Friday, August 31, 2012

RN #88 JONES Arms - Research-Analysis

This notebook contains my research analysis on the JONES surname coat of arms from the work started in notebook #87.  It describes the methods, analysis and contains the results of the research.  Each "coat of arms" was numbered, grouped by county (Wales and England), and analyzed by color, charge, etc.etc....

Royal Tribes Wales.
Nobel Tribes Wales.
JONES arms #1 - #123

The above page is taken from this notebook.  It shows the arms of the Jones family known as Viscount Ranelagh.  It is often shown as the coat of arms for the JONES SURNAME.  This family no longer has male heirs of descent, therefore it can not be a present arms of any JONES family today.  There are 123 coats of arms included in this analysis.

First General Armory - 4 Volume, Encyclopaedia Heraldica, by William Berry, 1828.
Second: The British Herald or Cabiret of Armorial Bearings, by Thomas Robson in 1830.
Third: General Armory: by John and John Bernard Burke, 1842.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

RN #87 JONES Arms

This notebook contains my early research into the JONES coat of arms.  It also contains some research into the Royal/Noble Tribes of Wales.

Rhodi Mawr d. 878
Dynasty of Gwynedd
The House of Powys

There are 119 coat of arms researched, giving a description of the arms. (hand written)
#1)= JONES (Ranelagh) Vicount Ranelagh... to #119)= Johnes

The arms are listed. (hand written-analysis)
From: Burke, 1840 edition.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RN #86 The Northern Neck

The Northern Neck property was granted as a refuge by Charles II to a group of is courtiers.  It was basically the area lying between the Potomac River and the Rappahannock River, 1649.   Lord Culpeper purchased the shares of all grantees and through his heiress the land passed to Thomas, Lord Fairfax.  On his death in 1781, the estate was liquidated.

History of the Neck.
The Northern Neck, The Origin and Ownership, by Dickinson.
Manors on the Frontier, by Brown.

Report of The Commissioners To Settle The Boundries of The Northern Neck, from a document in the  Library of Congress, Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 28, 1920.
Personal research  notes on Northern Neck.
Culpeper, Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 30

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RN #85 King George Co. VA

King George Co. was formed 1721 out of Richmond Co. VA.

Vestrymen Hanover Parish 1723-1779
Turner family of Hanover Parish
St. Paul's Parish 1722- 1779
St. Paul's Vestrymen 1720 -1771
James Jones 1762
Extracts from the Register of St.Paul's Parish, by Nicklin, WMQ, Ser.2, Vol.10, 1930
John Jones 1695
Extracts from the Register of St. Paul's, Stafford (now King George) Co.VA, VHM, Vol. 8
King George Marriages, VHM Vol.10, 1902-1903
The Turner Family of King George Co., VMH, Vol.21, 1913
Robert Jones, from Hanover Parish, King George Co., 1724.

WMQ = William and Mary Quarterly
VHM = Virginia Historical Magazine

Monday, August 27, 2012

RN #84 New Kent Co. VA

New Kent Co. was formed 1654 out the upper part of Yorke Co.  Its location as the head waters of Pamunkey and Mattaponie Rivers made it an important geographic location.

Chronology of JONES surname 1655-1719
The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish 1684-1786 by Chamberlayne, 1937 Appendix D
   abstracted for JONES

George Jones 1684
Richard Joanes 1680
Orlando Jones 1707
John Joanes 1688

Negro Property Owners In Seventeenth-Century Virginia, WMQ - 3rd series, Vol. 12, 1955.

Analysis of Slaughter surname, New Kent Co.
Analysis of Thornton surname, New Kent Co.
New Kent Co., Virginia Land Grants, Patents & Records.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RN #83 Isle of Wight Co., VA

Isle of Wight was formed 1637.  It was formerly known as Warrosquyaoke and parts of Upper Norfolk and Nansemond were taken.  Smithfield plantation was an early settlement.

