Thursday, February 28, 2013

RN #225 (B) Gene Tree Haplogroups

This notebook contains my work on the JONES surname haplogroups.  Over time I put together a "big picture" of all gene tree haplogroups known to date.  The figure is shown below.

For the JONES surname [ n=235]:
     haplogroup R = 78%
          R1b = 76%
          R1a =   2%
     haplogroup I = 11%
     haplogroup E=   6%
     haplogroup G=   3%
     haplogroup J=    2%

Charts/tables/graphs/figures drawn regarding various aspects.

* figure above copyright Jerry E. Jones, MD, MS  The Jones Genealogist

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RN #225 (A) My DNA

This notebook contains information regarding my JONES surname DNA.  It took a number of years to decide to see if my DNA matched my 50+ years of genealogy.  Yes it did, and what a relief it is...:-).

Haplogroup R - Caucasus Mountains (Black Sea)
                      R1 - Central Europe [m173]
                          R1b - Central Europe ca. 25,000 BC [m 343]
                                R1b1 - Spain [p 25]
                                       R1b1a2 - The Island (Wales) [m269 ]

12-marker, panel 1-12
25-marker, panel 13-25
37-marker, panel 26-37
47-marker, panel 38-47
60-marker, panel 48 - 60
67-marker, panel 61 - 67

Matches by markers

Family tree by genetic distance (Most Recent Common Ancestor) MRCA

Data sheets on MRCA (likelihood for generation past

For a detailed discussion see my blog:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RN #224 Jones Family Coding Groups JH-4 : JH-8

Family trees can get very crowed as the branches extend into history.  This notebook contains part of the family tree that became extensive.  Charts are contained of each generation that expands outward, starting with the eighth generation (JH).  The following charts show how this was done for the earlier generations.  You will have to scroll down the page to get the big picture.

And on it goes...:-)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

RN #223 The Domesday Book Study

The historic background to many geographic areas can become important in understanding the roots to your family tree.  This notebook contains my research into The Domesday Book for several counties from which my JONES family seem to originate.

The Welsh Marches/ maps
Anglo-Welsh frontier 1086
Wales in the Norman period
     Hugh Lupus - nephew William I (Hugh d'Avranches)
Chester City
     Roger de Montgomery
    William Fitz Osbern

Saturday, February 23, 2013

RN #222 LEE Family of Shropshire

Shropshire was the center of much of my JONES family tree.  The Lee (sp. Lea, Legh, Leia, Lega, Le) was involved in the branches.  This notebook contains my research into the Lee family which settled in the Shropshire area.

Hugo de Lega (de al Lee) 1100 AD
Reginald de la Lee [High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1210 AD]
     received grant of land from William, son of William Fitzalan
Sir Thomas de la Le
    3 sons of
continued family in Shropshire area (chronology) 1000 AD - 1680 AD
     Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)
     Calendar of Patent Rolls
coat of arms
Lee of Cotton (Hundred of Stottesded)
     Messrs. Marcy Hemingway, Solicitors (Cat.Ref. 3950)
     Haslewood Collection (Cat.Ref. XD3614)
     Wolryche family of Bridgnorth (Cat.Ref. 2922)
     Archdeaconry of Rochester (Cat.Ref. DRa)
     Corfield Collection (Cat.Ref. 5001)
Lee index analysis (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent)
Lee of Langley
Lee of Donington (Donington Lordship)
Lee of Acton Burnell
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
Jones family of Donington, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1781)
     Manor of Donington
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
     Brooke family of Haughton Hall, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 5735)
     Corfield Collection (Cat.Ref. 5001)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     The Halston Collections (Cat.Ref.2127)
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
     Brooke Papers (Cat.Ref. 5735)
     Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Hill family of Hawkstone, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 731)
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 103)

Friday, February 22, 2013

RN #221 Lee Family Chronology

My JONES and LEE family intertwine their branches in Shropshire.  This notebook contains my research into the LEE family from Shropshire starting 1066 and moving forward to 1700 AD.

