Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RN #174 Family Groups (I)

This notebook begins a series of items dealing with associated family groups to my JONES family.  Their surnames were often helpful in clarify difficult time periods when my JONES line disappeared among the pages of history.  There are family charts, graphs, and references dealing with the particular surname organized as "family groups".  The figure below shows one figure from this first notebook giving a family tree with connecting branches.  Color coding was also helpful in keeping family groups separated.

Upton (Capt. John Upton  1622)
     The Attingham Collection (Cat. Ref. 112)
     The More Collection (Cat. Ref. 1037)
     Faversham Borough Records (Cat. Ref. Fa)
     Diocese of Canterbur (Cat. Ref. DCb)
     Younge family of Puslinch, Devon (Cat. Ref. 107)
Upton "Pagan Point Creek"

Fontleroy (Fauntlefroy)
     Moore Fontleroy (Isle of Wight 1643)
     Sherborne Almshouse Archives (Cat. Ref. D/SHA)
     Helyar Documents and Muniments from Coker Court (Cat. Ref. DD\WHh)
     Hengrave [deeds] (Cat. Ref. 449)
     Deeds of The Jones and Langton Families (Cat. Ref. DD\BR\dt)
     Sotheron-Estcourt family (Cat. Ref. D1571)
     Willoughy Family (Cat. Ref. GB 159 Mi)
Col. Moore Fauntleroy (Franham Creek)
Moore Fontleroy (Upper Norf. Co. 1642)

     Capt. Humphry Booth 1660

     James Williamson (Kent)
     Weller family of Tonbridge, Kent (Cat. Ref. HA 519)
     Kent County Council (Cat. Ref. CC)

     John Moseley 1689
     Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire

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