Sunday, November 18, 2012

RN #149 W.C. Jones 1826-1902

W.C. was the first name that got me started along my genealogy travels some 53 years ago.  My grandmother ("Mam Maw") did not know what the W.C. stood for, but he was the farthest that she knew the family tree.  He was supposed to be buried at the mouth of the Red River.  It took me some 20 years to find out the W.C. stood for William Carter, and he indeed was buried in our family cemetery at the mouth of Red River. [Madison Co., KY side where the mouth of Red River joins the Kentucky River.]  This notebook contains some of my earliest genealogy work.  [some from my childhood days]

On the day that my Dad and I found the grave site, I drew the following chart of the cemetery.

The location and position to Red River and Kentucky River is shown in the following map.  It is the junction of Clark Co., Estill Co., Powell Co., and Madison Co., KY.  A great aunt I talked with many years ago told me stories of crossing the Kentucky River here by buggy,  and having her bonnet blow off into the water.   It was near here that Warrior's Path crossed the Kentucky, and one could put a canoe into the water to travel down stream to the Ohio River.


 Here among these pages contain the communications (family stories) that became the bridge between their generation to mine.

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