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RN #108 Cadwallader Jones (Part V) Post 1700

This notebook contains research pertaining to the years after 1700.  It would appear that Cadwallader died before the quit rents of 1704 and after his last public document of 1701.  The impact of his life continues for many years.

Executive Journals, Council of Virginia (starting 1683) [for Col Wm Byrd]
Capt. Roger Jones, Commander of "ye said sloop" [1683]
Notes on Port Royal
American Historical Association, re: Wm Byrd
Indian Policy in Early Virginia, WMQ (ser.3) Vol.1,  1944
Notes on Stafford Co., VA
Notes on other references [Executive Journals, Journals of the House of Burgesses, etc.]
Notes on Edward Herbert [Herbert family]
Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies, 1701
Islander if the Stream, A History of The Bahamian People, Vol. I
A History of The Bahamas, by Craton, 1962.
   (Buccaneers 1684-1694)
   (Pirates 1695-1717)
Research on Bahama Island
Abstracts From The Records of The Court of Ordinary Of The Province of South Carolina, 1692-1700

Abstracts of The Wills of The State of South Carolina 1670-1740
The History of South Carolina Under The Proprietary Government 1670-1719 [Nicholas Trott]
Research notes on Cadwallader Jones (Providence) against the French

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Friday, September 28, 2012

RN #107 Cadwallader Jones (Part IV) 1690

This notebook continues the life and times of Cadwallader Jones, 1690 - 1700.  These are early research files and references pertaining to this time frame.

Executive Journals of The Council of Colonial Virginia, Vol. I, June 11, 1680- June 22, 1699.
America and West Indies, Calendar State Papers, 1699
The Patent Offices In The British West Indies, English Historical Review. Vol 69, 1954.
The British Empire In America...History of The Ifle of Providence.
America and West Indies, Vol. 17, 1699.
Stark's History and Guide To The Bahama Islands...1891
Calender of State Papers, America and West Indies, Vol.19, 1701
History of The British West Indies, by Burns
Manuscripts of the House of Lords, 1695-1697
Notes on Bahamas Island
Notes on Cholmondeley of Cholmndeley,  Thomas Bulkley [DCH/D-DCH/E]
Notes on Thomas Jones (ship) Colonial Papers, Vol.15, 1696
Notes on return to VA after 1698
Journals of the House of Burgesses of VA, 1695-1699
Additions To Western Exploration In Virginia, Va Mag, Vol. 31, 1923
The Southern Frontier 1670-1732, by Crane, 1929
The Journal of Southern History, Vol. 18, 1952, [Virginia Indian Company]
William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol 9, Brunswick County and Fort Christiana
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph, Cat. Ref. SA
Caernarfonshire Quarter Sessions, records, Cat. Ref. XQS
The Case of Thomas Bulkely, late of New Providence, Merchant...(Notes and references)

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RN #106 Cadwallader Jones (Part III) 1680

This notebook continues the research documents on the life and time of Cadwallader Jones.  It begins for the year 1680 and contains copies of references dealing with aspects of his life.

Public Officers in Virginia, 1680 [by VA counties]
General Assembly (VA) notes and records 1680+
America and West Indies (Calendar of State Papers)
Landmarks of Old Prince William (notes and review)
Virginia Historical Magazine (note and reviews) Vol. I, 1894
Letters of William Fitzhugh (notes)
William Fitzhugh and His Chesapeake World 1676-1701, by Davis (notes)
Genealogical notes on Fitzhugh family

Multiple documents from various sources dealing with Cadwallader Jones early 1680s.

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RN #105 Cadwallader Jones (Part II) 1670-1680

This notebook contains a detailed chronology of the years 1670 - 1680 for the life and times of Cadwallader Jones.  They are my personal notes and references obtain for this period.

Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67, p. 486 (etc. for other references)
William Denham notes
Land of 1673 (notes, tables, charts, maps)
Notes from Bacon's Rebellion 1676
Bacon's Rebellion, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. IX, No.1, July 1901
Land of 1677
Notes from history of Old Rappahannock County, VA
Causes of Discontent in Virginia, 1676, Va Mag., Vol. III, July 1899
Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax Co., VA, by Beth Mitchell.
The Country Call'd There the Doages (Chap. 3), Landmarks of Old Prince William
The Susquehannock War, (Chap. 5), Landmarks of Old Prince William.
Virginia Eastern Shore County Records on Micofilm at The Library of Virginia.
     (Archives & Genealogy Section, in Richmond, Virginia)

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RN #104 Cadwallader Jones (Part I) 1650-1670

This notebook contains my earliest research into the life and times of Cadwallader Jones.  Most of  this material is hand written, and represents my notes and references.

