Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RN # 54 Related Surnames - Battaile (Batte)

Notes and research on Battaile family.

John Battaile ca. 1660 - 1708.
The Wives of Colonel John Battaile of VA, The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 36, 1992.
Diocese of Norwich, Probate Inventories, Cat. Ref. DN
Family notes and tables.

RN # 53 Related Surnames - Harrison

Research notes on:

Benjamin Harrison 1632
Benjamin Harrison (II) 1645
Benjamin Harrison (III) 1673
Harrison of James River, VA Historical Magazine.

Monday, July 30, 2012

RN # 52 Related Surnames - Berkeley

Note on Berkeley family.
     Berkeley Castle Muniments, Catalogue Ref. BCM
     John Berkeley, Exeter 1607
     Notes on Berkeley family
     William and Mary Quarterly, notes
     The Ancestor, Vol. VIII, notes on "The Berkeleys"

RN #51 Related Surnames - Buckner

Notes on Buckner family from William and Mary College Quarterly
Virginia Council Journals
personal research notes.

Buckner's family land connected to tobacco rolling road to Port Royal, VA.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

RN # 50 Related Surnames - Williams

Another good Welsh surname.  My Williams and Jones families go far way back into time.

Robert Williams.  Was step-father to my Cadwallader Jones 1660s-1670s.

RN #49 Related Surnames - Brent

A Catholic family who bridged the settlement of Maryland and Virginia.  Married into local Indian tribal group to become a cultural connection as well.

Margaret Brent
Giles Brent
Giles Brent, Jr.
William Brent
William Brent (II)
William Brent (III)
George Brent

Saturday, July 28, 2012

RN # 48 Related Surnames - Hooe

Rice Hooe (family) had a series of generations using this name.  It is necessary to carefully document which Rice Hooe is being studied.

Rice Hooe
The Hooe Family
The Townsend Family

RN # 47 Related Surnames - Beverly

The following series of notebooks begins a section on related surnames to my family JONES.  They are family groups which have a connection by marriage or friendship.  Some notebooks are quite detailed, and some are not.  They represent a research method which has helped separate a number of JONES family groups.

Beverly surname, index analysis for Cavalier and Pioneer Vol. II

      Robert Beverly, Mattapan & Port Tobacco
      Some emigrants to VA selected by associated family names.

RN # 46 The Rev. Rowland Jones 1664

This notebook contains notes and family chart on Rev. Rowland Jones.

Family of Rowland Jones, from Genealogies of VA Families, Vol. II.

Friday, July 27, 2012

RN # 45 Hugh JONES(ES)

Oxford Alumni (index)
Hugh Jones (1) 1691-1760
Hugh Jones (2) 1671-1702
Hugh Jones (3) notes missing?
Hugh Jones (4) 1735
Hugh Jones (5) 1670

A number of Hugh Jones that get very confused in the genealogical literature.

RN # 44 Matthew Jones of Warwick Co., VA 1640

Notes on Matthew Jones of Warwick Co., VA b.1640
     Notes on Matthew Jones descendants /chart
     Mullberry Island settlement
     Virginia group from Matthew Jones
     North Carolina group
     Tennessee group
     Alabama group
     South Carolina group
     Jones Family of Warwick Co., from Tyler's Quarterly

Thursday, July 26, 2012

RN # 43 Lewis Jones 1640 MA

Notes on:

Lewis JONES, Roxbury and Watertown, MA, 1640-1684.

Marriage records before 1699, for several states including PA, Conn., MA.
  Notes for surname JONES.

RN # 42 David Jones 1624 of Tanks Weyanoke

Early settlement along the James River was a key activity during the early days of Virginia.

Index analysis for JONES by page from Cavalier and Pioneer.
Index analysis for JONES from Early VA Families along the James River.
Notes on David JONES
James JONES of Charles City Co.
Richard JONES, clerk, Charles City Co.
JONES names by VA counties.

