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RN #189 Family Towns (II)

This notebook continues the collection of research into family towns (parish/hundred/lordships/etc.) that were involved with my JONES family.

     Collection Deposited By Mrs D.g. Mead (Cat.Ref. 1623)
          John Jones of Ludlow 1621
     Temporary Marching Camp Bromfield, Shropshire (Roman)
      House of Benedictine monks, Priory of Bromfield
     Calendar of Patent Rolls 1241 AD
     The Halston Estate (lower ridge Ellesmere (1536) (Cat.Ref. 2171)
     Township of Trugge issa
          Robert ap John
     Township of Ruge within Lordship of Ellyseme 1546 AD
     Township of Ruge and Lower Ruge within Hundred of Ellyseme 1568 AD
          Roabert ap John ap Richard
          Lloyd of Leaton Knolls (Cat.Ref. 103)
               Deeds and  related papers (Ellesmere)
     John ap Richard 1555AD
     David ap John 1563 AD
     Richard Jones 1578 AD
     Robert ap John ap Edward 1584 AD
     John ap Edward 1584 AD
     charts/family lines/
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
           Muniments of title, Shropshire, Selattyn - Porkington
     National Gazetteer (1868) Selattyn
Castell Brogyntyn (ringwork castle)
Brogyntyn MS ii.1
     Aston and Mellington - Thomas Jones 1568 AD
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls - deeds and related papers (Montgomeryshire)
     Willis Collection (Cat.Ref. 2589)
           Jones of Aston Hall, Montgomery
     Deeds and papers relating to The Dudmaston Estate of the Wolryche family (Cat.Ref. 2922)
          Pope family property in Montgomeryshire [ the "Welsh estate"]
     Ludford Park Collection (Cat.Ref..11)
     Leigh of West Hall, High Legh (Cat.Ref. DLL)
     Leigh family of High Legh, Chesshire
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
     Mostyn-Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
           Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
     Sudeley Manuscripts (Cat.Ref. D2153)
      Arderne Collection (Cat.Ref. DAR)
      Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
      Park Hall Estate (Cat.Ref. 2216)
      Chew's Foundation, Dunstable (Cat.Ref. X277)
      Cotton of Combermer (Cat.Ref. CR72)
      Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. Q)
      Tunstall Old Court (Cat.Ref. 5194)
      Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
      Massey of Whitepool (Cat.Ref. DMW)
      Alyn Arthur Guest Willams Collection (Cat.Ref. DGW)
      Vernon Collection (Vernon of Kinderton, Warren of Poynton)
      Records of The Boycott Family of Rudge Hall (Cat. Ref. 330, 2028, 2029, 2161, 1008, 1190)
      House of Lords (Cat.Ref. HL)
      Wilbraham of Nantwich Collection (Cat.Ref. DWN)

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