The name Kadwallader (Cadwallader) in Wales. Starting 617 AD.

Literature sources from:
   Tyler's Quarterly
   William & Mary College Quarterly : Series I and Series II
   Calender of Virginia State Papers
   Virginia Magazine

Early time lines. (Various works in progress)
Trevor coat of arms/other lines sharing same coat of arms
Cadwallader Jones coat of arms, William & Mary Quart., Vol 7, p. 60.

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RN #103 Cadwallader Jones - Research

This notebook begins a series of notebooks on the life and times of Cadwallader Jones.  He is perhaps the most confused and misinterpreted by many genealogist.  This notebook contains my earliest research pertaining to Cadwallader, associated individuals, and a documentation of his life.

A time line from 1650- 1710
Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia
Notes on Francis Townshend/Richard Jones
St. Clement-East Cheap beginning 1550
Chronology from 1650 by ten year periods
   Richard Jones, of St. Clement, Eastcheap; the entry P.C.C. Admon Act Book, 1659, fo.232
1660 -  childhood
1670 -  childhood
1680 -  young adulthood to marriage
1690 -  to governor of Bahamas
1700 -  later life/to death
1710 -  family after
1720 -  family after
1730 - 1770 family history/connections associated family surnames

Baldwin surnames notes [Francis Baldwin Townshend Jones Williams ]
Townshend notes - Richard Townshend
Indian trade - Virginia Indian Trader Company
Family charts

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

RN #102 English Civil War - Family Groups

This notebook contains my research on certain family groups that had some relationship to my family tree.  The period in history is 1638-1660.

Ludlow Delinquents (for JONES surname)
Chronology of English Civil War 21 Feb 1639 -27 July 1653
The Battle of Edgehill 1642
Lucas of Stouthall - Thomas Lucas
Charles Lucas
English Civil War - general view
Sir William Vaughan - Robert Lee - John Slaughter
Sir Thomas Salusbury
Sir John Owens
Sir Aruthur Trevor
Sr Henry Cholomley

Friday, September 21, 2012

RN #101.B Edward Jones of Plas Cadwgan d.1586

This notebook contains my research on the life of Edward Jones.  He was tried and convicted of treason in Babington's Plot.  He was drawn and quartered 1586.

Welsh Biography Online (copy) Edward Jones.
National Archives, Historical Manuscripts
   The Trial and Execution of Babbington and His Accomplices. DDKE/acc.7840 JMC/f.164
       1586, September 13
Public Record Office SP 46/34 F.183
   Records of Edward Jones' land granted Robert Cecil
Cadwgan Hall Bersham

Thursday, September 20, 2012

RN #101.A Babington's Plot - Names

This notebook contains my research on several of the individuals involved in Babington's Plot.

Edward Jones of Cadwgan (Plas Cadwgan)
   Plas Cadwgan Hall, Bersham
   Esclusham farm
   Cadwgan Tumulus

Salusburys of Lleweni
Savage family
John Ballard
Chidiock Tychborne

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RN #101 Babington's Plot

The next group of notebooks contain my research into Babington's Plot.  This was a Catholic plan to assassinate Elizabeth I and place Mary, Queen of Scots, on the English throne.  Edward Jones, one of my family members, was involved.  He was "drawn and quartered" September 1586 at Tyburn.  This notebook contains a general history and overview of what had become called "Babington's Plot".

Catholic League
Thomas Babington
Henry Babington
Anthony Babington
Cadwgan (Home of Edward Jones)
Mary Queen of Scots and The Babington Plot, by Pollen
Throckmorton family
Names of members Babington's Plot

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RN #100 Committee For Compounding Ireland/Index

This notebook contains the JONES surname that appears connected to Ireland.  It also contains an index of individuals that had a connecting family surname to my JONES family.  There were also a small number of JONES who were not identified with a particular county.

