Thursday, February 18, 2016

RN #269 Surname Association Related Groups

This notebook contains fairly recent research trying to make association between family groups to my main Jones line.  Many records are confusing and complex relating to some historical events that bring these families together.  The working sheets include:

Henry Corbyn 1658
Abraham Moon(e) 1639
John Battaile 1684
Samuel Sollis [Sallate] 1651
Francis Dade 1650
Gervace Dodson 1650
Fitzhugh surname
Cattlett surname
Williams surname
Fleming surname
Savage surname
Slaughter surname
Smyth surname
Grimes [Grymes] surname

These individuals and family surnames get congested among the branches.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RN #268 Associated Jones

Over the years a group of individual JONES shared a first name.  This often produced a number of brick walls caused by this fact.  This notebook contains a number of names that formed a group of folks that were sorted (or presently being sorted) among the branches.  I have called this my collection of associated Jones names.  The ones included in this notebook are: 1) James , 2) Gabriel , 3) Thornton (surname) , 4) Gabriel (attorney) , 5) Catlet (surname) , 6) Slaughter (surname) , and 7) Taliaferro (surname).  There is also a flow chart of the formation of various counties in VA which these names became interwoven.  It is still a work in progress.