The picture shows a self of notebooks beginning with #1 - #16 or so.  It will give the reader an idea of how this research is stored and kept available to the genealogist.  Simple and straight forward to be used by the tree climber.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RN # 41 Virginia Indian Trade Company 1714

America's First Quakers
Alexander Spotswood
William Byrd
Notes on Indian Trade

Notebook contains documents concerning the Virginia Indian Trade Company planned by Cadwallader Jones 1699.

RN # 40 Virginia Indian Trade, part I

The Native Tribes of Virginia, by David Bushnell
The Indian Tribes of North America, by John Swanton
The Virginia Indian trade to 1673, by A.J. Morrison
Notes on the Indian Trade
Discoveries Beyond The Appalachian Mountains in September 1671
Notes on Indian Trade outside VA
Laws of Virginia regarding Indian Trade

A study on the foundations and organization of the Indian trade of Virginia during its earliest period.  Important to understanding some of the dimensions of settlement during this period.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RN # 39 Colonial Court Records VA

In the colonial court records:

     List of Indian Slaves
     Free Indians
     Free African Americans

Listed by county of VA most without last names.  Deals with proceedings of court cases.

RN # 38 Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632 - 1800

This notebook contains the wills and administrations (index) abstracted for the surname JONES.  Copied from book by Clayton Torrence.

Notes on VA history.
Notes on Augusta Co., VA formed 1738.
Notes on Albemarle Co., VA formed 1744.
Notes on Goochland Co., VA formed 1727.

RN # 37A Virginia First 17 Years

This is an outline of Virginia settlements from 1607 - 1624.

It contains my personal notes and research on this topic.

RN # 37 Corporation of James City, Part I

Corporation of James City.

     Notes on ancient planters.
     James City
     Neck of land
     The Maine
     Archer's Hope
     Warwick River
     Tappahannah (over the river from Jamestown)
     Middle Plantation
     Merchant's Hope
     Mulberry Island

First Hand Accounts of Virginia 1575-1705.

An outline and notes on the early settlements of the Jamestown area.

Monday, July 23, 2012

RN # 36 Corporation of Henrico, Part I

  Notes on Pocahuntas [Matao, Pokahuntas]

I suspect this settlement was the location of the marriage between Pocahuntas and Rolfe in 1614.  Any other thoughts on this marriage location?  Earliest reference is "A True Discourse of the Present State of Virginia", by Ralph Hamor, 1615.  No clear reference to actual location of the marriage is given?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

RN # 35 Corporation of Elizabeth City, Part I

This notebook continues the research into the early organization of the Virginia Company.

Corporation of Elizabeth City.
        Elizabeth Jones
        Giles Jones
     The Eastern Shore
           William Jones
     Blunt Point
     Pagan Point
       Anthony Jones

Saturday, July 21, 2012

RN # 34 Corporation of Charles City, part I

This notebook begins a series of notebooks that contain my research dealing with the early settlement of Virginia. 

Corporation of Charles City.
      Bermuda Hundred  1613
      Flowerdieu Hundred  1618
      Westover plantation 1619
      Berkeley Hundred 1619

RN # 33 Colonial Ancestors 17th Century

Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors, by Mary Hutton - abstracted for JONES surname.

My research data set for JONES from   Cavaliers and Pioneers, analysis and summary 1621 -1725.

This is an alphabetical listing charted for name, page number, and date.  It can be used to group those who seem to settle and arrive in Virginia during the same time period.  A very helpful analysis.  There is also an alphabetical listing showing, name, date, page, county of settlement, and the river course connected.  The waterways were often the major geographic location given in deeds.

Friday, July 20, 2012

RN # 32 Passenger and Immigration Lists for JONES

This notebook contains passenger and immigration lists abstracted for the surname JONES.  It is somewhat difficult to use, but given a little time, you will see the wealth of information that this abstract contains.  Vol. I and Vol. II, abstracted.

From: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1st Edition, 1982.  Cumulated Supplements, Vol. II, F-K.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com .