Jones surname analysis : Isle of Wight by date 1636-1797
Marriages 1668 - 1739 for Jones
Jones Marriages: Isle of Wight: Alphabetical (from Jones Journeys, Vol.2, pp.45-47.
Early patent analysis Isle of Wight for Jones surname
  Thomas Jones 1659
  Anthony Jones 1645
    (Upton, Savage, Young, Davis, connected)
  John Jones 1668
  Arthur Jones 1679
  William Jones 1694
  Richard Jones 1721
  Mathew Jones 1723
  David Jones 1700
  Thomas Jones, Sr. 1737
  Isaac Jones 1772
Detailed analysis Anthony Jones 1636, Pagan Point Creek
The Smiths of Smith's Neck, Isle of Wight Co., VA, by Warren, William and Mary Quarterly 13W(2). p.17

Saturday, August 25, 2012

RN #81 Lancaster Co., VA

Lancaster Co. was formed 1651 out of York and Northumberland Counties.

Flow chart of county formations from Lancaster 1651 to Essex Co. 1692.
Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 22, 1652-1655. (for JONES)
Jones surname Lancaster Co. 1652-1678.
Robert Jones 1665
Humphrey Jones 1666
John Jones 1655
Richard Jones 1653
Thomas Jones 1658
Humphrey Jones 1655
Lancaster Co. Orders 1657-1680 (index analysis)

Friday, August 24, 2012

RN #80 (Old) Rappahannock Co. VA

Rappahannock county was formed 1656.  A large number of JONES were involved, and played a major part in the settlement.  Associated surnames included: Slaughter, Upton, Fauntleroy, Underwood, Rouzee, Catlett, Fleming, and many others.

Banks of Rappahannock. Outline of settlements along the Rappahannock for year 1737.
Farnham Church outline.
Rappahannock Co. Wills outlined for JONES and associated surnames.
Rice Jones (I) 1676
Edward Jones 1678
Richard Jones 1680
Chronology of Sittingbourne (Littenbourne) Parish
History of Old Rappahannock County Virginia 1656-1692, by Warner. [Index analysis]
Capt. William Jones 1664
Marriages, Old Rappahannock & Essex County, Jones Journeys, Vol. 17
Old Rappahannock County and Bacon's Rebellion
Analysis of Rice Jones (I) 1650
Analysis of Richard Jones 1680
George Jones 1680

Thursday, August 23, 2012

RN #79 Richmond Co., VA

Richmond Co. was formed 1692 out of parts (Old) Rappahannock Co. It formed Farnham and Lunenburg Parishes.

List of magistrates 1680-1695 (on both sides of Rappahannock)
Notes on two Griffin Jones identified.
Registers of North Farnham Parish.
Richard Jones 1720
Edward Jones 1679
John Jones (will 1778)
North Farnham Parish register 1680-1795 abstracted for JONES.
David Jones 1765
Elisha Jones 1721
Humphrey Jones 1746
Owen Jones 1731
Rotherwick Jones 1689
Thomas Jones 1729
William Jones 1725
The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. VA 1723-1758, by King
Sir Jeofrey Jeofreys acres 14,114
Farnham and Lunenburg Parishes, Richmond Co.
Abstracts, Richmond Co., VA William and Mary Quarterly
Richmond Co., wills, analyzed for JONES 1699-1716.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RN #78 Westmoreland Co., VA

Westmoreland Co. was formed 1653 from Northumberland and part of King George.

Index Analysis will book for JONES from 1695.
Chotanke Creek - map and study
John Jones 1707
Jones - Monroe study analysis
The Colonial Churches of Westmoreland and King George Counties, Virginia, by Mason
Nathaniel Jones 1753
Spence Monroe
Virginia County Record Publications, Vol. I, Westmoreland Co., by Crozier
Index analysis deeds, wills 1691-1707
Brent family study
Martin's Hundred, by Hume

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RN #77 Amelia Co. VA

Amelia Co. VA was formed 1735 out of Prince George and Brunswick Counties.  It was the home of many, many with the surname JONES.

