Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RN # 271 Jones Journeys : A Topical Index (II)

This notebook continues the indexing of the 19 volume set called Jones Journeys.  The cover of my copy for volume two is shown below. [Some nice drawings on the covers of various volumes.]

Again, it is a alphabetical listing by state (US) outlining the content of each volume for that state.  This notebook begins with the state of Nebraska, and ends of course with Wyoming... which is the only state of the 50 that did not seem to have a Jones Surname reference. [How about that.]

The notebook then contains the references for 1)) Revolutionary War Pensions and records, 2) War of 1812, and 3) references for England and Wales.

Does anyone know of an early Jones family to Wyoming?  Please post a comment below.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

RN #270 Jones Journeys : A Topical Index (I)

Jones Journeys has been a continual help in my Jones surname tree climbing.  It was first published May 1973 by Mrs. Darla M. Jones, Rialto, CA.  It was published quarterly until 1992, and contains a wealth of information pertaining to the Jones surname.  No cumulative index existed, and as a reference, it was very hard to use since each volume had to be checked. [Has 19 volumes!]   The following notebook contains a state by state index [by topic/subject] of the complete set 1973 - 1992.  It was made following many frustrating attempts to follow an individual through the 19 volumes.

A sample from the cover of volume 19 is shown:

A sample of this notebook's content for the states "Alabama" through "Montana" is shown for Kentucky...

Each state has been organized from the content of this amazing collection of genealogy for the Jones surname.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

RN #269 Surname Association Related Groups

This notebook contains fairly recent research trying to make association between family groups to my main Jones line.  Many records are confusing and complex relating to some historical events that bring these families together.  The working sheets include:

Henry Corbyn 1658
Abraham Moon(e) 1639
John Battaile 1684
Samuel Sollis [Sallate] 1651
Francis Dade 1650
Gervace Dodson 1650
Fitzhugh surname
Cattlett surname
Williams surname
Fleming surname
Savage surname
Slaughter surname
Smyth surname
Grimes [Grymes] surname

These individuals and family surnames get congested among the branches.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RN #268 Associated Jones

Over the years a group of individual JONES shared a first name.  This often produced a number of brick walls caused by this fact.  This notebook contains a number of names that formed a group of folks that were sorted (or presently being sorted) among the branches.  I have called this my collection of associated Jones names.  The ones included in this notebook are: 1) James , 2) Gabriel , 3) Thornton (surname) , 4) Gabriel (attorney) , 5) Catlet (surname) , 6) Slaughter (surname) , and 7) Taliaferro (surname).  There is also a flow chart of the formation of various counties in VA which these names became interwoven.  It is still a work in progress.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

RN #267 Group Sheets: 22 May 1650

People, places, and purpose are my three "P's".  When all three items come together at one point [4th P...:-)], they represent a common bond that will often break through a brick wall.  For my own family it was 22 May 1650.  This notebook contains my work on these three "P's".

A number of associated family groups [various other surnames than JONES] arrived Virginia on the same date, and recorded their land grants at the same time.  My JONES family flopped right down in the middle of these folks, and for many generations seemed connected.  Placing these folks in a "cluster analysis" it became evident that they were a group of "in-laws" who were "outlawed"  during the same time period!  What a deal!

The above figure shows some of these families as they came untangled among the branches.  The "Underwood" family seems to be the center of focus, and continues to be a family associated group for many generations to come.  All the folks who made a land grant 22 May 1650 along the Rappahanock River are included in this notebook.