Friday, November 30, 2012

RN #154 The Children of Tudor Trevor

This notebook contains a series of detailed charts/graphs/chronology that outlines the children of Tudor Trevor.  It begins with the first generation following Tudor Trevor (JC-1).  It then numbers the generations in sequence.  The following chart is such a page.  It shows Gadforch (JA-1), to Ynyr (JB-1), to Tudor Trevor (JC-1).   It then begins with the three sons of Tudor Trevor (JC-1): Goronwy (JD-1), Llydocka (JD-2), and my specific line (the baby) Dingad (JD-3).  It then outlines the lineage of each branch of this family tree down to my own generation.   It represents some my earliest work on the generations of my family tree using a coding system and coloring system.

Pink was the eldest son, orange was the second son, and blue was used for the baby boy.  A rough chronology is shown to the right.  The color coding was especially helpful as the branches of the family tree grew.

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