Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RN #168 Brut y Bryttaniait / St. Tysilio

The Chronicle of the Early Britons is titled: "Brut y Bryttaniait".  Jesus College, MS LXI is translated and published by Wm R Cooper, MA, PhD, ThD.  [Geoffrey of Monmouth is reported to have made a Latin version of the same chronicle 1136 AD.]  The translation is contained in this notebook.

St. Tysilio (c.548 - 640 AD) history relating to commote of Yale
The Chronicle of the Early Britons "Brut y Bryttaniait" according to Jesus College MS LXI
     an annotated translation by Wm R. Cooper MA, Phd, ThD

In theory, this represents the Welsh view of their world and its history.  According to Cooper, this manuscript was named "Tysilio Chroncle" prior to 1917.

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