Will BK I, Amelia Co. VA Wills 1735-1761.  Index analysis for JONES.
Bonds 1735-1754.
Will BK I, after 1735.
Amelia Co., VA, Grantors Deeds Index
Marriages- Amelia Co. from 1750-1796
Research notes on Peter Jones d. before 1682
Research notes on Capt. Richard Jones, 1658

Monday, August 20, 2012

RN #76 Gloucester Co. VA

Gloucester Co. was formed around 1651. [No formal Act has been found establishing the Co.]  Affairs in Virginia were in an uproar due to the Civil War in England and the resent beheading of Charles I.  The Colony of Virginia surrendered to the Commonwealth of England, 12 March 1652.  First land patent dated 21 May 1651.

Listing of patents 1651-1652.
Abbington Parish, Gloster Co.
Petsoe Parish, Gloster Co.
History Glouster Co., VA (personal notes).
Jones names analyzed by date for Gloster Co.
Epitaphs of Gloucester and Mathews Counties In Tidewader Virginia Through 1865, by Branch.
Richard Jones/Francis Jones 1653.
Robert Jones 1656
Gloucester Co. VA, by Gray, 1936.
Gloucester Rent Roll 1704
Gloucester Co., census 1783 (for JONES)
Rev. Emanuel Jones 1739
Robert Lee, Gloster Co., 1662
Maps of Gloucester Co. (historical)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

RN #75 Stafford Co., VA

Stafford Co. was created in 1664.  It encompassed all the Potomac watershed from the western boundary of Westmoreland Co. to the Blue Ridge mountains and beyond.

Stafford Co. A Historical Sketch.
The Register of Overwharton Parish.
Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co.
Griffin Jones (I) 1736
Griffin Jones (II) 1729
John Joanes 1729
Col. Robert Jones 1700
marriages Overwharton Parish 1723-1758
Stafford Co. Record Book 1686 - 1693 (for JONES)
Stafford Co. Wills, Administrations, Inventories, Etc. 1664-1760, Tyler's Quarterly, Vol. 22, 1941.
Mason family (Meade)
Cal. State Papers, Domestic Series/Commonwealth 1658-1659. pp. 382-385.
Kent Island. (William Claiborne)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

RN #74 Prince George Co. VA

Prince George Co. was formed 1703 out of Charles City Co. [An original shire dating from 1634.]  It was the location of the junction of James River and Appomattox River which was a key avenue for early settlement.

Bristol Parish history and background. [formed 1662.]
Prince George Co., VA Surveys 1710-1724.
History of Bristol  Parish, by Slaughter
Abraham Jones 1719
Daniel Jones 1713
James Jones 1711
John Jones 1722
John Jones 1706
Ledbetter Jones 1701
Peter Jones 1708
Peter Jones 1699
Philip Jones 1708
Richard Jones 1709
Richard Jones 1699
Thomas Jones 1714
Thomas Jones 1720
Thomas Jones 1730
Thomas Jones 1711
Thomas Jones 1700
William Jones 1731
William Jones 1706
William Jones 1711
William Jones 1700
Holmes Jones 1790

Births From The Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddlie Counties, Virginia, 1720-1798 by Chamberlayne.
The Landseekers Migrate To The Mountains. [foundation of Petersburg]
Peirsey's Hundred. [1st Peter Jones, 1623, age 24]
Flowerdew Hundred...The Archaeology of a Virginia Plantation, 1619-1864, by Deetz.

Largest number of Jones families in this area.  They are easily confused and often mixed in many of the family trees put together over the years.

Friday, August 17, 2012

RN #73 Culpeper Co. VA

Culpeper Co. was formed out of Orange Co. VA in 1748. [Orange Co. formed out of Spotsylvania 1720.]

Genealogical & Historical Notes on Culpeper Co. VA by Green.
St. Mark's Parish, Culpepper County, by Meade [Meade spells it Culpepper.]

Will Book A, David Jones 1751.
Joshua Jones 1761.
Culpeper Co. Will Book A - Index 1749-1770 for JONES
Index will book A for: Bledsoe, Lightfoot,.
Henry Jones 1761.
William Jones 1764.
John Jones 1750.
Thomas Jones 1759.
Gabriel Jones 1749
Culpeper Co., Deed Books Outlined for Jones Beginning 1769. Deed Book F. [1769-1790]
Index Culpeper Co. Deeds 1789-1790 for Slaughter.
Gabriel Jones Senr. 1785.
1787 Culpeper Co. Tax List for surname JONES

Thursday, August 16, 2012

RN #72 Lunenburg Co. VA

Lunenburg Co. was formed 1746 out of Brunswick and parts of Charlotte Co. VA.

