outline of the chronology of the JONES surname for early Virginia.

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