Saturday, December 20, 2014

RN #250 Jacob Jones VA

This notebook contains my research into the number of Jacob Jones that resided in VA, and NC.  The Seacock Swamp area of VA was one particular group that needed exploration.  Work sheets and a time line for Jacob Jones and other related surnames are included.  Various maps, charts, and figures are stored here.  Harrison, Donaldson, and Pettypool are surnames connected to this area.  Lots of research work included which was necessary to separate the many Jacob Jones.

Friday, December 5, 2014

RN #249 Jacob Jones(es)

Trying to select the correct family tree member is frequent a challenge.  There are often many with the same name, occurring in the same location, and around the same time period.  This notebook contains my research into Jacob Jones.  It was necessary to identify each Jacob Jones [and associated family members] in the same time period.  Who's on first speaking correctly?  It contains a variety of items selected for the name "Jacob Jones".

The Complete Book of Emigrants 1700 - 1750, by Coldham.
Seacock Swamp group (VA)
Blackwater River group (VA)
Index analysis: Cavaliers And Pioneers (Virginia Land Patents and Grants)
Jones Hole Swamp Group
Related groups:
     Thomas Jones 1724
     Jacob Jones 1724 (Isle of Wight Co. VA)
     William Jones 1724
     Nathan Jones 1762 (Edgecombe Co. NC)
     Richard Jones 1722 (Prince George Co. VA)
     Edward Jones 1724 (Isle of Wight Co. VA)