Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RN #245 Regression Analysis - Related Surnames (Vol. I)

(Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia deed/will abstracts, and the order book abstracts from 1656 to 1692 give a record of my early JONES family in Virginia.  The associated brick walls are numerous trying to climb the many branches.  This notebook contains my attempts by a method I call "Regression Analysis".   That is, starting with a date, and going in "regression" (backward in time) in a detailed account, placing associated family surnames in order of their occurrence.  An example is given below:

The Catlett family had a large role in connecting my JONES family to the county of Kent.  The figure above shows one page from the analysis for this surname.  William Catlett, John Smyth, and Ralph Rowzee are connected in a record of 18 Sept. 1690.  Going back in time (regression) each record that contains the surname "Catlett" is placed in order.  Associated surnames are then analyzed.

This notebook (Vol. I) contains the following surnames:

1. Jones, 2. Slaughter, 3. Lightfoot, 4. Taliaferro, 5. Catlett, 6. Thornton, 7. Lee, 8, Townsend, 9. Underwood, 10. Mosley, 11. Booth, 12. Hawkins, 13. Lucas, 14. Upton, 15. Williamson, 16. Nicholas/Nicholls, 17. Whitman, 18. Battaile, 19. Williams, and 20. Jefferys.

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