Sunday, December 23, 2012

RN #172 Calendars and Chronology

This notebook contains research regarding the historic calendars of Europe.  Understanding the use and general adaption of the calendar is helpful in defining certain social groups and their history.

Historic Calendars of Europe
     Gregorian and Julian Calendar
     Julian and Gregorian Calendars

Roman calendar
Dionysius Exigous

Starting dates:
     Annales Cambriae 447 AD
     Ystrad Fflur 49 AD
     Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 1 AD
     Eusebius 44 BC
     The Era of Spain (based upon Easter cycle - began 1 Jan, 716 AUC)
           [1 Jan 716  AUC = 38 BC] = Roman Republic Calender = March 1, 45 BC = Jan 1 Julian]

Chronology of Calendars (tables)
    Roman/Eusebius/Anglo-Saxon/Ystrad Fflur/Annales Cambrae

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