Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RN #225 (A) My DNA

This notebook contains information regarding my JONES surname DNA.  It took a number of years to decide to see if my DNA matched my 50+ years of genealogy.  Yes it did, and what a relief it is...:-).

Haplogroup R - Caucasus Mountains (Black Sea)
                      R1 - Central Europe [m173]
                          R1b - Central Europe ca. 25,000 BC [m 343]
                                R1b1 - Spain [p 25]
                                       R1b1a2 - The Island (Wales) [m269 ]

12-marker, panel 1-12
25-marker, panel 13-25
37-marker, panel 26-37
47-marker, panel 38-47
60-marker, panel 48 - 60
67-marker, panel 61 - 67

Matches by markers

Family tree by genetic distance (Most Recent Common Ancestor) MRCA

Data sheets on MRCA (likelihood for generation past

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