Monday, December 31, 2012

RN #179 Family Groups (VI) JONES

The JONES surname was everywhere.  Lots and lots of family groups shared this name.   Not all were related.   This notebook holds the early research into groups of those with the surname JONES.

Court of Request Proceedings 1485 -1603 (Jones surname analysis)
Chancery and equity (Public records: notes)
London groups (Jones) Middlesex Co. 1558 - 1603

Thomas Jones, Gray's Inn 1571 - 1625
Richard Jones, Gloster Co. (VA) d.1653
Thomas Jones, Gloster Co., (VA) 1667
John Jones, Essex Co. (VA) 1705
Summary Chronology - charts/graphs/maps

Sunday, December 30, 2012

RN #178 Family Groups (V)

This continues the research into the family groups that have been associated with my JONES family tree.

     Thomas Lucas, Sr. 1658
     Thomas Lucas, Jr. 1663
     Manor of The More and Advowson of More (Cat. Ref. 1037/5/12)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 1037)
     Lucas of Stouthall, Co. Glamorgan
     Lucas - Index analysis CP I/ CP II
     Catlett/Rouzee/Lucas graphs/charts
     Abstracts of Virginia land patents
     Epaphraditus Lawson 1658
     Rowland Lawson 1651
     Capt. Alexander Fleming 1667
     Alexander Fleming, planter
     Captain Alexander Fleming and Joyce, His Wife by Lenora Sweeny
     Wills of Rappahannock Co., VA (Capt. Alexander Fleming)
     William Hodgkin 1662
     Valentine Allen
     James Taylor 1638
     Taylor Family
     Edmund Claiborne
     Col. William Claiborne
     William Claiborne, Jr.
     Capt. Henry Fleet
     Capt. Robert Beverly 1673
Grymes (Grimes)
     Charles Grymes, Clerk


Saturday, December 29, 2012

RN #177 Family Groups (IV)

This notebook continues the research into associated family groups.  They were all involved in my genealogical research into my own JONES family.

     Sir John Savage, Kt. 1325 AD
     John Savage, lord of Cliffton 1370 AD
     Sir Thomas Savage, of Rocksavage 1626
     Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat. Ref. DCH)
     The Downes Deeds (Cat. Ref. DDS)
     Vernon Collection (Cat. Ref. DVE)
     Oakly Park Collection (Cat. Ref. 20)
     Mayor of Chester (Cat. Ref. ZM)
     Documents relating to Robert Gregge of Chester (Cat. Ref. DDX 18)
     Hornby Catholic Mission Paper (St. Mary's Church) (Cat.Ref. RCHY)
     John Savage 1637 (VA)
     Richard Bennett 1623
     Bedston Parish (Cat.Ref. P86)
     Lowndes Yates Collection (Cat. Ref. GLY)
     Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat. Ref. Q)
     Sheriffs of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZS)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat.Ref. ZA)
     Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
     Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies (Cat. Ref. EDC 1627)
Rouzie (Rowzie)
     Lodowick Rowzie
     Edward Rowzie
     Arderne Collection (Cat.Ref. DAR)
     Kent Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref.Q/A)
     Kent Quarter Session (Cat.Ref. Q)
     Dering Manuscripts Part 2 (Cat.Ref. U1107)
     Rouse Boughton of Downton Hall (Cat.Ref. 6683)
Toliver (Taliaferro)
     Robert Toliver 1688
     [see RN #56 and RN #57]
     Simon Miller
     George Mott
     John Mott
     Silvester Thatcher
     Thomas Whitlock
     Capt. Daniel Gaines

Friday, December 28, 2012

RN #176 Family Groups (III)

This notebook continues the research into the associated surnames that surrounded my own JONES family tree.  The surname UNDERWOOD was such an example.  Their relationship to my own family tree was one avenue taken to help establish which JONES branch was the correct one.   The following figure is an example of this research.  It is dated April 11, 2005.

The figure shows how one diagram can be used to connect various surnames.

     William Underwood 1626
     Nicholas Underwood 1283 (Patent Rolls, Edward I, Vol.2, p.53)
     Edmund Underwood 1579
     William Underwood 1650
     William Underwood 1717
Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 3890)
Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 2089)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

RN #175 Family Groups (II)

This notebook continues the study into related family groups.  Various surnames are encountered when climbing out many branches of the family tree.   Organization and analysis  of these various names will often help direct your own tree climbing.  This is the second notebook containing such activity.