History/colonization Shropshire by Normans
Lee surname spelled Legh, Leye, Lee
Henry de Lee
Reginald de Lee
Robert de Lee
William de Warenne (Priory of Wenlock)
Roger of Montgomery "Earl of Shewsbury"
Robert Fitz Corbet
Manors of the Lee and the More
Calendar of Patent Rolls (for Lee)
Roger de la Lee (King's Clerk) 1251 AD
Detailed chronology contained/charts/maps/graphs
Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Hugh de la Lee of Bobyton
     Thomas de la Lee
Smythe famiy of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 1514)
     Thomas Lee
     Richard Lee
Sir Richard Lee of Langley

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RN #220 Jones and Lee Family Studies

This notebook contains my research into the connections between my JONES family and the LEE family.  These connections were found in the earliest days of settlement in Virginia (1650s).  Tracing this family connection helped establish more clearly the family tree branches as they extended across the great pond.  Starting with Reiner de Lee, of the manor of Linley, Parish of More, 1200-1210 AD, they begin a long, long number of branches.

Sandford family of Sandford, Shropshire, Whitchurch (Cat.Ref. 465)
     The Lea, Lea Hall, and Ash Parva
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Edge section, township of Edge
Captain P.R.R. Dunne's Collection (Cat.Ref.165)
     Lee of Pymenhull
The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
          Larden and Brockton
The Scott Collection (Cat.Ref. 49)
     Scott family of Betton Strange, Shropshire
Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
         Buildwas, Buildwas Abbey, Sheinton and Leighton
Boycott family of Rudge Hall, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 330, 2028, 2029, 2161, 1008, 1190, 2369)
      Lenmere and The Lowe
Haslewood Collection (Cat.Ref. XD3614)
     Bromwich, Shropshire
The Glynde Place Archives (Cat.Ref. GLY)
     Morley family of Glynde, Sussex
     Trevor Family of Glynde Place, East Sussex
Dean and Chapter Archive (Cat.Ref. CCA-DCc-ChAnt)
     Chartae Antiquae A (ref. CCA-DCd-ChAnt/A)
         Abingdon priory Roger de la Lee as prior 1241
Phillipps Collection (Cat.Ref. 1)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RN #219 Family Tree Through The Sons

This notebook contains a large number of pages which graph the family tree through the sons of Tudor Trevor (JC-1).  Each is coded by number and color, to represent a way to identify and separate each lineage.  The following is from the first page showing how the information was organized and documented.

Each son, Gronwy (JD-1), Llydocks (JD-2), and Dingad (JD-3) is grouped as a family tree.  To show one page out of this group is the line of  Tudor (JH-6) "Walenesis" who was recorded in the Domesday book, 1086 AD.  I give this example to show how the family groups are documented.

This is colored "orange" which is the code for the lineage of the second son Llydocka (JD-2).  A section for each son is contained.  This work has been completed over many years of documentation, correction, and verification.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RN #218 Jones of Shropshire

Sorting through a group of folks with same surname can be daunting.  This is especially true if there are a lot of these folks who share the same surname.  This notebook contains my work on the Jones surname in Shropshire from the time that my own JONES family became connected to this part of the world.  The key areas of connection were:

Lybottwood (Leebotwood)

It begins when Thomas Myddelton told the folks in "Llanvaer" [Llan-Fairdyffryn-Clwyd] not to pay their tithes to the vicar of Llanvaer who happened to be Robert Johnes. [1553-1555]  There are all sorts of JONES families and associated families involved. Including:

More family of Linley, Shropshire - The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
Wolryche family of Bridnorth (Cat.Ref. 2922)
Pope family - property Leebotwood

Monday, February 18, 2013

RN #217 Generational Analysis

Looking at things from various angles often helps with the "big picture" analysis.  This notebook contains my family tree analysis using three individuals as a generation.  This would be roughly 60 years per generation. [20 years reproductive life cycle]  There would often be 20 years between the "oldest" and "youngest" in the same family.  Thus the 1st cousins would be at wide age intervals seeming very different in ages, yet living during the same generation.  A cause for many brick walls in my own JONES tree climbing.

