Monday, February 18, 2013

RN #217 Generational Analysis

Looking at things from various angles often helps with the "big picture" analysis.  This notebook contains my family tree analysis using three individuals as a generation.  This would be roughly 60 years per generation. [20 years reproductive life cycle]  There would often be 20 years between the "oldest" and "youngest" in the same family.  Thus the 1st cousins would be at wide age intervals seeming very different in ages, yet living during the same generation.  A cause for many brick walls in my own JONES tree climbing.

The following is an example of the charts of generation (III) for my particular JONES line of descent. Cynrig (JF-1) who had four sons; Ednyfed (JG-15), David (JG-13), Ninnian (JG-1), and Hwfa (JG-17).  Each of these sons produced a distinct surname [Brouhgton, Lloid, and Jones ] which after several generations would appear unrelated.

This notebook contains my charts for each branch from generations 1 to generation 8.

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