Dedman (Debnam)(Deadman)(Denham)
     William Debham 1635
     Thomas Hawkins 1630
     Symon Miller 1670
     Capt. Richard Townshend 1636
     Francis Townshend 1652
Smith (Smyth)
     Toby Smith 1657
      Major Lawrence Smith 1652
     Sir Thomas Smythe 1558
     Cotton of Combermere (Cat. Ref. CR72)
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 1514)
     Chester City Council Records (Cat. Ref. ZC)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat. Ref. ZA)
     Major Generall Robert Smith 1666
     Augustine Smith 1719
     William Smith 1645
     Thomas Smith of Fairfax Co., VA
     Tristrum Nosworth
Arundell, Tywardreath Priory Archive (Cat. Ref. ART)
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat. Ref. DCH)
     Elizabeth Butler 1673 (will)
     Amory Butler 1672


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RN #174 Family Groups (I)

This notebook begins a series of items dealing with associated family groups to my JONES family.  Their surnames were often helpful in clarify difficult time periods when my JONES line disappeared among the pages of history.  There are family charts, graphs, and references dealing with the particular surname organized as "family groups".  The figure below shows one figure from this first notebook giving a family tree with connecting branches.  Color coding was also helpful in keeping family groups separated.

Upton (Capt. John Upton  1622)
     The Attingham Collection (Cat. Ref. 112)
     The More Collection (Cat. Ref. 1037)
     Faversham Borough Records (Cat. Ref. Fa)
     Diocese of Canterbur (Cat. Ref. DCb)
     Younge family of Puslinch, Devon (Cat. Ref. 107)
Upton "Pagan Point Creek"

Fontleroy (Fauntlefroy)
     Moore Fontleroy (Isle of Wight 1643)
     Sherborne Almshouse Archives (Cat. Ref. D/SHA)
     Helyar Documents and Muniments from Coker Court (Cat. Ref. DD\WHh)
     Hengrave [deeds] (Cat. Ref. 449)
     Deeds of The Jones and Langton Families (Cat. Ref. DD\BR\dt)
     Sotheron-Estcourt family (Cat. Ref. D1571)
     Willoughy Family (Cat. Ref. GB 159 Mi)
Col. Moore Fauntleroy (Franham Creek)
Moore Fontleroy (Upper Norf. Co. 1642)

     Capt. Humphry Booth 1660

     James Williamson (Kent)
     Weller family of Tonbridge, Kent (Cat. Ref. HA 519)
     Kent County Council (Cat. Ref. CC)

     John Moseley 1689
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire

Monday, December 24, 2012

RN #173 Family Studies

This notebook contains various family sheets which group many surnames related to my own JONES family.  Some are very early attempts to connect the different family surnames.

Cadwallader Jones, wife Katherine
Rev. Charles Grymes
Richard Townsend
Francis Dade ["Major John Smith"]
John Withers
Rice Hooe
John Crewe of Utkinton
   Arderne Collection, Catalogue Ref. DAR
Peter Jones
Richard Jones, mariner
Robert Jones, Essex Co., VA
James Jones (Pride Family)
John Paine
William Underwood
Capt. John Upton
Henry Batte

Sunday, December 23, 2012

RN #172 Calendars and Chronology

This notebook contains research regarding the historic calendars of Europe.  Understanding the use and general adaption of the calendar is helpful in defining certain social groups and their history.

Historic Calendars of Europe
     Gregorian and Julian Calendar
     Julian and Gregorian Calendars

Roman calendar
Dionysius Exigous

Starting dates:
     Annales Cambriae 447 AD
     Ystrad Fflur 49 AD
     Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 1 AD
     Eusebius 44 BC
     The Era of Spain (based upon Easter cycle - began 1 Jan, 716 AUC)
           [1 Jan 716  AUC = 38 BC] = Roman Republic Calender = March 1, 45 BC = Jan 1 Julian]

Chronology of Calendars (tables)
    Roman/Eusebius/Anglo-Saxon/Ystrad Fflur/Annales Cambrae

Saturday, December 22, 2012

RN #171 Welsh Chronology - Powys

This notebook contains a chronology of Welsh and Anglo-Saxon "kings" and "princes".  Beginning with Cadell (800 AD) to John Trevor "Yoman of the Guard"  and Roger Jones 1550 AD.