The following is an example of the charts of generation (III) for my particular JONES line of descent. Cynrig (JF-1) who had four sons; Ednyfed (JG-15), David (JG-13), Ninnian (JG-1), and Hwfa (JG-17).  Each of these sons produced a distinct surname [Brouhgton, Lloid, and Jones ] which after several generations would appear unrelated.

This notebook contains my charts for each branch from generations 1 to generation 8.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

RN #216 Working Chronologies

This notebook contains the chronology, year by year, of the early family members.  This technique allowed me to list each family member identified upon the pages of history.  Using the family coding system and color coding, a year by year account was outlined.  Beginning with known dates, it provided a way to estimate time lines for each individual.  An example is shown:

Starting with accepted dates, such as the death of Hywel Dda 950 AD, the known family members were placed in birth order.  They were then placed by drawing distinct lines representing their life among the pages.  Using known estimates such as life expectancy, age of military service, etc., one could being to place dates and a time frame in which to work.

The next page in sequence is shown above.  The time line is continued for each individual.  Thus a way to help establish time lines, associated dates, and to see if there is any conflict between individuals and their place among the family tree.

Friday, February 15, 2013

RN #215 Our Family's Genealogy by Welsh Counties

Genealogy by geography is the real title of the content contained in this notebook.  From the beginning of the family tree (at first pass) was Tudor Trevor [Tydyr Trefor] (JC-1).  The origin and descent of this tree concentrated in several Welsh counties.   The family surnames and major Welsh county was studied and grouped.  The results were placed in this notebook.  They are as follows:

     Plas Kadwgan
     Eton (Eyton)

     Eytyn (Eton)
     Tydyr Trefor
     Thomas Pennat - Abbot of Basingwerk Abbey

Salop (Shropshire)


......and many other surnames connected to geographic locations.  A sample page from the county Salop is shown below.

 This analysis helped group and separate several surnames and their relationship among the branches of my JONES family tree.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RN #214 Our Family's Genealogy by Surname

Associated surnames that are directly related by Y-DNA are very common among those from Welsh descent.  After 50 some years of tree climbing, I have come to recognize that my JONES surname is more related to those of other particular surnames of Welsh descent, rather than the many, many others of the JONES surname.  The following notebook contains the associated surnames (family groups) that are shared by the same common descent.  An example is shown for the surname Lloid (Lloyd) which come through the same family tree Tudor Trevor (JC-1) - Dingd (JD-3) and on down the branches.
This line is to David Lloyd (JV-95) to Jenkin Lloyd (JW-39) to Edward Lloyd (JX-22) who married Ursula Salesbury(JX-23) of Lleweny.  The documentation from Dwnn is shown in the next figure from Dwnn [Vol.II, p.23 ]

The associated surnames (family trees):

     Ednyred Fychan (JI-25)
     Salsbri (Salusbury)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RN #213 A Family Tree by Generations

A big picture of the family tree is great to see in living color.  This notebook contains my own JONES family tree from its roots back to Wales.  Color coding as well as my family coding system is used.  Documentation is shown with (1) being Dwnn, (2) being Nicholas, and (3) being Burke.  The alphabetical coding is used being A=1st generation, B=2nd generation, C=3rd shown:

The children of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) begins the color coding with "pink" being the eldest son Gronwy(JD-1), "yellow" being Llydocka (JD-2), and "blue" being the baby boy Dingad (JD-3).  It is through the eldest son that the line of Elystan Glodrydd (JF-6) is established.

My JONES family is through the baby Dingad (JD-3).  Placing all the pages together on the kitchen table is a wonderful sight!  This notebook contains all those pages A through X.

