Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RN #135 Cadwallader Jones(es) by State

This notebook contains my research into the large number of Cadwallader Joneses.  This research is organized by state.  For example, the name Cadwallader is used for three generations in the same family tree beginning 1704, and ending 1854.  It was a challenge to try and separate this name, which was used in my own family tree.

Cadwallader Jones(es) by state:
   North Carolina

All were established in state before the 1850 census.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RN #134 JONES of Clark Co., KY

This notebook contains my research into the JONES surname as it appeared in the documents of Clark County, KY.  This was some of my earliest research since my family tree begins here some 200 years ago.

Preemption Certificates (Clark Co.) 1775-1779
Land grants in Clark Co. 1783-1787
Virginia land entries, Clark Co., KY
Fayette Co., 1774
First Clark Tax Roll 1792
Giles Jones (KY before 1790)
John (Jehu) Jones (1796)
Thomas Jones (1790)
Tarlton Jones (1800)
Thomas Jones (1809)
Mathew Jones (1810)
Mathy Jones (1810)
Samuel Jones (1810)
Thomas G. Jones (1810)
William Jones (1815)
Rebecca Jones (1810)
Roger Jones (1786)
William Jones (1783)
John Jones (1810)
James M. Jones (1814)
William Jones (1815) PA group
Capt. Roger Jones (Thomas ap Jones) group
1860 census index/analysis [for followup of above]
copy John Filson map
Bush Settlement (Clark Co., KY)

Monday, October 29, 2012

RN #133 KY JONES Indexes

This notebook contains a series of "indexes" that have been copied from various resources regarding the JONES surname in early KY.   They reflect only the indexes which give a way to research a specific JONES giving the references to this individual from various sources.

Jefferson Co. , early Marriages
Kentucky Genealogical Index , Vol. 2, by Trapp & Cock.
   Kentucky Ancestors
   The East Kentuckian
   The Kentucky Genealogist
   Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records

Kentucky Bible Records, Vol. 1-2, DAR
Kentucky Bible Records, Vol. 3-4, DAR
Index to KY Wills to 1851 by The Testators
Kentucky Ancestor, Oct. 1968, Queries
Petitions of The Early Inhabitants of Kentucky 1769-1792. (Analyzed for JONES)
The Boone Family (research notes)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

RN #132 Gabriel Jones(es)

This notebook contains the research into the group of folks taking the name Gabriel Jones.  There were a number of Gabriel(s) appearing on the pages of history around the same time period and same geographic location.  These folks are often confused with one another.

Gabriel Jones "The Valley Lawyer" (ca. 1724 - 1806)
John Gabriel Jones KY
Gabriel Jones killed Revolutionary War
Other Gabriel Jones
George Rogers Clark family study
Rev. David Jones

Saturday, October 27, 2012

RN #131 JONES Tax List 1790

This notebook contains an analysis of the JONES surname for the 1790 tax list Virginia.  It list an alphabetized listing by first names for several factors (variables).

Alphabetical listing of first names. [91 total names]
Alphabetical listing by frequency of first names.
    John # 42
    William #38
    Thomas #24

Listing of non-slave owners 1782-1787
Listing of slave owners 1782-1787
Bryant Station history
Pioneer Documents - Land in Kentucky
Index to Geologic maps for Kentucky (Kentucky Geological Survey)
Ancestry of Samuel Bryan (The Kentucky Genealogist, vol. 3, no.1, 1961)

Friday, October 26, 2012

RN #130 Early Land Grants KY for JONES

This notebook contains research on early land grants in KY for the surname JONES. [1780-1790]
It contains maps, graphs, and charts regarding early KY settlement.