Lunenburg Co. wills abstracted for JONES 1746-1800, by Bell.

Thomas Jones 1740
Robert Jones 1748
Robert Jones (II) 1781

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RN #71 Essex Co., VA

Essex Co. was formed 1692.  This notebook contains research on the JONES surname beginning George Jones 1684.  Related surnames are also found.

Essex Co., VA records, Book I
Essex Co., VA records, Book II
Jones names by Essex Co., 1693-1791.
Vawter's Church (Near Port Royal)
George Jones 1684.
Mary Jones 1676
James Jones 1700
Related surnames: Slaughter, Upton, Catlett, Battaile, Williams, Taliaferro, Thornton,.
Robert Jones 1724
Richard Jones 1712
Richard Jones 1717
Nicholas Jones 1727
John Jones 1719
Quit Rents 1704/ 1714
Churches - from VA Mag. History and Biography, Vol. 53, No. I, 1945.
Maps and research.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RN #70 Caroline Co. VA

Another notebook which contains detailed analysis for the JONES surname in Caroline Co., VA prior to the Rev. War.

Caroline Co., Its History and Formation from Charles River Co. 1634.
Colonial Caroline, by T.E. Campbell, 1954. (First Settlers Along the Mattapony) pp. 12-25.
Land Grants, cross indexed for JONES surname.
Caroline Co., Order Book, 1732-1740.
Caroline Co., Order Book, 1765-1767.
Jones names appearing Colonial Caroline.
Extracts From the Records of Caroline Co., VA Historical Mag., Vol. 20.
Caroline Co., Survey Book, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. XIX (19), 1910-1911.
Taliaferro land grants...William Mary Quarterly.
Calender of VA. State Papers, for JONES.
Property Tax Records, Caroline Co., 1787.
History of Fredericksburg Virginia, by A.T. Embrey, 1937.
Caroline Co., analyzed for name John Jones.
County Enlistments for Rev. War, for surname Jones.

Monday, August 13, 2012

RN #69 Spotsylvania Co. VA

This notebook contains a detailed analysis of the JONES surname for Spotsylvania Co., VA.  It was formed from territory of Essex, King William, and King and Queen Counties, 1720.  Named in honor of Alexander Spotswood, then governor of Virginia.  Individual JONES are listed from 1724 to 1788.

Robert Jones, 1724 [Connected Bledsoe, Slaughter, Thornton, and Smith surnames.]
William Jones, 1730
James Jones, 1734
James Jones, 1741
John Jones, 1736
Edward Jones, 1745
John Jones, 1752
Phillip Jones, 1769
Nicholas Jones, 1764
Joseph Jones, 1771
Richard Jones, 1772
David Jones, 1766
Griffin Jones, 1774
James Jones, 1778
Elizabeth Jones, 1778
Richard Jones, 1779
William Jones, 1788
Rebecca Jones, 1788

Road order book, 1722-1734.
Notes on Taliaferro family.
Notes on Lewis family.
Notes on Allen family.
Notes on Hawkins family.
Index analysis of Will Books, A-F, 1722 - 1800.
Index analysis of Administrative bonds, Guardians bonds, Marriage Licenses, Marriage Register 1795-1800.
Deed Books, A-P, 1722-1800.
Spotswood, Land Grants (to JONES) 1710-1718.

RN #68 Yorke Co. VA

Gabriel Jones, Middle Plantation 1664

A list of counties, parishes and present ministers of VA, March 25, 1735.