RN # 31 England's Early Settlement VA after 1588

Notes on the early colonization of Virginia by England after the defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588.

     Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 1574 - 1660.
     Outline of Jamestown settlement.
     The Real Beginning of American Democracy, The Virginia Assembly of 1619.
              By: Mary Newton Stanard.  From: Virginia Historical Magazine.
     Burgesses for the Virginia Assembly 1619 - 1726.
     18th Century Virginia Law
     Notes on the JONES surname 1606 - 1626
     Notes on Bacon's Rebellion 1676.

This is background information regarding England's early settlement of Virginia.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"Jones Surname to Virginia 1635 - 1656" dated Sunday, June 19, 2011 .
"First JONES to the New World" dated Friday, July 29, 2011 .
"The First JONES to Virginia" dated Friday, August 5, 2011 .
"JONES in Virginia 1625" dated Friday, August 12, 2011 .

RN # 30 Early JONES To VA Expanded Documentation 1635

This notebook contains an expanded documentation of the JONES surname for Virginia after 1635 to 1645.  Again abstracted from Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I.  [This research was begun when the IBM-XT was first introduced.  Amazing how things have changed.]

For discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"Jones Surname to Virginia 1635 - 1656" dated Sunday, June 19, 2011 .

Thursday, July 19, 2012

RN # 29 JONES Surname Early VA before 1635

The JONES surname listed before 1635.
   Abstracted from Cavaliers and Pioneers.

This notebook contains some of my earliest work on the JONES surname in Virginia settlement days.
Started here because my JONES family moved to KY from VA.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"JONES in Virginia 1625" dated Friday, August 12, 2011 .
"The First Jones in Virginia" dated Friday, August 5, 2011 .
"First JONES to the New World" dated Friday, July 29, 2011 .

RN # 28 Virginia Settlement - History from 1574

Notes on VA Chart from Colonial Papers, Vol. I, 1574 - 1621.
  VA company organization.
  Records of VA company abstracted for JONES.
  Notes on Indian tribes of VA.
  Notes of John Rolfe/Pocahontas.
  Notes on VA Settlement year by year 1606 - 1624.
  Notes on settlements in VA.
  Muster list of 1623 an analysis for JONES.
  Listings of JONES by year 1626 - 1666.
  Analysis of JONES surname compared to SMITH/JOHNSON/WILLIAMS/BROWN.
        Using Vol. I, Cavaliers and Pioneers.

  Notes on Rice Jones, planter of Warwick River.
  Various notes on other JONES.

This notebook contains a lot of stuff!  The most interesting to me is the surname comparison study.  Latter notebooks will contain additional analysis of this information.

For discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"The First Jones to Virginia" dated Friday, August 5, 2011 .

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RN # 27 Virginia Company : Context 1606

This notebook contains my attempt at understanding the context and history surrounding the Virginia Company of 1606.

Religious beliefs a general outline.
General notes on the Privy Council England.
Privy Council of Elizabeth I, 1568 - 1582.
The Privy council of England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 1603 - 1784.
Notes on English common law.

John White's Settlers - Roanoke Settlement.
John White's Settlers compared to VA Charter group of 1609.
Roanoke Colonists and Explorers: An Attempt at Identification, by William S. Powell.
First Charter of Virginia, April 10, 1606.
Second Virginia Charter 1609.

There were a number with the surname JONES involved during this period.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"First JONES to the New World" dated Friday, July 29, 2011 .
"The First Jones to Virginia", dated Friday, August 5, 2011 .

RN #26 London JONES from 1520

Marriage licenses London 1520 - 1610 for city of London, abstracted for JONES.
Marriage licenses London 1611 - 1828 for city of London, abstracted for JONES.
Lord Mayor of London, 1189 - 2003.
London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695, by D.V. Glass.
      Gives list of parishes within the city walls of London.
          All are abstracted for the JONES surname.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"JONES Surname London 1695" dated Monday, March 5, 2012 .

