Saturday, December 22, 2012

RN #171 Welsh Chronology - Powys

This notebook contains a chronology of Welsh and Anglo-Saxon "kings" and "princes".  Beginning with Cadell (800 AD) to John Trevor "Yoman of the Guard"  and Roger Jones 1550 AD.

Last leadership - first dynasty of Powys
Rhodri Mawr - 850 AD
Hywel Dda 880 AD
Submitted to Edward The Elder 918 AD
Too many princes!
Internal wars 950 AD
Welsh Chronicles - period 975 AD - 1100 AD
Norman invasion/ South Wales overrun 1093 AD
Flemish setters in Wales by 1137 AD
Kingdom of Powys divided into North/South after 1160 AD
First Eisteddfod 1176 AD
Treaty of Worchester 1218 AD
Great rebellion against the Normans 1231 AD
Powys never united after 1269 AD
John Trevor (I) built Llangon bridge ca. 1345 AD
maps/charts/family trees
Cumbria and the "Men of the North" - (notes)

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