Friday, January 25, 2013

RN #198(A) A Family Analysis Year by Year

Starting on the "other" side of the great pond is my family analysis starting 1500 - 1650 AD.  Year by year, the names most associated with my own JONES family are analyzed, grouping those who share the geography (space) and the time (chronology).

Robert Jones (I) [ Jonys] 1500
Henry Jones (I) [Joonys] 1507
Thomas Jones (I) 1508
Thomas Jones (II) [Jonys, Johens, Jhonys ] 1513
Thomas Jones (III) [Jonys, Johens] 1518
Thomas Jones (IV) [Jonis, Joonys] 1528
David Jones [Jonys] 1530
Thomas Jones (V) 1535
Robert Jones (II) 1541
Robert Jones (III) 1544
Roger Jones (I) [Jonys] 1546
Henry Jones (II) 1549
Richard Jones (I) 1558
Thomas Jones (VI) 1561
Henry Jones (III) 1562
Henry Jones (IV) 1562
Owen Jones (I) 1568
Roger Jones (II) 1571
Edward Jones (I) 1576
Robert Jones (IV) 1585
Thomas Jones (VIII) 1607
Richard Jones (II) 1608
John Jones (I) 1615
Francis Jones (I) 1619
Richard Jones (III) 1619
Roger Jones (III) 1620
Martha Jones (I) 1625
William Jones (I) 1625
Priscilla Jones (I) 1625
John Jones (II) 1634
David Jones (II) 1634
Anthony Jones (I) 1635

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