Monday, December 17, 2012

RN #167 Flint

The county of Flint was formed by the Statutes of Rhuddlan in 1283 AD.  It was known in the Domesday Book as "Coleselt".  It had four ancient comots, but Edward I divided the area into five "hundreds".

Chief towns Flint (historically)
Family groups
Members of Parliament 1554 - 1658
Rylands Charters ( Catalogue Ref. Rych 914-1262)
Venables family of Oakhurst, Oswestry, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 484)
Gibbs family of Barrow Burney, Somerset
Lands in Iscoyd
     David Jones 1520
     Edward Jones 1545
     Llewellyn ap Griffith ap John
Rectory of Witford, Co. Flint
     Robert Jones 1558
Family lines in Mostyn
Family lines in Holywell
Family lines in legal documents
Jones surname Flint 1544 - 1692 (legal documents)
Halston Estate (Catalogue Ref. 2171)
Feilding family of Newnham Paddox, Warwickshire (Catalogue Ref. 2017)
The Glynde Place Archives (Catalogue Ref. GLY)
Archive of the Webster Family of Battle Abbey (Catalogue Ref. BAT)
Mayor of Chester (Catalogue Ref. ZM)
Howard family, Dukes of Norfolk (Catalogue Ref. ACM) (Arundel Castle Manuscripts)
Aldersey Deeds (Catalogue Ref. CR 69)
Flint Castle
Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire (Catalogue Ref. 3890)

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