Friday, March 1, 2013

RN #225(C) DNA Drama

Coming from a medical background, the genetics of the human race and their health problems have been an interest of mine.  This notebook contains my work on the genetics of DNA and the human race.  It is my attempt to conceptualize the DNA (genetics) from the view of a genealogist.

     Models of time
     Models of change

Middle Awash Valley (Ethiopia)
Olduvai gorge (Tanzania)
Separation of species
Time lines (charts/graphs)
Homo erectus (essentially a modern pelvis)
Genetic migration(s)
    peopling the globe
    archaeological sites
Old Stone Age (Ice Ages)
Middle Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Haplogroup/haplotype distribution/migration (A - T)
     haplogroups by geography
Celtic DNA (Y-DNA)

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