Fincastle Co., 1772
Kentucky Co., 1776
Formation KY counties 1792-1912
KY Settlement Area
Plat of James Harrod's Land Survey 1774
Plat Mercer/Boyle Co. 1774
Virginia Survey/Grants 1774-1791
Virginia Certificate Book
Early KY Surveys and Grants for JONES
Virginia Revolutionary Land Bounty Warrants for JONES
Eagle Creek
Elkhorn River
Pioneer Stations of the Inner Bluegrass
Land Entries Fayette Co.
Water Supply and The Early Development of Lexington KY (The Filson Club)
JONES census 1790
Various maps early KY

Thursday, October 25, 2012

RN #129 First Name Analysis For JONES

This notebook contains my research analysis of first names that are recorded with the surname JONES.  This research was taken from Cavaliers and Pioneers. [Vol. I - Vol. III] being years roughly 1628- 1732.  There were 884 JONES recorded and each was organized by first name, date, year, county, and sponsor.  The first names were then organized alphabetically by county so that each Virginia county could be study for the JONES surname.  William was the most common (#205).  This was followed by Thomas (#151), then John (#141), and then Richard (#120).  James City/Island had only 1 Jones, whereas Charles City had 66.  A detailed listing is given for the first names used.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RN #128 Protestant Reformation

This note contains my research into the Protestant Reformation.  Understanding this time period is often important in realizing the power that religious movements had on the lives of our ancestors.
The position that many took regarding their religious beliefs can be used to help distinguish family branches.

Reformation chronology flow chart 1500-1690
Calvinistic view
Arminian view
Baptist movement
Church of England
History of The Church of God 17th Century
History of The Church of God 18th Century
Kehukee Association from 1765 to 1802
Baptist History
Various flow charts :
   Universal Catholic Church
   American Episcopalians

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RN #127 Church History

This notebook contains research and information regarding early Church History as it relates to the settlement pattern in Virginia and Kentucky.  The religious activity of many family groups were part of the history of these families.  Individual groups often moved together as a religious organization.

A History of Boone's Creek Baptist Church
South Elkhorn Church membership 1817
Traveling Church (Baptist)
Boone's Creek Church 1785
The Elkhorn Association
Forks of Elkhorn Church
Baptist History
Minutes of The One Hundred and Eleventh Anniversary of The Elkhorn Association, 1896
A General History of The Baptist Denomination in America, and Other parts of the world.
Baptist history notes general
Baptist history Virginia from 1714
North Carolina Baptist
Pioneer Kentucky Preachers and Pulpits
Craig family
Regular Baptist
Separate Baptist
North District Association 1807-1813
Upper Howard's Creek Church
Unity Church (Clark Co., KY)
Providence Church (Clark Co.,KY)
The Pioneer Baptist Preachers 1776 - 1785
John Gano 1788

Monday, October 22, 2012

RN #126 Early Western Land Expansion

This notebook contains my research on the early expansion of western lands.  It list many of the early companies that attempted colonization beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are various notes and information on key topics pertaining to this subject.

European Colonizing Powers - notes and dates.
Outline of key international treaties. 1632 - 1763
Explorations of the trans-Allegheny region 1650-1674
Mississippi Co.
Ohio Co.
Loyal Co. (Loyal Land Co.)
VA land commission
Ky land grants
Fincastle and Kentucky counties (VA)
Military tract
Fayette Co. (VA)(KY)
Jefferson Co. (VA)(KY)
Lincoln Co. (VA)(KY)
Water courses  (KY)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RN #125 Wilderness Road

The life line to the early settlement of Kentucky from the western parts of Virginia is contained in this notebook.  Understanding this pathway to the Bluegrass is a foundation to many families coming into the State.

Migration patterns of early settlers.
Before The Gates of The Wilderness Road, Va Mag., Vol. 30, 1922.
The Wilderness Road, Routes of Travel, The Filson Club, 1886.
Southwest Virginia 1746-1786.
Powel River to Block House
Big Spring to Powell River
Raccoon Spring, KY, to Big Spring, VA
Crab Orchard and Boone's Gap to Raccoon Spring
Boonesborough to Boone's Gap
Harrodsburg to Crab Orchard
Journal of Doctor Thomas Walker 1749-1750

Saturday, October 20, 2012

RN #124 Historical Maps Kentucky

This notebook contains a series of historical maps of Kentucky which follow the formation of the State from its initial establishment as part of Virginia.

