Thursday, February 7, 2013

RN #210 John Trevor Chronology

Detail chronologies are part of tree climbing.  The large number of individuals that shared the name "John Trevor" were shorted through.   This notebook contains chronologies of the various family groups that share this name. [1300 - 1700]  It was necessary to utilize a coding system which gave each individual their own identity.   The follow is an example of the research contained within this notebook.

It shows the major branches of the group from John Trevor Hen (JQ-29).  He had five sons not named John, but each of these branches hand a son name John.  John Trevor (JS-40), John Trevor (JS-8), John Trevor (JS-35) and John Trevor (JT-24). Color coding also helps to keep the branches straight.
Well, John Trevor(s) here we come.

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