Friday, November 2, 2012

RN #137 Jones Family Groups

A number of individual Jones(es) were involved in my research efforts.  Many names needed to be identified and separated into family groups.  You can imagine the research effort.  Most reflect my personal notes and family trees of a number of individuals.  This notebook contains my research over a long number of years.

Roger Jones, d. 1612 (St. Benet & St. Paul, Paul's Wharf, London)
Capt. Roger Jones of London 1685
Jones (Viscount Ranelagh)
Thomas ap John of Tre-Owain (Monmonth)
   House of Herbert
Thomas Jones (Williamsburg)
   (A number of different individuals)
       Thomas Jones (1758)
       Thomas Jones, gent. (1722)
       Col. Thomas Jones (1731)
Frederick Jones
Abstract of NC wills
A listing of all Thomas Jones, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. III, 1695-1732
A large number of Thomas Jones(es) listed and researched.  


  1. I've been meaning to ask you, do you have anything on the family of Repps Jones, grandson of Thomas Jones and Martha Tanner (both b ca 1665)? Repps (1706-1778 VA) is the son of Thomas Jones and Mary Mitchell. Thx.

  2. Not a common name among the Jones clans...have run across this name a few times, marriage records and tax lists. All in VA I believe. Earliest is Reps. Jones marriage to Frances Keatts, Brunswick Co., VA 1804. What connection do you have?

  3. Just discovered your site! Wonderful. I descend from William Jones (~1736 NJ - 1811 SC) & his wife Catherine Simpson Jones. Catherine was a sister to the Rev. John Simpson of Rev. War era in upcountry SC... Would like to know more about the earlier Joneses - any suggestions for research areas in NJ?

  4. Hello NanaR...not a usual migration pattern for the JONES surname...usually SC to other locations? Would suggest checking which church Rev. Simpson was member and check their locations in NJ...also may want to check Jones Journeys which has lots of info. on NJ Jones...:-)