Thursday, December 27, 2012

RN #175 Family Groups (II)

This notebook continues the study into related family groups.  Various surnames are encountered when climbing out many branches of the family tree.   Organization and analysis  of these various names will often help direct your own tree climbing.  This is the second notebook containing such activity.

Dedman (Debnam)(Deadman)(Denham)
     William Debham 1635
     Thomas Hawkins 1630
     Symon Miller 1670
     Capt. Richard Townshend 1636
     Francis Townshend 1652
Smith (Smyth)
     Toby Smith 1657
      Major Lawrence Smith 1652
     Sir Thomas Smythe 1558
     Cotton of Combermere (Cat. Ref. CR72)
     Smythe family of Acton Burnell, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 1514)
     Chester City Council Records (Cat. Ref. ZC)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat. Ref. ZA)
     Major Generall Robert Smith 1666
     Augustine Smith 1719
     William Smith 1645
     Thomas Smith of Fairfax Co., VA
     Tristrum Nosworth
Arundell, Tywardreath Priory Archive (Cat. Ref. ART)
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat. Ref. DCH)
     Elizabeth Butler 1673 (will)
     Amory Butler 1672


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