Last leadership - first dynasty of Powys
Rhodri Mawr - 850 AD
Hywel Dda 880 AD
Submitted to Edward The Elder 918 AD
Too many princes!
Internal wars 950 AD
Welsh Chronicles - period 975 AD - 1100 AD
Norman invasion/ South Wales overrun 1093 AD
Flemish setters in Wales by 1137 AD
Kingdom of Powys divided into North/South after 1160 AD
First Eisteddfod 1176 AD
Treaty of Worchester 1218 AD
Great rebellion against the Normans 1231 AD
Powys never united after 1269 AD
John Trevor (I) built Llangon bridge ca. 1345 AD
maps/charts/family trees
Cumbria and the "Men of the North" - (notes)

Friday, December 21, 2012

RN #170 Land Tenures North Wales

This notebook contains a reference titled: "A History of Ancient Tenures of Land In North Wales and The Marches", by Alred N. Palmer, and Edward Own, 1910.  It is a wonderful reference for those interested in understand land use in early Welsh culture.  There are also some notes on "The Domesday Book" which is the first recorded attempt to list the land organization as it was conceived in 1066.

Notes on the Common and Demesne Lands of the Lordship of Bromfield
Notes on the parts of Denbighshire and Flintshire adjointing
Account of the Manorial System in the same Districts
Extent of the Lordship of Bromfield and Yale 23 Henry VII (1508)

The Domesday Book, England's Heritages, Then and Now
   notes by Thomas Hinde

Thursday, December 20, 2012

RN #169(A) A Parallel Analysis

This notebook contains a chronology of cultures as recorded by their own historians.  Dates and events are place in a full page spread which places each culture(s) events in parallel.  The first column is Roman history beginning 60 BC.  The second column is Eusebius (History of the Chruch).  The third column is the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.  The fourth column is Welsh chronology from existing sources including Gildas, Bede, and Nennius.

Dates from 60 BC to death of Edward I 1307 AD.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RN #169 Early Welsh/Anglo-Saxon Leadership

This notebook contains research into the early Welsh and Anglo-Saxon leadership.  Various charts, graphs, maps, and chronology are included.

Hywel Dda, King of South Wales 907 - 948 AD
Caradoc vreich fras "Stout Arm" Lord of Hereford ca. 815 AD (connected family line)
Children of Tudor Trevor
Ynyr Gwent
Powys Dynasty
Coel Hen's Ancestry
Mid-East Welsh Royal Pedigree
Aethelstan, king of England 924 - 939 AD
Latin charters of the tenth century
Domesday waste in 1066 (map)
William I (Norman Impact)
Wales in 1100 AD
Wales and The Marches
Family lines connected
     Jones of Llywnon

Howel ap Jevan fychan
Henry III - Welsh Wars
The Statute of Rhuddland

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RN #168 Brut y Bryttaniait / St. Tysilio

The Chronicle of the Early Britons is titled: "Brut y Bryttaniait".  Jesus College, MS LXI is translated and published by Wm R Cooper, MA, PhD, ThD.  [Geoffrey of Monmouth is reported to have made a Latin version of the same chronicle 1136 AD.]  The translation is contained in this notebook.

St. Tysilio (c.548 - 640 AD) history relating to commote of Yale
The Chronicle of the Early Britons "Brut y Bryttaniait" according to Jesus College MS LXI
     an annotated translation by Wm R. Cooper MA, Phd, ThD

In theory, this represents the Welsh view of their world and its history.  According to Cooper, this manuscript was named "Tysilio Chroncle" prior to 1917.

Monday, December 17, 2012

RN #167 Flint

The county of Flint was formed by the Statutes of Rhuddlan in 1283 AD.  It was known in the Domesday Book as "Coleselt".  It had four ancient comots, but Edward I divided the area into five "hundreds".

Chief towns Flint (historically)
Family groups
Members of Parliament 1554 - 1658
Rylands Charters ( Catalogue Ref. Rych 914-1262)
Venables family of Oakhurst, Oswestry, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 484)
Gibbs family of Barrow Burney, Somerset
Lands in Iscoyd
     David Jones 1520
     Edward Jones 1545
     Llewellyn ap Griffith ap John
Rectory of Witford, Co. Flint
     Robert Jones 1558
Family lines in Mostyn
Family lines in Holywell
Family lines in legal documents
Jones surname Flint 1544 - 1692 (legal documents)
Halston Estate (Catalogue Ref. 2171)
Feilding family of Newnham Paddox, Warwickshire (Catalogue Ref. 2017)
The Glynde Place Archives (Catalogue Ref. GLY)
Archive of the Webster Family of Battle Abbey (Catalogue Ref. BAT)
Mayor of Chester (Catalogue Ref. ZM)
Howard family, Dukes of Norfolk (Catalogue Ref. ACM) (Arundel Castle Manuscripts)
Aldersey Deeds (Catalogue Ref. CR 69)
Flint Castle
Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 3890)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

RN #166 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd

On the road to Wrexham and Llangollen is the parish of Llanfair - Dyffryn Clwyd.  This parish was the home of many in my Welsh family tree.   It lies 2 miles south of Ruthin, surrounded by a number of limestone hills.   In the Welsh it was knows as " y berfedowlad" or the "middle country".