The Virginia ancestry of the counties of Kentucky.
Virginia first counties in 1634.
Virginia counties in 1734.
Virginia counties in 1738.
Fincastle Co. Virginia 1772
Kentucky Co. Virginia 1776
Virginia Co.(s) 1780
Virginia Co.(s) 1792
Map of KY 1780-1784
Map of KY 1785-1786
Map of KY 1787-1792
Map of KY 1792-1793
Map of KY 1794-1796
Map of KY 1797
Map of KY 1798-1799
Map of KY 1800-1806
Other maps KY after 1806

From: An Historical Atlas of Kentucky, by Wendall H. Rone, Sr. [Harrodsburg Public Library, KY R911.769 Rone]

1785 map Bourbon Co.
Filson's Map KY 1784

Friday, October 19, 2012

RN #123 Kentucky Census Records 1790-1850

This notebook contains an analysis of the JONES surname for the Kentucky census records from 1790 to 1850.  It contains other research information regarding certain aspects of census data.

Population of States, by Sex, Race, Urban-Rural Residence, and Age: 1790 to 1970 for KY
Alphabetical listing KY counties by date organized and parent county
1790 census by JONES surname and county taxed (analysis ratios included) [47 JONES families]
   JONES in KY prior to 1792
1800 census KY for JONES surname [229 JONES families]
  progress of KY population 1790 - 1800
  white and colored population of each KY county in 1800
1810 census in KY for JONES [384 families]
  Key to the Federal Census 1810
  Knox Co. KY tax list 1808
1820 census KY for JONES surname [546 families listed]
1830 census KY for JONES surname [657 families listed]
1840 census KY for JONES surname [825 families listed]
1850 census KY for JONES surname [1522 families listed]

Map:Wilderness Road and Kentucky 1774-1785
Proposed or Organized Western Settlement 1775-1785
Drawing Fort Harrod 1791

Thursday, October 18, 2012

RN #122 Peter Jones Group - Fort Henry

This notebook continues with the research on Peter Jones group with Abraham Wood.  It contains a series of maps and drawings that have to do with Fort Henry and the patents surrounding what was to become Petersburg.   It also contains many chart and family trees that relate to this settlement area.

The above figure is an example of the research contained in this notebook.  A rough sketch of Fort Henry is drawn.   A sketch of the Appomattox River is shown.  Multiple maps/sketches are contained from many years of research.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RN #121 Peter Jones Group

This notebook begins a series of research items pertaining to the Peter Jones groups associated with Abraham Wood and what was to become Petersburg, VA.  A great deal of this research is hand drawn and organized by generations. 

Flow charts from 1600 - 1740 Peter Jones group
Family tree diagrams 1660 - 1750
Connecting points Batts, Wood, Randolph, Smith, Acton
Abraham Wood Cavaliers and Pioneers analysis Vol. I, Vol.II 1638- 1678
Will of Abraham Wood 1682
Mary Wood/ Thomas Chamberlayne
Peter Jones 1 ca. 1635-ca. 1674
Margaret Wood (JONES) four "Step-Children In Law"
Abraham Jones 1
Richard Jones 2
Peter Jones 3
William Jones 4

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RN #120 Abraham Wood/Jones Family

This notebook contains my personal research into the life of Abraham Wood (ca.1613-ca. 1682).  He is one of the major figures of colonial Virginia, and key to understanding the JONES family of Petersburg.  Much has been written, and there is much still to be known.

Working sheets (chronology) Abraham Wood/Jones Lines (1583-1772)
Land grants Appamattack River 1635-1638
Detailed chronology life Abraham Wood 1600-1690
Wood: Adventures of Purse and Person
Fort Henry WMQ, Vol. III, second series, No.1, January, 1923
Will of Abraham Wood
Peter Jones/Magaret Wood (Jones)
Cooke family research
Abraham Wood research by generations/Jones connected
Jones Hole Swamp
Abraham Jones
Jones of Petersburg
Byrd's Expedition

Monday, October 15, 2012

RN #119 Maps of VA

This notebook contains a collection of copies of the early maps of Virginia.  It also contains charts and tables on the dates of formation of the various counties of Virginia.  It is a collection obtained over many years of research into the history and genealogy of my JONES family from Virginia.

