Monday, February 11, 2013

RN #212 Alphabetical Listing - Family Names

This notebook contains the alphabetical listing of the first names used in my family tree.  This became necessary since there were a large number of very unusual names (Welsh spellings) that were repeated among the branches.  It became very, very confusing when trying to find or separate certain individuals that shared the same name (often various spellings.)  The following is an example of this arrangement and coding.  It is the name "Edward" [In the English] which is my middle name occurred  18 times.

In the earliest documents it was spelled "Ierwerth", "Iorweth", and "Idnerth"  and gave me some difficulty until this spelling variation was figured out.  The name was used with various Welsh adjectives. [fychan, Hen, voel, goch, vawr, and ddu ]  The coding method is shown to the right. [ J for JONES, F for the generation number, and 8 for the individuals number in this generation.]  Generation one was "A", thus "JF-8" stands for the eighth individual in the sixth generation from the start of  my family tree.  The names begin with "Adda" {Adam} and go through "Ynyr" {Inigo}.  The most used name was "Margaret" occurring 61 times.

This notebook also allowed me to examine when, and where a name occurs, and if this individual had already been coding. A great help when those tree branches became so thick and difficult to climb!

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