Middle Plantation was to become the site of Williamsburg.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RN #67 Revolutionary War Pension Applications

This notebook contains a detailed study of the Revolutionary War pension applications abstracted and organized by state for the surname JONES.  The northern regions and southern regions are grouped and a migration ratio calculated for each state.  An alphabetical listing of the JONES surname was made for each state.  Data abstracted from:

Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications, National Genealogical Society, Washington, D.C., 1966.
DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, K929.DAR, Boyle Co., Public Library.
VA Genealogist, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1958, p. 72.
Listing of Battles : French and Indian War, Revolutionary War.
Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, abstracted for JONES, by L.Bockstruck.
Series of maps generated by state showing migration patterns.
Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Vol. 5, by J. Dorman, Washington, D.C., 1960.

For discussion see: for:
"Rev. War Pension Applications for JONES (part I)" dated Mon., May 7, 2012
"Rev. War Pension Applications for JONES (part II)" dated Mon., May 14, 2012
"Rev. War Pension Applications for JONES (part III)' dated Wed., June 27, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

RN #66 JONES Orange Co. VA

Orange County Virginia, Early JONES history.

Orange Co. formed 1734 from Spotsylvania Co.

Thomas Jones, Jr. 1738.
A Jones Plantation identified by the the year 1741.
Orange Co. history.
St. Marks Parish
Marriages 1747-1810  JONES surname.
Will Book, 1-19
Deed Book, 1-21
1810 census
Taylor/Jones family
Forks of Elkhorn Church (located in KY)

A great deal of information on the JONES surname in Orange Co., VA between 1734 - 1810.

Friday, August 10, 2012

RN #65 Early Adventurers On The Western Waters

Excellent reference titled: Early Adventurers On The Western Waters, Volume I, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745 - 1800.  Written by, Mary B. Kegley and F.B. Kegley, Green Publishers, Inc., Orange, Virginia.  Located at The University of Alabama Main Library, [F 232.W9 K44 Vol.1]

Outlined for JONES surname.
Parish Government : Duties of Vestry

Also  contains segments of Institutional History of Virginia in the 17th Century, by Bruce.

Analyzed for the surname JONES.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

RN #64 JONES surname other VA Co.s to 1776

This notebook continues an outline of the JONES surname for additional Virginia Counties, some to 1776.

King & Queen Co.
Middlesex Co.
King William Co.
Surry Co.
Charles City Co.
Henrico Co.
(Old) Rappahannock Co.
Richmond Co.
Yorke Co.
Caroline Co.
Essex Co.

Personal notes from various sources.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RN #63 JONES Surname by Virginia Counties

The following series of notebooks begin by analyzing the JONES surname by counties of Virginia.  This work was initially done mid-1980's, and the computer printouts may look the part.  Most items deal with the JONES families located by patent in the counties as they made their settlement there.  This notebook (#63) is a summary table by counties of Virginia before 1700.

JONES surname by Virginia counties, all before 1700.
  James City
  Charles City
  Elizabeth City
  Isle of Wight
  Yorke County
  Nansemond County
  Gloucester County
  Northumberland Co.
  Lancaster Co.
  Westmoreland Co.
  New Kent Co.
  Accomack Co.
  New Norfolk Co.

Listing by dates beginning 1635 and counties.
Jones listed before 1635.
County Government in Virginia A Legislative History, 1607 - 1904. [A copy of its bibliography giving multiple references to this time period in Virginia history.]

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RN #62 Related Surnames - Catlett (II)

This notebook contains an analysis of the Catlett surname contained within Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, Vol.II, and Vol.III.  This covers the dates 1623 - 1732.  The Catlett name first appears 1650.  The name Lucas, Rousey (Rowzee, etc), Jones, and many of the other related surnames appear.

John Catlett 1650

Monday, August 6, 2012

RN #61 Related Surnames - Catlett

The Catlett family and my Jones family were connected back to England, Sittingbourne Parish, Kent Co. 1590.  John Catlett was a major player in the early settlement of Virginia.  Extensive work done on this family connection, helped place my Jones family's bridge from North Wales to Kent Co., to the shores of Virginia.

