Friday, January 18, 2013

RN #194 Rappahannock River Study

Rappahannock River (VA) was the major roadway to my early JONES family in their settlement days of Virginia.  This notebook contains maps, charts, drawings, and land surveys along this river.  Settlement along this river began as early as 1638.   Settlement in earnest began fall of 1642. 

Chart of county formations beginning 1634 to Rappahannock County 3 March 1656.
Maps/charts the rivers of Virginia
Units of measurements : hector, rod, pole, acre
Indian ethic groups along rivers
Tidal station, locations and ranges
South side/ north side from mouth to 50 miles analysis
10 mile interval study/maps
Pneumendsend Creek/ Golden Vale study
Mott's Run study
Rappahannock River above the falls

A sample map at the mouth of the Rappahannock is shown below.

The mouth of the Rappahannock is shown as drawn in 1 mile survey sections.  Thus one can identify any survey that is given as "6 mile" [or mile marker]  up Rappahannock River.

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