Monday, December 3, 2012

RN #157 Trevor/ Working Sheets

This notebook contains a series of working papers on various research areas pertaining to the surname Trevor and related families.   This pertained to the early work of trying to connect the various branches of the various surnames.

Herefordshire/ historical notes
Edward Jones of Iscoed
Jones group of London
Act of Union 1536 - Jones surname analysis
Cadwallader Jones analysis
Time line of Cadwallader Jones from beheading of Charles I
Research note on Maelors, Oswestry, Whittington
Time line Tudor Trevor/family
Working sheets/ John ap Robert/ Robert ap John
Various Trevor lines
     Arthur Hill Trevor
     George Trevor
     John Trevor (Trevaur)
     Sir John Trevor
     Sir John Trevor (II)
     Marcus Trevor
     Richard Trevor
     Robert Trevor
     Sir Sackvill Trevor
     Sir Thomas Trevor
Puleston surname
     Robert Puleston
Llwyn-Onn Hall, near Wrexham
Flint Co., North Wales
Denbigh Co., North Wales

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