Date(s) of Virginia counties formed: dBase file printouts
Names of Virginia Counties and Date of Formation
Settlement pattern along the James River to 1619
Chart of James Rivers Showing Early Settlements
Map Capt. John Smith 1612
Lord Baltimore Map 1635
Virginia Ferrar Map 1651
Augustine Herman Map 1670
John Lederer Map 1672
Cadwallader Jones Map 1699
Michel Map 1707, The Potomac above the Falls
Graffenried Map 1712, The Potomac above the Falls
Gooch Map, 1730
Sir William Keith (1730?) 1738
Robert Brooke Map 1737
John Warneer, Leeds Manor, 1736
Survey of Fairfax Lands, 1736-1737
John Warner, Northern Neck [Second State] 1738
John Warner, Northern Neck [Third State] 1745
Fry and Jefferson Map [Second State] 1755
John Henry Map 1770
Thomas Jefferson Map 1787
Thomas Anburey Map 1779
Bishop Madison [Second State] 1818
A Quadrangle From The Nine Sheet Map, 1827
Old Prince William, 1924
Studies along river distributions from several maps 1796
Map of Tidewater Virginia, 1897
Western Growth of Old Virginia
State of Virginia
The Palatinate of Maryland
Counties of Virginia and Maryland 1650
Counties of Virginia and Maryland 1675
Counties of Virginia and Maryland 1700
Counties of Virginia and Maryland 1725
Counties of Virginia and Maryland 1760
Virginia Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Counties, Independent Cities, Bureau of The Census

Sunday, October 14, 2012

RN #118 1787 Census VA

This notebook begins a series of research items for my JONES family.  It contains particular names and surnames that have become part of my own family tree.  Other surnames are included that have had some connection.

Cadwallader Jones, listing...1787 census, VA
   Prince George Co.
   Charlotte Co.
Frederick Jones...
   Russell Co.
   Dinwiddle Co.
Griffin Jones....
   Spots. Co....
Nicholas Jones...
   Amherst Co.
   Rockbridge Co.
   Spots. Co.
Cadwallader Slaughter
   Jefferson Co.

Fayette Co.(VA)(KY) for surname JONES
Lincoln Co.(VA)(KY) for surname JONES

Index to the 1787 Census of VA
  alphabetical analysis for JONES

The One Hundred, WMQ Ser.3, No.11, 1954. [plantations of VA]

Friday, October 12, 2012

RN #117 NC Wills and Records for JONES

This notebook contains an abstract of the NC wills by county.  It is alphabetized for county beginning with Anson and ending with Wayne Co., NC.  There is also a detailed analysis of the 3rd Regiment, NC for the JONES surname.

3rd Regiment NC, 1776
Colonial Records, Military Districts NC, 1776
History NC from 1776 to 1851
Roster of The Continental Line From NC 1783, abstracted for 3rd Regiment
  Capt. Granbury's Company

Research on Jacob Jones, NC

An abstract of NC wills by county for surname JONES 1690-1760

Thursday, October 11, 2012

RN #116 Colonial Records NC 1771-1776

This notebook contains the abstract of the colonial records of NC, Vol. 9, 1771 - 1775, plus some additional years and history during Revolutionary period.

Summary notes:
  Proprietary government ended in 1731.
  Royal governments ended May 1775.
  Government by the people until permanent state constitution adopted Dec. 1776.

Jones surname abstracted 1771-1776.

John Donelson's Company, spring 1780.

Monday, October 8, 2012

RN #115 JONES Chronology NC 1693-1750

A chronological listing of the JONES surname as it is recorded in the historical records of NC.  It begins with a Charles Jones 1693 (Perquimans Co.) to a Robert Jones 1750 (New Hanover Co.).  There are over 40 Jones families included.

Abstract of Will (NC) 1600-1760.
Summary table for 22 NC counties.

For discussion see: for "JONES and North Carolina 1693" dated Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

RN #114 NC State Records 1769-1771

This notebook continues the NC state records abstracted for the surname JONES.  Starting 22 Sept. 1769 with Tignal Jones and Nathanial Jones.

Prefatory notes to the eighth volume.
Colonial Records, Vol. 8
Unhappy state of this Province, Oct. 9, 1769
Elected representatives House of Assembly 1769
List of the Clergy in NC 1770
Judge Richard Henderson
Loyal Regulators' Association
Representatives Oct. 1771
The War of The Regulation - Its Causes and It Effects (written 1823)
Early German Reformed Settlements in NC
Early Lutheran Settlements in NC

Friday, October 5, 2012

RN #113 NC State Records 1759-1768

This notebook continues the analysis of the state records of North Carolina for the surname JONES.  It begins 25 October 1760 and ends November 18, 1768.  This is volume 6 and volume 7 of the records of NC.

