Thursday, August 3, 2017

RN # 275 Abraham Wood 1615 - 1684

This notebook contains a detailed chronology of the life of Abraham Wood.  The Peter Jones family [of Petersburg VA] has a historic connection to this Abraham Wood.  The chronology begins 1620 when on 10 January the Lord Mayor of London orders a collection to be taken in each parish [assisted by the constable] towards the clothing, feeding, and transportation of 100 children to VA.  In the list of names of the living in VA 1624, "Abram Wood" is found living at the plantation over against James City.  In the "Musters of the inhabitants of Virginia" 1625, Abraham Wood is listed as age 10 and arrived VA 1620 in the ship named Margaret & John.  Contains my research trying to clarify the connections made between the JONES and WOOD families.