Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RN #258 Cadwallader Jones(es)

The name Cadwallader is distinctive.  After some years of research into this name, it occurs much more frequently than often thought.  This note book contains my research into this Welsh name as it appears in Jones Journeys, Vol. I - Vol. 19.  The name Cadwallader Jones appears:

1820 census - Illinois
1800 census - Kentucky
1815 Virginia (father/son)
1785 Virginia
1808 Virginia
1810 Virginia
1850 Wisconsin
1830 Kentucky
1734 Philadelphia, PA
1760 North Carolina
1701 Philadelphia PA
1851 Alabama
1799 Virginia
1836 Indiana
1815 North Carolina
1840 Kentucky
1825 Kentucky

These folks were then placed by location(s) by state:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Whew...a few folks by this name.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

RN #257 Cavalier Connections

It would seem that "Cavaliers to Pioneers" was the story of my JONES family from 1649 Virginia.  Charles I had lost his head, and a number of folks were forced to leave England for the colonies.  Virginia was the focal point of many, and seven ships made their way over the great pond.  [Capt. Robert Dennis in charge of fleet.]

This research notebook contains the folks who chief among the migration to a new life in Virginia.  It was not until 30 April 1652 that the first General Assembly (VA) meet under the new Commonwealth.
 Names researched :

Berkeley - Sir William Berkeley and others
Lee - Richard Lee and others
Lunsford - Sir Thomas Luntsford and others [He was recognized as one of the leading Cavaliers.]
Chicheley - Sir Henry Chicheley
Wormeley - Capt. Ralph Wormeley
Honeywood - Sir Philip Honeywood
Dale - Maj. Edward Dale
Norwood - Col. Henry Norwood [left written record of his journey ]
Many others listed.

Friday, April 3, 2015

RN # 256 Early Settlements and Connectors

Understanding the settlement pattern along the rivers of Virginia is a helpful task.  Often, the families would settle both side of the given river directly across from one another.  This would provide an escape route if needed, since both sides of the river would not likely be attacked at the same instance.

This notebook contains my research into the early settlement patterns along the Rappahannock River. [Mostly]  The chronology of these settlements [and their counties] are included:

Northumberland Co. - 1649
Lancaster Co. - 1651
Westmoreland Co. - 1653
(Old) Rappahannock Co. - 1656
Gloster Co. - 1651
York Co. - 1642
Charles River Co. - 1635
New Kent Co. - 1654

Various plantations and hundreds are included. [Eg. Smith's (Southampton) Hundred.]

Various individuals involved in the settlements are included. [Eg. Sir Edwin Sandys ]

Various other settlement involved in my own Jones family. [ Eg. "Tanks Weyanoke" (David Jones)]

It is still a work in progress, with connectors being established between the various settlement areas.