Sunday, February 3, 2013

RN #207 John Jones(es) VA Study

Having identified and coded all those who shared the surname JONES for the years 1609 - 1700 coming to Virginia, it was then time to take the first name and try to distinguish these individuals.  Of course, the name "John" was the most difficult.  This notebook contains my analysis of the name "John Jones".  There were quite a few who shared this distinction.   They were classified by the alphabet, giving them the titles "John-A", "John-B", "John-C" in my case "John-K".  This was necessary because I had a John Jones that needed to be placed in my family tree.

John-A who married widow of Rowland Thornton ca. 1700
John-B the only son and  heir Neb. Jones
John-C  who married Sarah Mountjoy
John-D who married Eliz. Molynch
John-E who had land next to James Samford
John-F son of Rotherwick Jones
John-G son of Edward Jones
John-H son of William Jones
John-I who married Ann Jones
John-J son of Rice Jones, Jr.
John-K son of Ambrose Jones

notes/charts/family trees

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