Saturday, April 6, 2013

RN #236 Historic Notes : A Chronology

Accumulating notes and records of family leaves and branches will leave a great deal of information. [ This is especially true after 53 years of tree climbing.]  This notebook contains many of these notes, drawings, figures, copies of documents, family trees, etc., etc... but placed in a chronological order so that they might serve a purpose.  The purpose is to provide a reference for the research produced, but in an order that follows my family tree. 

The notebook is chronologically arranged from 440 AD to 1700 AD.  The family leaves are placed within this context alphabetically, with A [Gadforch = JA-1] to Q [Richard Jones = JQ-95].  Family trees are given for many associated family groups as they became involved in my tree climbing experience.  Needless to say, the notebook is a large one, and requires strong arms to lift from the shelf.  An example is shown below of the " de Pyvelsdon" [Puleston] family beginning around 1150 AD.

 The leaf of my family tree was Jeuaf (JH-1) [Ieva(n), Ieva)] who was alive 1146 AD.  Thus, the context of the major family connectors would surround this leaf.  Notes from various sources and historic documents are included.  [Mostly from "Calendar of Patent Rolls".]

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