Thursday, November 8, 2012

RN #142 Children of Cadwallader Jones

This notebook contains my research into the children of Cadwallader Jones.  It took many years of tree climbing to establish the children and their names.   The notebook contains documentation of their lives and position among the family tree.  From the earliest times, genealogist declared that Cadwallader Jones had no children.   This was not the case.

Cadwallader Jones chronology from 1670 - 1770
Thomas Boswell references
Essex Co. VA chronology from 1692
Spotsylvania Co. VA chronology from 1720
Griffin Jones, Sr., Caroline Co. VA 1714
Virginia Indian Trade Co. [Cadwallader Jones connections]
Francis Anne Jones (daughter) wife of Robert Slaughter
Thomas Jones (son) [Indian Trade Company ]
Robert Jones (unknown connection)
Hugh Jones (unknown connection)
James Jones (unknown connection)
John Jones (son) wife Elizabeth (nee Fleming) Thornton
Nicholas Thomas Jones, master Sea Flower (unknown connection)
Cadwallader Jones map 1699

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