Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RN #141 Pneumansend Creek 1673

This notebook contains research on Pneumansend Creek area in Virginia.  This was the first creek identified in the land grant of Cadwallader Jones, 1673.  It includes analysis of all grants along this creek involving a large number of individuals.  A series of maps were generated using this research.

Cadwallader Jones lands on Pneumansend Creek beginning Nov. 1673
Index listing Cavaliers and Pioneers, 1665-1728
Clement Herbert (lands)
John Barrow (lands)
John Prosser (lands)
John Phipps (lands)
Henry Berry (lands)
Capt. Alexander Fleming (lands)
John Gillett (lands)
25 Sept. 1665 (map)
17 Apr 1667
27 Sept 1667
19 Sept 1671
5 Nov 1673

Multiple maps and drawings of Pneumansend Creek area.  Two samples are shown below.

Geography and genealogy are 1st cousins in this JONES surname tree climbing.

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