Michale Jones (d. 1649)

Associated surnames:
   Bawdewin (Baldwin)
   Bletshoe (Bletsoe)
   Jeffrey (Jeffery) (Jeffreys) (Jeffries)
   Lee (Lea) (Ley)
   Rowse (Rewse)
   Townsend (Townshend)

Monday, September 17, 2012

RN #99 Committee For Compounding Wales

This notebook contains the abstract of the JONES surname for Wales.  North Wales, and South Wales are subdivided, giving a context for the JONES families. 

North Wales


South Wales


Henry Somerset [Lord Herbert of Raglan Castle]

Saturday, September 15, 2012

RN #98 Committee For Compounding Papist/Delinquents

This notebook contains an outline of those with the JONES surname who declared "Papist" and "Delinquents" for English counties.  A list of names are included.  Counties included are:

   London (not really a county).

My research notes on Cadwallader Jones, of Exeter, Devon, Greenham, Somerset.
My research notes on Richard Jones, Somerset.

List of Parlimentary Supports for JONES surname.
An Index analysis of Committee For Compounding 1643-1660. (alphabetically arranged)

Friday, September 14, 2012

RN #97 English Dissenters

This notebook contains a history and review of a classification for the English dissenters.  They were given a variety of names.  References are given.

Act Concerning Religion April 27, 1649. (Archives of Maryland)
Outline of English Church
English Dissenters
  Seekers or Waiters

Thursday, September 13, 2012

RN #96 Committee For Compounding Alphabetical Listing

This notebook contains an alphabetical listing for the JONES surname abstracted from the Committee For Compounding 1643-1660.  A copy of a page from my notes is shown below.  Family groups are clustered and the counties involved are included.  They were classified as a "Papist", "recusant", and "dissenter".  A "recusant" was one of the Roman Catholics in England who formerly incurred legal and social penalties for refusing to attend services of the Church of England.  A "dissenter" was defined as a non-conformist.

These are pages from my personal research.  It explores which JONES families were on what side of the fence, Catholic or Protestant.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RN #95 Committee For Compounding: Abstract Vol.I-Vol.V. 1643-1660

The next series of notebooks deal with the civil war period in England.  This was a dramatic turning point for my JONES family.  It was during this time that my branch was forced to come to the colonies permanently.  The Committee for Compounding controlled one of the most significant exchanges of wealth in England.  The wealth of the Catholics to the wealth of the Protestants.

This notebook (#95) contains:
   History of the committee...personal research notes.
   General Index. (for selected topics)
   Hard copy of pages for JONES:
      Vol. I page analysis begins Sept. 1643
      Vol. II  pp. 829-1636
      Vol.III pp. 1637-2391
      Vol. IV pp. 2393-3176
      Vol. V pp. 3179-3312

The above page is a copy of the title showing the listing.  It was found at the University of Louisville, DA 400.A23 pt. 1.  This begins an extensive analysis of the JONES surname during this transitional period of English history.  It is a very difficult and confusing time for the genealogist.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RN #94 World Trade

This notebook contains a number of items collected to study the context of the religious and economic factors surrounding the early settlement period of Virginia.  The economic and religious environment were key issues in this historical time frame.

World Trade
  Beginning with early charters to John Cabot
  List of English Trading Companies
  Outline of explorations to the Americas
  Notes on the genesis of the United States
  Notes of Tudor England
  Notes on early explores to the new world
  The first pictures of America
  The Gentry of North Wales and The Earl of Leicester's Expedition to the Netherlands, 1585-1586
  Outline of Richard Hakluyt Voyages
  Concepts of early geography
  Notes on general trade from 1200 AD
  English trade
     Moscovie Co.
     Levant Co.
     East India Co.
     Hudson Bay Co.
     London Co.
  Local government in England
  High court of Admiralty

Monday, September 10, 2012

RN #92B CRUNCH Data Set JONES Surname

This notebook contains the data set using CRUNCH, a program available in 1993.  Its file name is JONES1, and contains the variable list and computer printout of the file dated 01-07-1993.  Printouts for each variable is contained.  They are categorized by English monarchs, "Normans", "Plantagents", "Lancaster/York", "Tudors", "Stuarts", "Commonwealth", and "StuartsII".  Reference sources are coded.  Variable lists were then printed for Wales and England giving a breakdown and analysis for the JONES surname during the study period 1273-1714.  This is the "hard copy" of this research. There were 26 variables included in the study.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

RN #92A Legal Data Set Jones Surname

This notebook is the file of data pertaining to the legal records of England 1200AD - 1700 AD.  They are the "hard" copies of the information collected from the index of the public record office Great Britain.  This was the actual data coded and analyzed for the JONES surname which is the source of many of the articles written in The Jones Genealogist.