Monday, February 11, 2013

RN #212 Alphabetical Listing - Family Names

This notebook contains the alphabetical listing of the first names used in my family tree.  This became necessary since there were a large number of very unusual names (Welsh spellings) that were repeated among the branches.  It became very, very confusing when trying to find or separate certain individuals that shared the same name (often various spellings.)  The following is an example of this arrangement and coding.  It is the name "Edward" [In the English] which is my middle name occurred  18 times.

In the earliest documents it was spelled "Ierwerth", "Iorweth", and "Idnerth"  and gave me some difficulty until this spelling variation was figured out.  The name was used with various Welsh adjectives. [fychan, Hen, voel, goch, vawr, and ddu ]  The coding method is shown to the right. [ J for JONES, F for the generation number, and 8 for the individuals number in this generation.]  Generation one was "A", thus "JF-8" stands for the eighth individual in the sixth generation from the start of  my family tree.  The names begin with "Adda" {Adam} and go through "Ynyr" {Inigo}.  The most used name was "Margaret" occurring 61 times.

This notebook also allowed me to examine when, and where a name occurs, and if this individual had already been coding. A great help when those tree branches became so thick and difficult to climb!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RN #211 Geographic Chronology

Understanding the geography of the land that was occupied by your ancestors can be a help in time of  tree climbing road blocks. [Called "brick walls" by some.]  This notebook contains my research into the geography of the homeland of my own ancestors.  It contains a series of maps/tables/charts/and names of towns that have been involved along my own tree climbing experiences.  It starts with what I call "the skeleton". 
This is basically an outline of the geographic area (map) my ancestors were located.  It has a mileage marker placed (to give scale), and a compass to give direction.  The major rivers are identified and named, thus giving the earliest roadways and natural barriers to the land. This become the foundation for my exploration.
The mountains were to play a major roll in the settlement and land use.  The figure above shows the addition to  "the skeleton" map giving new insight into the natural barriers which forced settlement among these hills.  Map after map can be drawn is sequence using the skeleton map.  This notebook contains my maps which have been drawn over the years of tree climbing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

RN #210 John Trevor Chronology

Detail chronologies are part of tree climbing.  The large number of individuals that shared the name "John Trevor" were shorted through.   This notebook contains chronologies of the various family groups that share this name. [1300 - 1700]  It was necessary to utilize a coding system which gave each individual their own identity.   The follow is an example of the research contained within this notebook.

It shows the major branches of the group from John Trevor Hen (JQ-29).  He had five sons not named John, but each of these branches hand a son name John.  John Trevor (JS-40), John Trevor (JS-8), John Trevor (JS-35) and John Trevor (JT-24). Color coding also helps to keep the branches straight.
Well, John Trevor(s) here we come.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RN #209 John Trevor(s) from 1357

Those folks that share the same name, during the same historic period, within the same general geographic area, can be a real problem for the genealogist.  Keeping all these folks separated and identified can be tricky, especially if they are the window to your own family tree.  For my own JONES family tree, the name "John Trevor" is an example.

This notebook contains my research and organization into the name "John Trevor".  This name appears in many historic documents, along the branches of my JONES family tree.  The identity of these folks becomes confusing very quickly, and very often.  My research came to show that there were at least 26 different individuals that were given this name! 

[I was in my "Roman Numeral" phase of coding during this research.  Therefore, the names are coded using this numbering system.]

John Trevor (I) of Trevor Hall, Bishop of St. Asaph 1352-1357 d. 1357
John Trevor (II)  became Bishop of St. Asaph 1394 d. ca. 1410
John Trevor Hen (III) 1st of Brynkynallt
John Trevor (IV) of Brynkynallt
.... other John Trevor in sequence to
John Morely Trevor (XVI)

There were basically three separate family branches that shared this name.  These were the branches at Brynkynallt, Trevallyn, and Hope.

