Sunday, December 16, 2012

RN #166 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd

On the road to Wrexham and Llangollen is the parish of Llanfair - Dyffryn Clwyd.  This parish was the home of many in my Welsh family tree.   It lies 2 miles south of Ruthin, surrounded by a number of limestone hills.   In the Welsh it was knows as " y berfedowlad" or the "middle country".

Maps/charts Llanfair
Norwich taxation of 1254 AD
Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1314 AD, spelled "Deffreneloyt"
Lord Grey de Ruthyn (Ruthin)
Chronology "Ell'a de Lanwyer" 1250 AD - 1590 AD
Robert Jonys secular chaplin 1541 AD
Henry Jones 1546 AD
Richard Jones of Llanfair 1558 AD
Thomas Jones of Llanfair 1600 AD
The Vale of Clwyd : Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd
St. Cynfarch & St. Mary (Church)
Family charts (Thomas Jones, of Llan-Vayer)
John Wynne ap Meredith of Gwydir (d. 1559 AD)
Llyn-ynn and Llwyn-onn
Llwyn Onn Hall
The Clough and Butler Archive (Catalogue Ref. CLOUGH)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of Bangor (Catalogue Ref. B)
Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of Chester (Catalogue Ref. C)
David Jones "vicker Llanvair Dyffryn Klwyd"
Caernarfonshire Quarter Sessions, records (Catalogue Ref. XQS)

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