Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RN #209 John Trevor(s) from 1357

Those folks that share the same name, during the same historic period, within the same general geographic area, can be a real problem for the genealogist.  Keeping all these folks separated and identified can be tricky, especially if they are the window to your own family tree.  For my own JONES family tree, the name "John Trevor" is an example.

This notebook contains my research and organization into the name "John Trevor".  This name appears in many historic documents, along the branches of my JONES family tree.  The identity of these folks becomes confusing very quickly, and very often.  My research came to show that there were at least 26 different individuals that were given this name! 

[I was in my "Roman Numeral" phase of coding during this research.  Therefore, the names are coded using this numbering system.]

John Trevor (I) of Trevor Hall, Bishop of St. Asaph 1352-1357 d. 1357
John Trevor (II)  became Bishop of St. Asaph 1394 d. ca. 1410
John Trevor Hen (III) 1st of Brynkynallt
John Trevor (IV) of Brynkynallt
.... other John Trevor in sequence to
John Morely Trevor (XVI)

There were basically three separate family branches that shared this name.  These were the branches at Brynkynallt, Trevallyn, and Hope.

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