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RN # 25 JONES of Bermuda/Jamaica 1670

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies 1669-1674.
     Survey of The Island of Jamaica 1670.
     James Jones 1672
     Peter Jones 1674
     Various notes from Colonial papers.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"First JONES in Bermuda 1639" dated Wed., Jan. 11, 2012 

RN # 24 JONES of Barbados from 1628

Notes on early JONES families.
JONES names by parishes.
     St. Peter
     St. James
     St. Thomas
     St. Lucys
     St. Michaels
     St. Philip
     St. Andrews
     St. Joseph
     Christ Church
     St. John
     St. George
     Those of unknown parish.

JONES abstracted and organized by Parish of origin from Barbados.

For discussion see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"First JONES to Barbados 1628" dated Friday, Jan. 6, 2012 .

RN # 23 JONES surname - IRELAND

Notes on the history of Ireland.
The English in Medieval Ireland, Ed. by James Lydon.
Ireland in the Age of The Tudors, by R. Dudley Edwards.
Various notes on JONES in Ireland.
Maps and charts for JONES in Ireland.

For a discussion of this subject see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com for post(s):

"Jones Surname to Ireland" dated Wed., Oct. 26, 2011
"Jones Surname to Ireland (Part II) dated Wed., Nov. 2, 2011 

RN #22 JONES surname 1500

Notes on various JONES from Public Record Office, England.
Working tables and charts for 1485 - 1600.
Notes on John Smythe.
Notes on Sir Walter Raleigh.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com beginning post(s) dated Thursday, June 2, 2011, titled: "Jones Surname in England and Wales 1500 - 1700" .

Monday, July 16, 2012

RN #21 JONES Surname 1273 -1500 (Part II)

This is the second part of the research notebook #21, due to the length of content material.

Part II

The Ancient Origin of the JONES surname.
Start of JONES surname Patent Rolls.

Philip Jones - 1312
Richard Jones - 1382
William Jones - 1414
Peter Jones - 1422
Nicholas Jones - 1435
Thomas Jones - 1435
Henry Jones - 1446
Robert Jones - 1441
William Jones - 1452
Bartholomew Jones - 1469
John Jones - 1484
Robert Jones - 1496
David Jones and Cicely, his wife - 1485
John Jones - 1485
John Jones - 1485 (Oxford)

Calender of Worcester Wills and Administration 1451 - 1600 AD
     Abstracted for JONES.

For a discussion see http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com beginning post(s) dated Tuesday, May 17 2011, titled: "Jones Surname 1273 - 1500 in England and Wales".

RN # 21 JONES Surname 1273 - 1500 (Part I)

The following post is divided into two parts due to the length of topics.  It begins my research into the context of much social, political, and cultural influence that deals with an understanding of the context surrounding many surnames.

Borough and Town : A Study of Urban Origins in England, by Carl Stephenson.
     Table of Anglo-Saxon Boroughs
     Table of Ranking Boroughs in Domesday 1086
A new Historical Geography of England, by H.C. Darby.
     Map of Domesday Boroughs.
Towns and Trade : 1066 - 1500 AD.
Changes in the Early Middle Ages, by R.A. Donkin.

The Hundred and The Hundred Rolls.

Summary Table JONES surname 1273 - 1496.

To see how this information was applied see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com for post titled:

"Jones Surname 1273 - 1500 in England and Wales" dated Tuesday, May 17, 2011 .
"Jones Surname in England and Wales 1500 - 1700", dated Thursday, June 2, 2011 .

RN # 20 Prerogative Court of Canterbury

The records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury can be an important source of information for the genealogist.  This notebook outlines information regarding this set of records.

The Records of The Prerogative Court of Canterbury: A Provisional Guide.

Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Letters of Administration 1620 - 1630.
       Abstracted for JONES surname.

Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts.

