Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RN #213 A Family Tree by Generations

A big picture of the family tree is great to see in living color.  This notebook contains my own JONES family tree from its roots back to Wales.  Color coding as well as my family coding system is used.  Documentation is shown with (1) being Dwnn, (2) being Nicholas, and (3) being Burke.  The alphabetical coding is used being A=1st generation, B=2nd generation, C=3rd shown:

The children of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) begins the color coding with "pink" being the eldest son Gronwy(JD-1), "yellow" being Llydocka (JD-2), and "blue" being the baby boy Dingad (JD-3).  It is through the eldest son that the line of Elystan Glodrydd (JF-6) is established.

My JONES family is through the baby Dingad (JD-3).  Placing all the pages together on the kitchen table is a wonderful sight!  This notebook contains all those pages A through X.

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