Saturday, December 29, 2012

RN #177 Family Groups (IV)

This notebook continues the research into associated family groups.  They were all involved in my genealogical research into my own JONES family.

     Sir John Savage, Kt. 1325 AD
     John Savage, lord of Cliffton 1370 AD
     Sir Thomas Savage, of Rocksavage 1626
     Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat. Ref. DCH)
     The Downes Deeds (Cat. Ref. DDS)
     Vernon Collection (Cat. Ref. DVE)
     Oakly Park Collection (Cat. Ref. 20)
     Mayor of Chester (Cat. Ref. ZM)
     Documents relating to Robert Gregge of Chester (Cat. Ref. DDX 18)
     Hornby Catholic Mission Paper (St. Mary's Church) (Cat.Ref. RCHY)
     John Savage 1637 (VA)
     Richard Bennett 1623
     Bedston Parish (Cat.Ref. P86)
     Lowndes Yates Collection (Cat. Ref. GLY)
     Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat. Ref. Q)
     Sheriffs of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZS)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat.Ref. ZA)
     Mayor of Chester (Cat.Ref. ZM)
     Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies (Cat. Ref. EDC 1627)
Rouzie (Rowzie)
     Lodowick Rowzie
     Edward Rowzie
     Arderne Collection (Cat.Ref. DAR)
     Kent Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref.Q/A)
     Kent Quarter Session (Cat.Ref. Q)
     Dering Manuscripts Part 2 (Cat.Ref. U1107)
     Rouse Boughton of Downton Hall (Cat.Ref. 6683)
Toliver (Taliaferro)
     Robert Toliver 1688
     [see RN #56 and RN #57]
     Simon Miller
     George Mott
     John Mott
     Silvester Thatcher
     Thomas Whitlock
     Capt. Daniel Gaines

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