Friday, December 28, 2012

RN #176 Family Groups (III)

This notebook continues the research into the associated surnames that surrounded my own JONES family tree.  The surname UNDERWOOD was such an example.  Their relationship to my own family tree was one avenue taken to help establish which JONES branch was the correct one.   The following figure is an example of this research.  It is dated April 11, 2005.

The figure shows how one diagram can be used to connect various surnames.

     William Underwood 1626
     Nicholas Underwood 1283 (Patent Rolls, Edward I, Vol.2, p.53)
     Edmund Underwood 1579
     William Underwood 1650
     William Underwood 1717
Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 3890)
Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 2089)

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