For a discussion see under blog http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com :

"Early Welsh Documents (Part I)" dated Thursday, May 10, 2011 .
"Early Welsh Documents (Part II)" dated Tuesday, May 24, 2011 .
"Early Welsh Documents (Part III)" dated Sat., June 4, 2011 .
"Early Welsh Documents (Part IV)" dated Wed., June 8, 2011 .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

RN #19 Lincoln's Inn Register 1420 - 1893

The research notebooks # 16 through # 19 cover an important period in the Welsh transition to English law.  Many Welsh took the English surname system during the time period.  This is a critical point in genealogical research for those with Welsh ancestry.  Here it is possible to "tie in" or bridge to the Welsh family group.

Lincoln's Inn Admission Register 1420 - 1893.

     Abstracted for the surname JONES.
     Associated family groups also abstracted:

First JONES:  David Jones, 13 March, 1556 - 1557 (filio 315, p.64).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

RN # 18 Middle Temple Admission Register 1500

The earliest date of admission to the Middle Temple was about 1451.  The Register of Admissions begins under the title "Admissions prior to July 7, 1501.  The first JONES admitted in dated 24 November, 1565.  He is listed as "...William Jones, son of John Mirydeth of Bergevennye, Mounth, gent."

The JONES surname is abstracted.

Here is an example of the Welsh taking the surname JONES with father being "Mirydeth" [Meredith].  William would be William ap John "Mirydeth" becoming William Jones vs William Meredith!

For an application of this content see under http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"First JONES to Middle Temple 1565" dated Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011 .

RN # 17 Admissions Gray's Inn 1521 - 1889

The Register of Admissions Gray's Inn, 1521 - 1889 was abstracted for the surnames JONES, JEFFERYS and LIGHTFOOT.

     JONES surname document.

      Register of Merchant Taylor School 1562-1699.  [for JONES surname.]

      Gray's Inn general information.

For an application of this subject see under http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com :

"First JONES To Gray's Inn 1568" dated Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 .

RN # 16 The Inns of Chancery

The Knight Templars in England, by Thomas Parker
         Trade and Commerce
The Inns of Court, London.
Notes on The Legal University ca. 1425.
The Rise of The Barristers, by Wilfrid R. Prest
          Biographical Notes on Benchers.
The Inns of Court under Elizabeth and the Early Stuarts 1590-1640.
Inner Temple Admissions Database
          Searched for JONES surname.

My research notes on the development of the legal system in England.

For a discussion of the JONES surname see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com .

Friday, July 13, 2012

RN # 15 JONES Alumni : Cambridge and Oxford

An outline and summary of those registered at Cambridge and Oxford prior to 1700.  The political, religious, and educational foundations were important to get some kind of understanding.  Most JONES from Wales attended Oxford.

JONES surname documented 1550-1700.  Alumni: Cambridge and Oxford.

For a discussion of the JONES surname see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com .  There are a number of post regarding the application of this content material.  They are:

"First Jones to Oxford 1505"  dated Friday, September 16, 2011
"First Jones to Cambridge 1531" dated Wednesday, September 21, 2011
"Jones Surname at Oxford - Cambridge 1500 - 1660" dated Wednesday, September 28, 2011
"Jones Surname : Oxford/Cambridge 1500 - 1600 County of Origin" dated Sunday, Oct 9, 2011
"Average Age Admission, Oxford 1500 - 1599 For Jones Surname" dated Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011


RN # 14 Notes on Early JONES Surname

Several views were taken on the use of the JONES surname in early English records.

Grantees of Arms...To the end of the Seventeenth Century.
Grantees of Arms...To the end of the XVII Century.
The Dictionary of National Biography. (England)
Acts of Privy Council 1541 - 1547.