Monday, February 4, 2013

RN #208 Henry Jones(es) from 1443

This notebook contains the research into those who shared the first name Henry.   These folks lived on the other side of the great pond, starting 1443.

Henry Jones alias Shirbourne (land in Fulham) 1443
Henry Jones (City of Chester) 1453
Henry Jones (Co. Radnor) 1662
Henry Jones (Lincolnshire) 1567
Henry Jones (at Holt) 1613
Henry Jones (sadler) City of Chester 1575
Henry Jones, servant to the Earl of Derby 1635
Henry Jones, joiner (Chester) 1601
Henry Jones of Oswestry, yeoman 1642
Henry Jones of London 1608
Henry Jones (Portsmouth) 1621
Henry Jones (Walgrave) 1611
Henry Jones (Pembrokeshire) 1584
Henry Jones husbandman, Worcestershire 1627
Henry Jones Gentleman of Hanbury 1615
Henry Jones of Cotheridge Yeoman 1598
Henry Jones (Hanley Castle) 1541
Henry Jones of Peterchurch, tanner 1594
Henry Jones of Putley, gent. 1545
Henry Jones of Berkeley 1598
Henry Jones, gent. of Harleford 1642
Sir Henry Jones, Carmarthenshire, Wales 1676

This notebook also contains files on the name Roger Jones.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

RN #207 John Jones(es) VA Study

Having identified and coded all those who shared the surname JONES for the years 1609 - 1700 coming to Virginia, it was then time to take the first name and try to distinguish these individuals.  Of course, the name "John" was the most difficult.  This notebook contains my analysis of the name "John Jones".  There were quite a few who shared this distinction.   They were classified by the alphabet, giving them the titles "John-A", "John-B", "John-C" in my case "John-K".  This was necessary because I had a John Jones that needed to be placed in my family tree.

John-A who married widow of Rowland Thornton ca. 1700
John-B the only son and  heir Neb. Jones
John-C  who married Sarah Mountjoy
John-D who married Eliz. Molynch
John-E who had land next to James Samford
John-F son of Rotherwick Jones
John-G son of Edward Jones
John-H son of William Jones
John-I who married Ann Jones
John-J son of Rice Jones, Jr.
John-K son of Ambrose Jones

notes/charts/family trees

Saturday, February 2, 2013

RN #206 JONES - LEE Chronology from 1635

On the 2nd of June 1636, Anthony Jones transported Nicholas Lee to Pagan Point Creek.  Since this date [and much before as my research would show]  that my Jones, and the Lee family would be closely connected during the early years of Virginia.   This notebook contains a chronology of the two surnames as they were related.

2 June 1636 - Anthony Jones and Nicholas Lee
26 Nov. 1636 - Anthony Jones and Richard Lee
.....yearly chronology of Lee and Jones connection...
20 March 1653 - Col. Richard Lee, Gloster Co., abutting land of Richard Jones, dec'd 1671...this Richard Jones was my direct JONES line.

Files on:
     Sir Richard Lee, of Langley
     Richard Lee, Attorney General, VA 1643
     Richard Lee, b. 1647
     family trees and charts/maps

Friday, February 1, 2013

RN #205 Alphabetical Listing JONES VA from 1607

This notebook is really part 2 of my JONES surname research into Virginia.  It is the alphabetical arrangement of the first names of those with the surname JONES. [1607 - 1666 in Virginia]  It uses my coding system in order to try and separate the many who share a common first name.  Key tags are given to:

David (first in 1622)
Elizabeth (first in 1609)
Henry (first in 1622)
James (first in 1641)
John (first in 1622)
Mary (first in 1624)
Rice (first in 1628)
Richard (first in 1623)
Robert (first in 1637)
Thomas (first in 1623)
William (first in 1622)

There were 651 coded. [Elizabeth (JO-1) to Evan (JO - 651)]  This research also gives a rough outline of the chronology of the JONES surname for early Virginia.