Monday, August 19, 2013

RN #244 Virginia Colonial Militia From 1656

Military organizations played an important role in early American history.  For the genealogist this history plays an important role in many family tree exploits.   This notebook contains my research into the early military organization of Virginia.  In 1651, seven military districts were formed.  Muster list can be an important record of individuals living in these areas.  The following content is contained:

Northampton Co. 1651 [formed 1642/43]
Charles City Co. 1655
Rappahannock Co. 1656
Lancaster Co. 1656
Middlesex Co. 1676
Northumberland Co. 1676
Surry Co. 1687

Virginia Officers in 1680
Virginia Militia Officers 1699

Various notes on county militia 1656 - 1754

An important reference is: "Virginia Colonial Militia 1651 - 1776", edited by William Armstrong Crozier, Southern Book Co., 1954.

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