JONES surname copied:
     Notes on - Hugh Jones 1508
                       Edward Jones 1545
                       Thomas Jones 1545
                       George Jones 1559
                       David Jones, Llanfair 1580
                       Francis Jones, Alderman of London 1612
                       Rowland Jones 1609
                       Thomas Jones, Surrey
                       Christopher Jones 1623
                       John Jones, Bristol 1673
                       Richard Jones, Somerset 1680
                       William Jones, Salop 1633
                       Richard Jones, clerk (minister)

For discussion see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com for:

"Jones Surname by English Monarch 1458-1714" dated Tues., June 14, 2011
"English Orders of chivalry and The Jones Surname", dated Fri., June 24, 2011
"Jones Coat(s) of Arms (part I)" dated Tues., June 28, 2011
"Jones Coat(s) of Arms (part II)" dated Mon., July 4, 2011
"Jones Coat(s) of Arms (part III), dated Wed., July 13, 2011

Thursday, July 12, 2012

RN # 13 Dictionary of Welsh Biography to 1940

Abstracts for surnames from The Dictionary of Welsh Biography down to 1940:

JONES surname copied.
MOSTYN surname copied.
TREVOR surname copies.
VAUGHAN surname copies.

For a discussion of the JONES surname see: http://thejonessurname.blogspot.com .

RN # 12 Stuart Wales

This notebook contains my research notes on Jones and related families during the Stuart reign.  Deals with political, social, and religious aspects.

Studies In Stuart Wales, by A.H. Dodd.

Trevor surname.
Moyston surname [Mostyn]
Religious factors, Puritan, Catholic, etc...
Other family relationships.

RN #11 The Battle of Bosworth 1485

This notebook contains:

Notes from The Battle of Bosworth, by Michael Bennett.

The Earlier Tudors 1485 - 1558, by J.D. Mackie.

Government titles During Tudor Times. Chronological Index.

RN #10 Celtic and Old English Saints

The content of this notebook:

Celtic Christianity.
Celtic and Old English Saints of the Orthodox Church.
Citeaux, Burgundy, France.
Cistercian Abbeys -
     Strata Marcella
     Starta Florida
     Valle Cruis

Important in understanding the Welsh mind and heart is to understand their religious background.  This collection outline the major influence made by the Cistercian order.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RN #9 Welsh Culture

The content of this notebook:

Key Welsh dates.
Notes on early Celtic society.
Notes on Indo-European, Gaelic Society, Anglo-Saxon culture.
Notes on ancient laws and customs of Wales.
Welsh language mutation(s).
Notes on Welsh political system before the Norman invasion.
Ancient Welsh land use.
Welsh law.
Statute of Rhuddlan.
Laws in Wales Acts 1535 - 1542.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

RN # 8 Giraldsus Cambrensis 1146 - 1223 AD

A outline of the life and work of a Welsh priest who wrote a travel account of Wales 1188 AD. [Accompanied Archbishop Baldwin in his journeys through Wales...preaching the Third Crusade 1187-1192 AD.]  Translation from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Book 1, Ch. 7 : Origin of the names Cambria and Wales.
Book 1, Ch. 8 : Nature, manners and dress.
Book 1, Ch. 9 : Of their sober supper and frugality.
Book 1, Ch.10: Of their hospitality and liberality.
Book 1, Ch.11: Their cutting of their hair.
Book 1, Ch.12: Of their quickness and sharpness.
Book 1, Ch.13: Of their symphonies and songs.
Book 1, Ch.14: Their wit and Pleasantry.
Book 1, Ch.15: Their boldness and confidence.
Book 1, Ch.16: The soothsayers of this nation.
Book 1, Ch.17: Their love of high birth.
Book 1, Ch.18: The antiquity of their faith.
Book 2, Ch. 1: The inconstancy and instability of this nation.
Book 2, Ch. 2: Their living by plunder.
Book 2, Ch. 3: Of their deficiency in battle.
Book 2, Ch. 4: Their seizure of lands.
Book 2, Ch. 5: Their great exaction.
Book 2, Ch. 6: The crime of incest.
Book 2, Ch. 7: Of their sin.
Book 2, Ch. 8: How this nation is to be overcome.
Book 2, Ch. 9: How Wales should be governed.
Book 2, Ch.10: How Wales may resist and revolt.

