Monday, November 5, 2012

RN #139 Working Papers - Cadwallader Jones(es)

This notebook contains a variety of topics/content/research/resources for Cadwallader Jones (es).  You can tell by now that I have collected a great deal of information regarding this name.  It contains my personal correspondence, e-mails, data sets, references, documents, and other items that have something to do with the name Cadwallader Jones.  This is mostly during the Civil War period of England, but a wide variety of notes and research are included.

E-mails/correspondence re: Cadwallader Jones(es) [a large # of items]
Research notes from other sources/genealogy/etc.
Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 1574-1660 [Capt. Thomas Jones] VA Company
Massacre 1622 VA Company notes [for Jones and related family names]
Working notes on Cadwallader Jones [early research]
Chronology and Time tables [personal notes]
Reference sources [list of sources given for Cadwallader Jones]
Cadwallader Jones [of England] (Greeham)
   Bluet family
Howard family
Typed notes [from research] from 1645 - 1675 [for Cadwallader Jones, Greenham]
English Civil War period for JONES [Royalist Officers in England and Wales, 1642-1660.
Cavaliers & Roundheads of Barbados 1650-1652.
Kent Co. England during English Civil War
Cadwallader Jones of Archers Hope 1624
Devonshire (research notes)
Capt. John Wither (Stafford Co. VA)
coat of arms/ family research

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