Thursday, January 17, 2013

RN #193 House of Lords

This notebook contains references from the House of Lords, Volume 8, 2 June 1646.  This period was analyzed for the surname JONES.  It contains the acts recorded for Inigo Jones, and Richard Jones, who were two of my family members.  It records the English Commissioners first paper to the Scots committee, concerning their powers and instructions from the Parliament of England.  It contains the "Ordinance to clear Inigo Jones of his Delinquency".  It also contains the "Names of Englishmen in the Scotish Army, who have served the Enemy, delivered to the Scots Commissioners 27 April, 1646.  In this file is listed: "Richard Jones, late in Service with the Enemy, and now in Lieutenant Colonel Urrye's Troop."  My JONES family, always getting into trouble!

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