Maps/charts Llanfair
Norwich taxation of 1254 AD
Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1314 AD, spelled "Deffreneloyt"
Lord Grey de Ruthyn (Ruthin)
Chronology "Ell'a de Lanwyer" 1250 AD - 1590 AD
Robert Jonys secular chaplin 1541 AD
Henry Jones 1546 AD
Richard Jones of Llanfair 1558 AD
Thomas Jones of Llanfair 1600 AD
The Vale of Clwyd : Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd
St. Cynfarch & St. Mary (Church)
Family charts (Thomas Jones, of Llan-Vayer)
John Wynne ap Meredith of Gwydir (d. 1559 AD)
Llyn-ynn and Llwyn-onn
Llwyn Onn Hall
The Clough and Butler Archive (Catalogue Ref. CLOUGH)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of Bangor (Catalogue Ref. B)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of Chester (Catalogue Ref. C)
David Jones "vicker Llanvair Dyffryn Klwyd"
Caernarfonshire Quarter Sessions, records (Catalogue Ref. XQS)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

RN #165 Denbigh

The county call Denbigh was first recorded in English records October, 1282. [Calendar of Patent Rolls, Vol. 2, p.38 -39.]  This notebook contains my research into this area of Wales.

Chamberlain of Denbigh , Henry VIII 1541 - 1552
High sheriffs of Denbighshire 1541 - 1576
JONES surname Denbigh 1538- 1712 [English legal records]
Society of Antiquaries of London [Catalogue Ref. SAL/MS]
Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire [Catalogue Ref. 103]
Venables family of Oswestry, Shropshire [Catalogue Ref. 484]
Church of England, Diocese of St. Asaph [Catalogue Ref. SA]
  [study on name Blethyn]
JONES family (arms) Denbigh
Surname Jefferey (analysis for Denbigh)
Denbighshire (four cantrefs)
Family trees/charts/graphs
Dinas Bran
Jones family lines (charts/graphs)

Friday, December 14, 2012

RN #164 Wrexham

Wrexham is another Welsh area that was involved in my JONES family tree.  This notebook contains my research into this town and parish.

Parish of Wrexham
     Wrexham Regis
     Wrexham Fechan
     Burras Hovan (Hwfa)
Cheshire system (acre system)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph (for Hugh) 1565 - 1601
Parish - Wrexham - Diocese of St. Asaph 1550 (Catalogue Ref. SA)

For a discussion see: for post titled "Wrexham(Wrecsam)", dated Monday, Nov. 21, 2011

Thursday, December 13, 2012

RN #163 Oswestry - Wat's Dyke

Oswestry was a central location to many of my JONES family tree.  Early on, it was part of the Welsh Kingdom of Powys Vadog.  The "Lordship of Oswesry" was in the "Hundred of Oswestry" and considered a borough, a market town, and a parish.

Returns of the Clergy Defence Association - (Catalogue Ref. 177)
     Leighton family of Sweeney Hall, Shropshire
Maps and charts of area
Oswestry (Docese of St. Asaph)
Calendar of Patent Rolls,  1328 AD, "Oswaldestre"
John Trevor, lands in town
Hundred of Oswestry
Oswestry - town properties
     Venables family of Shropshire
     Lovett family of Henlle Hall, Shropshire
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire
     Halston estate, muniments of title
     Price-Davies family of Marrington Hall, Chirbury, Shropshire
     Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire
Oswestry, Town Properties (Catalogue Ref. 484)
     1516-1662 AD [abstracted]
Lord of Bromfield (charts)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph (Catalogure Ref. SA)
Wat's Dyke

For a general discussion see:  titled "Maes Usswalt - Maserfield- Oswestry",  dated Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012

For Wat's Dyke see:  titled "Wat's Dyke" dated Tuesday, Oct., 25, 2011

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RN #162 Shropshire

Much of my JONES family history involves the area in and around Shropshire.  This notebook contains my research regarding this geographic area.

