Sunday, June 30, 2013

RN #242 The Jones Surname In Early Kentucky 1773 - 1850

My genealogy research days began some 53 years ago with stories of my family in Kentucky.  This notebook contains much of the account of that research organized from articles published in my family newsletter called  The Jones Genealogist.

Kentucky's early development 1772 - 1779 is from Vol. 1, No. 2 [July/Aug] p. 4, 1989.  A series of reprints follow that deal with Early Kentucky Surveys and Grants, Military Warrants, early individual Jones names, and the various census tracts.   This includes a listing of the Jones head of household for the census of 1790 [the first census of KY], a listing by counties in KY [1790], the census of 1800, and 1850, KY marriages records [1780 - 1850], and whole group of articles that deal other topics about the Jones surname in KY during this early period. [Such as an index analysis of Kentucky Federal Court Records, Order Books, 1789 - 1804 ] 

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