John Catlett (I) 1540
John Catlett (II) 1560
John Catlett (III) 1599
John Catlett (IV) d. ca. 1670
John Catlett (V) 1657
John Catlett (VI)

Wills of Rappahannock Co., VA, 1656-1692
Kent Quarter Sessions, Catalogue Ref. Q
The Wiston Archives, Catalogue Ref. WISTON
Documents of the Earls of Romney, settled estates, Catalogue Ref. U1644
 Archive of the Dyke Family of Frant, Waldron and Kent, and The Penkherst family of Mayfield
        and Buxted, Catalogue Ref. DYK
Diocese of Canterbury, Catalogue Ref. DCb

Associated family surnames: Upton, Underwood, Lucas, Hawkins, Slaughter, Smith, Battaile, Thornton, Smith, Mosley, Miller, Lee, Booth, Butler, Rowzee

Sunday, August 5, 2012

RN #60 Related Surnames - Thornton

My Jones family and the Thornton family connect all the way back to Wales.  This notebook contains the family notes and research beginning Virginia 1641.

William Thornton 1641
Francis Thornton(I)  1651 (Savage family connected here.  Also goes back to Wales.)
Francis Thornton (II) 1682
Francis Thornton (III) 1714
The Thornton family, William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 5, 1897.
Marriages, Thornton family (VA)
Thornton of Richmond Co. (VA), Historical Southern Families.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

RN #59 Related Surnames - Bledsoe

Personal notes and research on the Bledsoe family.  Connected from Virginia to Kentucky over period of 200 years.

William Bledsoe 1722
Abraham Bledsoe 1739
Anthony Bledsoe
William Bledsoe, Culpeper Co., VA 1769
Isaac Bledsoe 1729
Joseph Bledsoe 1774
William Bledsoe, Providence Church 1790, Clark Co., KY
John Bledsoe, on waters of 4 Mile Creek, Clark Co., KY

There were multiple Abraham, and William Bledsoes.

Friday, August 3, 2012

RN #58 Releated Surnames - Slaughter

The Slaughter family and my Jones family seem to stay close together from way back. 

John Slaughter 1620
Slaughter family, Virginia Historical Magazine ,Vol. 11, 1913.
Slaughter family, Colonial Families of The United States
Slaughter family, Virginia Familes (notes)
Slaughter family tree (notes)
     John Slaughter 1620
     Francis Slaughter(I) 1630
     Francis Slaughter (II) 1653
     Robert Slaughter (I) 1680 [multiple Robert Slaughter(s) from here]
Culpeper Co. VA notes
Jefferson Co., KY notes
Nelson Co., KY notes
Adair Co., KY notes
Mercer Co., KY notes
English history (notes)
Marriage records (notes)
Cadwallader Jones - Slaughter, Virginia Magazine of History, Vol. 31, 1923.
Governor Gabriel Slaughter (1816-1820)  7th Governor of KY
Multiple research notes on the Slaughter/Jones family connections.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

RN #57 Related Surnames - Taliaferro (II)

This is the second notebook on the Taliaferro family.  Most are my personal research notes beginning with Robert Taliaferro (the immigrant) 1626-1671.

Six generations are examined.  This family is married into my JONES family and appears connected in England, Virginia, and Kentucky.  There were multiple generations of "Robert Taliaferro (s)" which can get very complicated to short through.

RN # 56 Related Surnames - Taliaferro (I)

This and next notebook deals with the Taliaferro family.  They are closely related to my JONES family in early Virginia.  A deal of research has been done.

Henry Talifer 1354 (earliest Taliaferro I have been able to document in English records.)
Note on Taliaferro family from 1530.
Robert Taliaferro (I) 1626
The Taliaferro Family, from William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 20, Vol. 22
Nicholas Taliaferro, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. I, (second series), 1921.
Ann Hay Taliaferro Battaile, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 7 (second series), 1927.
Marriage records Taliaferro, VA from Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800, by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck.
Tables and Charts, Taliaferro Family. [personal research].

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RN # 55 Related Surnames - Monroe (Munro)

Andrew Monroe (I) 1625
Andrew Monroe (II) 1664
Andrew Monroe (III) 1696

Spence Monroe 1714
James Monroe - family tree
Monroe Family - William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 15
Notes and research from various sources.