     Corrupted from Saxon "Scob-scire" a contraction from "Scrobbes-Byrig-Scyre"
     pre-history tribes (Cornavii/Ordovices)
     rise of Shrewsbury
    the Marches

Civil government
     15 hundreds or districts
     borough and market towns

Domesday record
     parts open to settlement 1086
     Welsh controlled area

Oakly Park Collection (Catalogue Ref. 20)
     Fox family of Oakly Park, Bromfield, Shropshire
     Hertbert family of Oakly Park, Bromfield, Shropshire
     Hill family of Hawkstone, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 731)
     Wolryche family of Bridnorth (Catalogue Ref. 2922)
     Thornes family of Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 867, 1488)
     Childe family of Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 3320)

Calendar of Patent Rolls - Salop  (1434)
        Hereford (1434)

     Cyngen (Powys) fl 550s
         capital = Pengwern

JONES surname 1547 - 1703 (English legal records)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 1037)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RN #161 (A) Hanmer Family Chronology

This notebook continues my research into the Hanmer family.

Hanmer (Saxon origin)
Sir John de Macclesfield (family tree)
Hanmer of Pentrepant (The village of hollow ground) Shropshire 1300 AD
Western Rhyn and Bronyganth (Hanmer) 1400 AD
Oswestry (1440 AD)
The Talbot - Willow Street Within The Gate 1500 AD
Selattyn/Porkington 1549 AD
Hanmer 1600 AD

This contains a great deal of information regarding the Hanmer family/records/family trees/ and chronology.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

RN #161 Hanmer Family

The Hanmer family of Hanmer, Pentrepant, and Weston, served as the major link in discovering and establishing my own JONES family.  This notebook contains many research items that connected my own family tree to the Welsh side.  Much thanks to the Hanmer surname.

A Collection of deeds and papers relating to the Hanmer family of Pentrepant. (Shropshire)
      Shropshire Archives, Catalogue Ref. 894 and 1144
Birch Cullimore, Chester, solicitors (Catalogure Ref. DBC)
Lloyd family of Leaton Knolis (Catalogue Ref. 103)
Thornes family of Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 867, 1488)
Phillipps Collection (Catalogue Ref. 1)
Sheriffs of Chester (Catalogue Ref. ZS)
Mayor of Chester (Catalogue Ref. ZM)
Charlton family of Ludford Park, Shropshire
Wolryche family of Bridgnorth (Catalogue Ref. 2922)
Oswestry Borough Records (Catalogue Ref. OB)
Calendar of Patent Rolls, "Owin de Glyndourdy" (1407, May 6, Westminster)

Friday, December 7, 2012

RN #160 St. Asaph created 1143 AD

St. Asaph played an important role during my Welsh family history.   This notebook contains my research into the origins and history of this Church and parish.

Ancient parish of St. Asaph (had 13 townships)
St. Asaph / Llanelwy
Bishops from 1135 AD - 1555 AD
St. Asaph Cathedral
St. Asaph (or Asa) the saint
Ancient Diocese of Saint Asaph (Assa Vensis, originally El Viensis)
Llyfr Coch Asaph (Red Book of St. Asaph)
St. Asaph Bishps 1066 AD - 1300 AD
Dean and Chapter Archive (Catalogue Ref. CCA-DCc-ChAnt)
Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire
Calendar of Patent, Rolls Edward III
St. Asaph - Chronology 1140 AD - 1720 AD
Lambeth Palace Library (Catalogue Ref. MSS)
Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire
     A collection of deeds and papers relating to the Hanmer family of Pentrepant
     Will of John Hanmer, bishop of St. Asaph
Archdeaconry of Rochester (Catalogue Ref. DRa)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph
Bishop Trevor, of St. Asaph

Thursday, December 6, 2012

RN #159 Time Line (Chronology)

This notebook contains a detailed chronology of the generations researched.  Several flow charts and graphs are included.   A page of one graph is shown below.  It begins 900 AD and ends 950 AD.  It is color coded by family groups.

Total dating runs until 1345 AD.  Pages are recorded at 50 year intervals.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RN #158 (A) Associated Family Names (II)

This notebook continues research into associated family names that were related to my JONES family.  They would often appear in historical documents with individuals on my family tree.  More often then not, they were related by descent through the House of Tudor Trevor.