An interesting list of ideas.

RN # 7.C A Word study on F-(Y)-CH-A-N

This word means little or the younger.  It appears very commonly in Welsh naming.

Study of voice,emphasis, stress and pitch accent.
Velar-(plosives) articulated in post vocalic position.
Origin surname JENKIN.
Origin of surname VAUGHAN.

This file is not exactly a notebook, but a group of papers which I placed together coming from several sources.  Much hand written notes from my research.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.com .

RN # 7.B Welsh Language Study

My attempt to study the Welsh language using their naming system.

Order of Welsh alphabet. [No J, K, Q, V, X, or Z]
Mutations. [Where a previous word can affect the beginning of a following word.]
Comparing words in Greek, Latin, French, and Welsh.
Key Welsh adjectives.
Alphabetical list of Welsh names used 29 Edward I, 1301...from Gogan ap Adam...to...Lewelyn ap Yervorth.

Names taken from Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward I, Vol. 3, p.566-568.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RN # 7A. Welsh Names : A Language Study

After a few years, the number of notebooks began to multiply.  Having outlined a series of notebooks by subject [1,2,3,... etc.], I had to add additional notebooks dealing with the same topic.  Thus, the A, B, C,...etc. was added to the number that was already used, if it dealt with the same subject or topic.  Therefore, RN # 7 dealt with Welsh literature.  RN # 7A. dealt with Welsh names and naming used in the literature.

This notebook is my attempt to study Welsh names as they began to appear and be utilized in the English records.  It contains:

Welsh mutations.
Welsh adjectives.
The Annales Cambriae 447-954 AD
Listing of Welsh/Anglo-Saxon literature.
Listing of Heraldic Collections. Wales
An Analysis of Welsh Names Recorded in Patent Rolls 1300 AD - by Alphabet
Welsh abbreviation (from College of Arms - England)
List of Territorial Divisions of Bygone Wales.
Guide to Welsh origins of place names in Britain. (Ordnance Survey)
Alphabetical listing Welsh names in study.  1300 AD

Monday, July 9, 2012

RN # 7 Welsh Literature

This is quite a collection of items gathered from various sources.

Wales Timeline 1000 BC - 1977 AD.
Welsh History : A Short Bibliography.
Gildas. De Excidio Britanniae (On the Ruin of Britain).
Medieval Welsh literature. From: Wikipedia.
Annales Cambriae. From Wikipedia.
Nennius: Historica Brittonum (History of the Britons).
The Mabinogian : books 5 to 8.
The Welsh Triads.
Knights of the Round Table from the Welsh Sources.
Trioedd Ynys Prydein (another translation of the Welsh Triads).
Mostyn manuscripts :  Mostyn MS 117
The Picts : The language of the Picts.
The faith of the English kings. By : Hugh Bibbs.

Of course they are translations, but are an amazing group of articles.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

RN #6 Welsh Language

Note on Welsh language from Wikipedia.

Notes on Welsh language from : Pallas Wales, by Sayre.

Various tables on Welsh words. Glossaries.

Notes on the pronunciation. (Welsh)

The Mother Tongue. From: U.S. News and World Report, Nov. 5, 1990.

The glossaries are very useful in understanding some of the Welsh naming which is often the key to documenting and identifying certain individuals.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

RN #5 Medieval Wales

This notebook contains references and items on Medieval Wales.

Notes on Welsh geo-political regions.

The Tribal Divisions of Wales. From: A History of Wales, by J.E. Lloyd.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

Sunday, July 8, 2012

RN #4 Overview of Pre-history (Wales)

The content of this notebook.  A collection of my notes on various topics dealing with Welsh prehistory and a rough chronology.

