Monday, November 17, 2014

RN #248 Roselyne Watts Jones

Having done genealogy professionally for a number of years, I have collected a series of notebooks on the subject being researched.   This notebook contains work for Roselyne Watts Jones who's family came to Mercer Co., KY in the 1790s.   She had done a great deal of research on her Moses Jones and the family in Mercer Co., KY.  She asked if I could identify the father of Moses.  A interesting and fascinating story it became.

A timeline beginning in 1780 and the steps taken to research this family is contained.  My own Henderson family tree became involved in this mystery which lead to the settlement of Middle Tennessee and what was to become Nashville.  A Jacob Jones chronology is given and host of research materials is included.  This research crossed three states including NC, VA, and TN.

Part I is Moses Jones, Mercer Co., KY.

Part II is Jacob Jones, Fort Union, Red River area 19 May 1780.

Part III is a grouping of folks who were related to the story.