Younge (line through Rhys Sais )
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
     Documents relating to the Howard-Vyse Family
     Records of Lords: Parliament Office
Edwards (line through Rhys Sais)
     Denbighshire Pedigrees (Dwnn)
     Flintshire Pedigrees (Nicholas)
     Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
     Mostyn-Owen family of Woodhouse, Shropshire
     Mostyn manuscripts - Flintshire Record Office
     Mostyn of Talacre manuscripts
     (Bangor) Mostyn manuscripts
Salesbury of Denbigh Castle (Salebri o Gasttell Dinbych)
     Salusbury of Lleweni
     Rylands Charters
     Thynne family of Longleat, Wiltshire
     Clifton family of Lytham, Lancashire
     The Dictionary of National Biography (Salisbury)
     Church of England, Diocese of St Asaph
     Welsh Biography Online (Salusbury, Salesbury, Salisbury, of Lleweni)
     Index, Patent Rolls,  Edward III, Vol. 17, p. 701 (Salisbury, Salesbers, Salesbury)
Warwick, (Robert Earl of Warwick)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RN #158 Associated Family Names

This notebook contains research into the family surnames that became interwoven among my own family tree.  It became necessary to try and document these various names and their relationship to my own family tree.  It turned out that many were branches from the same line of Tudor Trevor.

John Trevor Hen (Hen is not the surname, but a Welsh word meaning "old")
Rhodri Mawr (family tree)
Roger Jones (descent line)
John Jones of Llwyn - Onn (descent line)
Owen Glendower (family tree)
Eyton - In Bangor is-y-coed parish
Eyton - family of Eyton, Shropshire
Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire
Acton family of Acton Scott, Shropshire
Sandford family of Sandford, Shropshire
Sir Thomas Phillipps
Penbury family of Shropshire
Leigh family of West Hall, Cheshire
Cholmondeley family
Mostyn- Owen family of Woodhouse, Shropshire
More family of Linley, Shropshire
Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire
Halston Estate - Ellesmere
Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
Jones family of Donington, Shropshire
Puleston family of Flintshire, Emral
Roland de Trevor (Ireland)
Hanmer family

Monday, December 3, 2012

RN #157 Trevor/ Working Sheets

This notebook contains a series of working papers on various research areas pertaining to the surname Trevor and related families.   This pertained to the early work of trying to connect the various branches of the various surnames.

Herefordshire/ historical notes
Edward Jones of Iscoed
Jones group of London
Act of Union 1536 - Jones surname analysis
Cadwallader Jones analysis
Time line of Cadwallader Jones from beheading of Charles I
Research note on Maelors, Oswestry, Whittington
Time line Tudor Trevor/family
Working sheets/ John ap Robert/ Robert ap John
Various Trevor lines
     Arthur Hill Trevor
     George Trevor
     John Trevor (Trevaur)
     Sir John Trevor
     Sir John Trevor (II)
     Marcus Trevor
     Richard Trevor
     Robert Trevor
     Sir Sackvill Trevor
     Sir Thomas Trevor
Puleston surname
     Robert Puleston
Llwyn-Onn Hall, near Wrexham
Flint Co., North Wales
Denbigh Co., North Wales

Sunday, December 2, 2012

RN #156 House of Trevor/Jones

This notebook contains various charts, graphs, tables, reference materials on my genealogy of the Trevor/Jones connections.  Some date to my early years of tree climbing.

The holdings of the principal Marcher Lords
Trevor (Brynkynalt, Co. Denbigh)
Wales - The sons of Cunedda
Richard Jones of Llanfair
Charts/ Cadwll ap Brochfael of Powys
Charts/ family trees
Powys Castle
Offa's Dyke
Line of Tudor Trevor/ Paternal Descent
Plas Pengwern
Princes of Powys
Sir Roger de Pyuelesden
Church of England, St James'' Parish, Bristol
Tribe of the Marches/ chart/ family tree

Saturday, December 1, 2012

RN #155 Trevor Family of Glynde Place

This notebook contains my early research work into the surname Trevor.  It was necessary to distinguish the many, many folks inter-twined with my surname JONES.  There were also a great number of "John Trevor" [at least 16 different individuals with this name] that had to be separated.

Township of Pengwern
Kingdom of Powys
Sheriffs of Chester [Sheriffs' Books]
The Glynde Place Archives [Trevor family of Glynde Place, East Susses
Family Archives : Trevor Family - Settlements
Morely Family : Settlements
John Trevor of Trevalyn
Richard Trevor of Trevalyn (will)
Early Trevor Family : Pedigrees
Early Trevor Family : Places of Profit
Early Trevor Family : Coal Farm
Early Trevor Family : Correspondence
Early Trevor Family : Financial
Early Trevor Family : Legal
The Henlle Hall Collection
The Cobden Papers
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph