Friday, March 29, 2013

RN #234 Our JONES Family Coding System

This notebook contains the complete family tree beginning with Gadforch (JA-1) through myself (JAD-1).  It uses my coding system established many years prior, with this data set last being revised 6/15/2011.  New information and changes can be made as discovered.  The following is a copy of the first page giving the names, coding, and example of the content of this notebook.

   An example of the notes include the fact that Ednowain Bendew, the husband of Gweyryl (JE-7) is listed as the founder of the 13th Noble Tribe of Wales in Burke, but the 12th Noble Tribe in Nicholas. [Not sure why the difference.]  This data set represents more than 53 years of family tree climbing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

RN #233 Heraldic Collections Wales

This notebook contains an outline of the titles to the "Heraldic Collections" of Wales.  It is taken from "Sims's Manual For The Genealogist, Topographer, and Antiquary", which was first published in 1856.  This text was one of the earliest books about the topic of genealogy.  It contains a world of information for those with a interest in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.  This subject was of course Wales.

The content can be found in my discussion of Welsh records :  beginning

                                                  Welsh Documents (Part I) Thursday, May 19, 2011
                                                  Welsh Documents (Part VI) Thursday, June 16, 2011.

This notebook contains the pages that outline these Welsh records.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RN #232 Records of The Principality of Wales

From the Guide To The Contents of The Public Record Office, Vol. I [England] are pages which present information regarding the early records of Wales.  This gives a good summary of the title, content, and dates of these documents.

Summary/overview p. 168 - 176
     Equity Records
     Common Law Records
     Plea Rolls
Records of The Palatinate of Chester
     Judicial Records
        (A) Exchequer
     Decrees and Orders
     Judicial Records
        (B) Common Law
     Plea Rolls
     Administrative and General   

Friday, March 15, 2013

RN #231 English Historical Documents

This is a copy of "English Historical Documents 1485 - 1558, edited by C.H. Williams.  Published 1967, by Oxford University Press, it is my research copy of an outline giving the volumes of publication for documents from 500 AD to 1914.

My chief interest were:
  The Council in the Marches of Wales (Vol. V., pp. 66- )
  England and Wales. Towards the Act of Union (government and administration)
  An act for making of Justices of Peace in Wales, 1535
  The Common Law

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RN #230 Anglo-Saxon and Early English

This is actually two notebooks holding copies of "Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon and Early English", by Hiram Corson.  It was published first in 1871 by Holt & Williams, New, York.  It is in two parts, I and II.  It is a way to trace the growth of the English language from Anglo-Saxon time to the end of the fourteenth century.  The Gospel according to St. John is given in its entirety.  It is here that the name "John" can be analyzed  as used in the Anglo-Saxon language.

Included are:

1) "Homilies of Aelfric",
2) "Selections from King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of the History of Paulus Orosius",
3) "Selections of King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of Boethius De Consolatione Philosophiae",
4) "Selections from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle",
5) "Selections from Layamon's Brut, or Chronicle of Britain",
6) "Selections from The Ancren Riwle"
7) "Selections from The Ormulum",
8) "Proclamation of King Henry III, 18 October, A.D., 1258"
9) "Selections from Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle",
10) "Selections from Dan Michel's Avenbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Conscience",
11) "Selections from The Voiage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile, Kt."
12) "Selections from The Vision of William Concerning Piers Plowman"
13) "Selections from Pierce The Ploughman's Crede"
14) "Selections from Wycliffite Versions of the Bible"
15) "Chaucer's Prologue To The Canterbury Tales",
16) "Selections from Gower's Confessio Amantis"

are included in notebook (I).

Notebook (II) is the "Glossaries".

1) Glossary.
2) The Works Represented, and The Editions Used
3) Outlines of Anglo-Saxon Grammar
4) The General Grammatical Forms Occurring In Layamon
5) The Grammatical Forms of Southern English Occurring In the Ancren Riwle (about A.D. 1220-30)

Monday, March 11, 2013

RN #229 Written Records (Languages)

This notebook contains work on the written record from Celtic times.  It is a focus on understanding "sound" to "pictures" to "symbols".  Understanding the process is important in getting some sense for the documents of the time and the language written. (In some cases only spoken.)

Celtic Sound System
     Place names
     Personal names
Greek - Latin - Gothic - Sanskrit - Celtic
Earliest Inscription In Welsh
     The Cingen Stone (St. Cadfan's Church) Tywyn
Proto-Indo-European (phonology = at least 11 stop consonants)
The Celtic Languages
Ogam ( ca. 300 inscriptions known)
     notes, distribution, alphabet
Aneirin-Gododdin (Welsh poem)
Book of Taliesin
Angelcynn (1st used 449 AD)
Norman and Angevin
Domesday Book
Pipe Rolls
Knight's Fees
Placita Rolls
Hundred Rolls
Welsh Records

Thursday, March 7, 2013

RN #228 Thomas/Richard Llanfair

This notebook contains examination and analysis of Thomas Jones and Richard Jones of Llanfair.  It is work to identify and separate the JONES family groups that occupied this geographic area during the Act of Union 1536.  This was another bridge period for my own JONES family tree.

John ap Robert (JP-1)
Richard ap John (JQ-95)
Robert ap John (JQ-1)
Thomas Jones (JR-180) St. Asaph
Richard Jones (JS-165)
Dating charts from 1530 - 1650
John Hanmer, Bishop of St.Asaph
Gray's Inn Admission (chart analysis)
Dudley Papers (Cat.Ref. DU)
Marrington Collection (Cat.Ref. 448 631)
Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)
Records presented by Richard Sandford (Cat.Ref. 170)
Venables Collection (Cat.Ref.484)
Anstey and Thompson of Exeter (Cat.Ref. 1926 B)
Roborough Estate (Cat.Ref. 70)
Drake of Buckland Abbey (Cat.Ref.346M)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St.Asaph (Cat.Ref. SA)
Variety of charts/family tress/connectors

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RN #227 Bridge Periods Working Sheets

This notebook contains a study of the individuals involved during the bridge periods of my own JONES family history.  Notes and names you might call it. 

Edward ap Howel (JN-1) of Bersham
Robert ap Edward (JO-1) of Rhuabon
John ap Robert (JP-1)
Richard ap John (JQ-95) of Llanfair
Thomas Jones (JR-180) St. Asaph
Richard Jones (JS-165) Gray's Inn
Cadwallader Jones (JT-143) of Virginia
John Jones (JU-145) of Virginia

Charts/graphs/tables/family tree groups/connectors

The numbers above are my coding system used to establish each JONES by name and separate the generations.

Monday, March 4, 2013

RN #226 Bridge Peroids Family Studies

There are times in the family tree that represent periods that bridge one generation to the next.  For my JONES family these were several.   From north Wales to the county of Kent,  the county of Kent to London, from London to the shores of Virginia, and from Virginia to Kentucky are the major transition periods.  They "bridge" the geographic locations which initially would seemed unrelated.  This notebook contains my family research into these "bridge periods". 

From 1200 AD (North Wales)
     The Line of Powys
          Gruffydd ap Madoc
          David ap Bleddyn (Canon of St. Asaph 1314 AD)
     Rylands Charters (Cat.Ref. RYCH)
     Calendar of Patent Rolls
     Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
Tudur ap Jevan
Line of Owen Tudor
The Mortimers
Berkeley Castle Muniments (Cat.Ref. BCM)
Group charts/references

Saturday, March 2, 2013

RN #225 (D) Civilizations

This notebook contains a collection of information regarding the early civilizations of man.  Beginning 10,000 BC, it puts in a chronological order  from pre-pottery neolithic (hunter - gathers) to pre - Roman times 232 - 147 BC.

      10,000 BC
        8,000 BC
        6,000 BC
        4,000 BC
Western Civilization

Friday, March 1, 2013

RN #225(C) DNA Drama

Coming from a medical background, the genetics of the human race and their health problems have been an interest of mine.  This notebook contains my work on the genetics of DNA and the human race.  It is my attempt to conceptualize the DNA (genetics) from the view of a genealogist.

     Models of time
     Models of change

Middle Awash Valley (Ethiopia)
Olduvai gorge (Tanzania)
Separation of species
Time lines (charts/graphs)
Homo erectus (essentially a modern pelvis)
Genetic migration(s)
    peopling the globe
    archaeological sites
Old Stone Age (Ice Ages)
Middle Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Haplogroup/haplotype distribution/migration (A - T)
     haplogroups by geography
Celtic DNA (Y-DNA)