Geologic Time and Formations.
Personal notes on Mesolithic sites.
Old Oswestry (hill-fort).
Notes on hill forts Wales.
Notes on Celtic race.
Britain in the Iron Age.
Pytheas, Greek geographer (330 BC)
Notes on Roman Britain.
State of the Country (Wales) in the Sixth Century, and its History Prior to A.D. 560.
Notes by time periods 648 A.D. - 1894.
Key to Regal Years with Chronological Index to Statutes Cited in The Text - From: Guide to Public Record Office, Great Britain.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

RN #3 Welsh Genealogy

This notebook contains:

Sources for research into Welsh genealogy.  It is where my JONES family line begins.

Sources For Research in Welsh genealogy. By: Judith Roach.  For Library of Congress.

Digging up Your Roots in Wales.  From: www.everton.com

List of Territorial Divisions of Bygone Wales.  From: Major Francis Jones: Welsh Manuscripts in the College of Arms.  Includes a guide to Welsh terms and contractions.

The Value of Welsh Pedigrees from The Ancestor, No. IV, January 1903.

Ireland, Wales, and England in the Eleventh Century. By: K.I. Maund.  Chapter II: The Eleventh-Century Rulers of Wales: Their Political and Genealogical Relationships.

The last article by Maund is the best outline of Welsh documents that contain the early genealogies.

Please note:  this is only a listing of the content of this notebook.  For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

RN #2 Welsh History : Middle Ages

Research notebook #2 deals with Welsh history during the Middle Ages.  It mostly contains articles written about this period.

Welsh Households For the SCA. By Maredudd ap Cynan.

Wales in the Early Middle Ages. By Wendy Davis.

Pattern of Power in Early Wales. By Wendy Davis.

Medieval Wales. By David Walker.

The Archaeology of The Welsh Marches. By S.C. Stanford.

Information gathered from a series of outstanding articles.  Those by Wendy Davies in my opinion are the best source of information for this foundational period in Welsh history.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

RN #1 Historical Atlas and Chronologies

The first research notebook [hereafter = RN] deals with general history of Welsh, Anglo-Saxon England, Vikings, and the like.   It was my attempt to gather information regarding the historical background to the land of my ancestors.  It contains:

Kings and Princes chronology 700-800 AD
Kings and Princes chronology 880-1066 AD
Bishops : chronology 700 - 880 AD
Bishops: chronology 880-1066 AD
        from- Hill, An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England

The Vikings in the West: chronology 780 - 869 AD
The Vikings in the West : chronology 870 - 959 AD
Time Charts: Edward I and Wales
       from - Trevor Herbert, Gareth Jones

Outline of Welsh Political History
       from - A Short History of Wales, by Owen Edward.

Wales at The Time of The Treaty of Montgomery in 1267, by John G. Williams.

An Historical Atlas of  Wales : From Early to Modern Time, by William Rees. University College, Cardiff.

This notebook contains my collection of tables and charts with the last Atlas by Rees being the best outline of a history of Wales that I have been able to discover.  This is an example of the first research notebook that I have put together.

My Personal Research

Fifty years of doing genealogy has produced a great deal of research results.   Over the years, these results have been organized and placed into notebooks.   These notebooks have been helpful in storing information, documents, references, and my own family branches which have been explored.  The purpose of this blog is to outline these research notebooks and give the general content of each.   In this way, the genealogist can read the list, and decided if some of the content may be helpful in their own tree climbing.  The notebooks are physically located at The Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY.  They may be utilized by the genealogist if prior notification is given and I am available to help access the information.  The notebooks are organized by topic, and numbered in series.   This blog will give the subject followed by an outline of the content for each notebook.   Each post will be numbered, then the notebook's research material presented.  I trust this information will help the genealogist who may be seeking research that is perhaps unavailable in most other settings.  At present there are over 250 notebooks!

A "search" option can be used to examine the notebook's content.  Place a topic or subject that you would be interested in exploring.  This will see if any of my notebooks have research on this subject.  Genealogy for generations is my motto.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: http://welshgenealogy.blogspot.com .

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