Saturday, February 9, 2013

RN #211 Geographic Chronology

Understanding the geography of the land that was occupied by your ancestors can be a help in time of  tree climbing road blocks. [Called "brick walls" by some.]  This notebook contains my research into the geography of the homeland of my own ancestors.  It contains a series of maps/tables/charts/and names of towns that have been involved along my own tree climbing experiences.  It starts with what I call "the skeleton". 
This is basically an outline of the geographic area (map) my ancestors were located.  It has a mileage marker placed (to give scale), and a compass to give direction.  The major rivers are identified and named, thus giving the earliest roadways and natural barriers to the land. This become the foundation for my exploration.
The mountains were to play a major roll in the settlement and land use.  The figure above shows the addition to  "the skeleton" map giving new insight into the natural barriers which forced settlement among these hills.  Map after map can be drawn is sequence using the skeleton map.  This notebook contains my maps which have been drawn over the years of tree climbing.

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