Saturday, December 1, 2012

RN #155 Trevor Family of Glynde Place

This notebook contains my early research work into the surname Trevor.  It was necessary to distinguish the many, many folks inter-twined with my surname JONES.  There were also a great number of "John Trevor" [at least 16 different individuals with this name] that had to be separated.

Township of Pengwern
Kingdom of Powys
Sheriffs of Chester [Sheriffs' Books]
The Glynde Place Archives [Trevor family of Glynde Place, East Susses
Family Archives : Trevor Family - Settlements
Morely Family : Settlements
John Trevor of Trevalyn
Richard Trevor of Trevalyn (will)
Early Trevor Family : Pedigrees
Early Trevor Family : Places of Profit
Early Trevor Family : Coal Farm
Early Trevor Family : Correspondence
Early Trevor Family : Financial
Early Trevor Family : Legal
The Henlle Hall Collection
The Cobden Papers
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St. Asaph

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