Mr. Robert Jones, Jr. 1759
Copies of Colonial Records
Copies of Prefatory notes
List of Taxables in the Province of North Carolina 1767
Notes from Council Journals, 1768
Regulators' Advertisement No. 9 1768
Manuscript records in Office of Secretary of State NC 1768
Letter from Governor Tryon to the Board of Trade 1768
A "General Return" of the troops assembled Hillsborough Camp 22 Sept 1768

Thursday, October 4, 2012

RN #112 NC State Records 1752-1759

This notebook contains the NC State records Vol. V, abstracted for the surname JONES.  It begins 1752 when the French forces were given orders to take possession of the territories of the Ohio Valley.  Following the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748, the boundaries between the British and French provinces in America were left unsettled.  Thus all the trouble yet to come...

NC State Records, Vol. 5, 1752-1759. [F251.N6 1886 v.5, University of Kentucky Library]
Abstracts of returns from the several counties in response to circular from Gov. Dobbs, 1754
The "Number of Souls of the Whites" in British Colonies 1755
A List of "Tithables" [in VA] sent to the Lords of Trade, Feb 23, 1756.
A List of "the Militia and Taxable Persons" in several counties NC for 1755
Land grant procedures prior 1758 NC
Early origins of "Regulator Moment" NC
Outline of NC counties development
Early history of the Moravians in NC 1753
Early Baptist settlements in NC
Early Presbyterian settlements in NC
Maps settlement period 1760

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RN #111 State Records NC 1662-1713

This notebook begins the research into the JONES surname in NC.  Starting with the state records [found University of Kentucky Library F251.N6 1886] it records the folks with the JONES surname and other surnames related to my JONES family tree.

Thomas Slaughter & Margrett Slaughter (estate) May 1693
Mr. Charles Jones [first JONES] Feb. 1693-1694.

Jones listed page by page volume 1, 1662-1712.
Colonial Records NC, volume 2- volume 4, 1715-1752.

Other records involved:
  British Public Record Office
  Colonial Entry Book
  Colonial Papers
  Shaftesbury Papers
  Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
  Board of Trade
  Board of Trade Proprietors
  Board of Trade Journals
  Plantations General
  America and West Indies

For discussion see: for "JONES and North Carolina 1693" dated Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RN #110 NC History

The next series of notebooks contain my research on the JONES surname and the state of North Carolina.  It involves a detailed analysis of the historical documents giving a view of the JONES surname over the earliest period of NC history.

NC history - time lines from 1700
History of "the regulators" 1768
Inhabitants of Orange Co. (NC) 1768
Montgomery Co. (NC) the regulators 1765-1770
Orange Co., NC - regulators 1768
[A little history of Tennessee] much related to NC history.

For discussion see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot for "JONES and North Carolina 1693" dated Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

RN #109 Cadwallader Jones(es) A List

The name "Cadwallader" appears as early as 500 AD.  This notebook contains a listing of the Cadwallader(s) as discovered by my research over the years.  In the colonies, the name Cadwallader Jones occurs as early as 1623.  The notebook continues with an outline of these folks.

Cadwallon ap Einion ap Cunedd (500AD-534AD)
Cadwallon ap Cadfan (ca. 590 AD)
Cadwallon ap Cadwalader (655AD-682AD)
Cadwallon ab Ieuaf (985-986AD)
Cadwallon ap Gruffudd ap Cynan (ca. 1137AD)
Cadwallon ap Gwriad
Cadwallon ap Madog ap Cadwgan
Cadwalloon ap Madog ab Idnerth
Cadwallon ap Maredudd
Cadwallon ab Owain Gwynedd
Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd (d. 1172)

Cad. (1623)
Cadwallader (1650-1703)
Cadwallader, Jr.(1685)
Cadwallader, MD (1694)
Cadwallader (1704)
Cadwallader, PA (1701)
Cadwallader, VA (1745)
Cadwallader, VA (1728)
Cadwallader, KY (1800)
Cadwallader, ME (1800)
Cadwallader, NC (1760)
Cadwallader, NC (1838)
Cadwallader, IN (1820)
Cadwallader, IL (1820)
Cadwallader, AL (1808)

For discussion see: