Monday, October 21, 2013

RN #247 Retrospective Analysis Jones Surname 1656 - 1692

Detailed chronology seems to be a basic method used during my many Jones surname tree climbing adventures.  This notebook contains my research into the Jones surname from (Old) Rappahannock County 1656 - 1692.  It was some of my early work, so it is called "retrospective" analysis as compared to "regression" analysis [notebooks 245, 246 ], but it is basically the same process.  Using dates on one side, squares and circles in the middle, and associated surnames, it shows a method which has over the years been very helpful.

The following three pages show the method, and represents the dates 1692 - 1689.  Color coding was also used to keep the folks identified and separated.

 Edward Jones, John Jones, Roderick Jones, and Richard Jones all come into play in the first pages shown.

Connecting points to associated surnames and certain topics are included.

A method which may help connect the dots is contained within the pages of this notebook.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

RN #246 Regression Analysis - Related Surnames (Vol. II)

This notebook continues my work on the associated family names which followed the family tree along the many, many branches.  The following shows a page from this notebook for the name Smyth (Smith)...

Regression meaning looking backward in time from a fixed point.  In this case it is 1691 in Old Rappahanock County, VA.  The associated surnames included in this notebook are: 1) Blomfield, 2) Rowzey, 3) Smyth, 4) Sallis, 5) Thatcher , 6) Munro, 7) Fantleroy, 8) Butler, 9) Allen, 10) Washington, 11) Savage, 12) Lawson, 13) Mott, 14) Corbin, 15) Baldwin, 16) Prosser, 17) Paine/Payne, 18) Wilson, and 19) Fleming.