The above figure is from one set of records published by Kraus Reprint Corporation, 1963 showing the primary source of the data included in this notebook.  This page is from 1515-1529 index of the legal records.  These were analyzed for the surname JONES.

The above figure shows the actual page as printed in the primary source.  The dates are 1518-1529, bundle 421, with the individual files as numbered, and the information contained for each case.  Each JONES was entered into the data set and analyzed for the information given.  This should give the reader an idea of the information contained in this notebook.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

RN #93 House of Tudor Trevor (Context)

This notebook contains my first pass at the study of the family line of Tudor Trevor.  It contains a detailed record of the linage of Tudor Trevor from 850 AD.  It records the generations from Tudor Trevor to the JONES surname that takes its branch from this family.

Generational study dating from 1120 AD.
JONES of Llwyn-0nn, Co. Denbigh
Generation 1 (Ynyr ap Gadforch) - generation 24 (Thomas Parry-Jones)
Detailed chronological tables 800AD- 1900 AD.
Coat of Arms study for Tudor Trevor and associated Jones.

Over the years, much of this information was revised and documentation established.  This work started in the 1970s.

Friday, September 7, 2012

RN #92 Jones Surname Welsh Counties

This notebook continues the analysis of the JONES surname for the counties of Wales.  It is again arranged in chronological order (dates) and alphabetically by county.  It contains an analysis of the legal records of England as they were applied to the counties of Wales.

The figure above is a copy of one page from the county of Cardigan.  It shows the name, date, plantiff(s), location, and bundle/no. of the case identified.  This data set is the result of several years work done prior to 1993.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

RN #91 Jones Surname English Counties

The ancient origin of the JONES surname is documented in the next two notebooks.  Utilizing an index of the legal records of England, a chronology of the JONES surname was researched.  It involves the Chancery Proceeding mostly, but other records are also included.  This notebook contains an alphabetical listing for the English counties.(#91)  The next notebook (#92) contains the analysis for Wales.  The records begin as early as 1300.  This notebook also contains a computer print out that uses DbaseII, a program available in the early 1990s.  It is dated 09-12-1993.

A sample page from notebook #91 is shown above from Hereford county.  The subject of the case is listed, followed by the date recorded, any other additional information abstracted, and the bundle and number of the file.  Each English county is abstracted and arranged alphabetically.  The data set is an extensive analysis of the documentation of the JONES surname as it appears in the English legal records prior to 1700.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RN #90 The Jones Classification System

Roots to the JONES surname has many branches.  There is not just ONE crest or arms to the families that carry this surname.  This notebook contains an attempt to classify the groups of families that are the origins of many JONES families.  They originate in Wales, and reflect my research and analysis into these family groups.

House of Trevor...before 900 AD.
House of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn...before 1000 AD.
House of Goch...before 1460 AD.
House of Herbert.
House of Llowarch ap Bran.
House of Griffith ap Nicholas.
House of Shrewsbury.
House of Jestyn ap Gwrgrant.
House of Ievan ap Ieuan.
House of Cadifn Vawr.
House of Trench. (Ireland)
House of Treowens. (Viscount Raneleig)

The Jones Classification System: published The Jones Genealogist, beginning Vol. VI, 1994-1995.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RN #89 JONES arms - The Heraldic Lion

This notebook contains the research dealing with the JONES surname.  It is mostly the heraldic lion with is the most common symbol found on the arms of the JONES surname.

The heraldic lion.
Primary charge analysis by color. (tincture)
Gold Lion Rampant
Black Lion Rampant
Green Lion Rampant
Blue Lion Rampant
Red Lion Rampant

Distribution of symbols by groups/origins.  English/Welsh/Ireland.